My Boyfriend, The Super Freak, Makes Me Fuck Other Dicks. A Sex Toy Review.

My favorite thing about multiple partner sex is the ultimate, sweet agony of having one dick retreat from my pussy and another run up in it really fast. No two dicks are the same. I should know. I’ve had several. No two men are the same. You should expect their dicks to be extremely dissimilar, although they are dicks the same.

If you’ve fucked 4 different men in a week’s time, your mind will remember the feeling of them all, but as each minute passes, the exact friction you received from them will slowly fade from your memory. You need that newness, that immediacy of a new dick to truly get as much out of having multiple fucks in a short span of time as you’d hope for.

When you have a man, receiving many dicks can’t be good, unless you’re crafty.

I know my man and I aren’t the only ones who use toys in the bedroom. No way. Everyone does that now, don’t they? Do you guys line them up beforehand and decide what you want to use? We do. I keep all of my toys in a box under the bed. One day/morning, he got under the bed and found something he hadn’t used before, and I guess hadn’t seen. He pulled out the….


It wasn’t the first time that he’d penetrated me twice at the same time, the dp. The morning he pulled this out from under the bed, it was the second time. The first experience he had with me in a dp was my first time overall. He used his fingers in my asshole and his dick in my pussy then. I didn’t know what to think when he got this toy out.

Yes, it was my toy. So you want to know why I had it if I’d never been double penetrated with it, right? Yes, I bought it to use on someone else. That’s a blog post for another day. I’ll tell you if I get enough comments and “likes” for it.


As I was saying, my man is a super freak. To me a super freak is a person who doesn’t hold back in the bedroom. You can expect them to do the most within their limits. Would I say he’s freakier than me? Yes! He wasn’t going to use this and not put it in both my pussy and ass, at the same damn time.

I was already soaking wet, as he is so skilled at getting me. Lube wasn’t an issue, but he licked my pussy again just to be sure.

In my pussy he inserted it first, the end with the nubs. Wheeewwww!!!! My shit opened up. Mind you, I was super wet, so the stretching didn’t hurt, but I was very full. He got me cummng using that end and starting working on the back.

I wanted to hold my breath, but he hates that. He gave me the look. He coached me into taking it. He pushed it in. I felt myself opening up slowly back there. He was patient, still fucking the front with the nubby end of the dong. He slid deeper into my ass, pushing firmly, but somehow tenderly simultaneously.

Finally, all of the ribs on that end of the dong were inside of my ass. Then that magical, generous, anal fullness came. I relaxed my body, and subsequently too, I came. My pussy pulsated, flexed, and expanded. Naturally, I pushed cum out of my pussy, and he pushed both ends of the dick deeper in me, front and back.

I’m a multiple orgasm-er. So, you know what happened. I came and came. I whimpered, I screamed, I grunted and yelled from deep in the pit of my soul. The neighbors should have came knocking. His assertion: “they were too busy jacking off from your porno sounds”.

This is his favorite toy to use on me. He calls it “the big gray thing”. Toy rotation hasn’t come back around to it in all these years, but it will. There’s too many things to use before we get back to it, including our own mouths, hands, and dick to keep it creamy.

  1. I would strongly advise this toy if you are hypersensitive to toy materials.
  2. It does not have a harsh, plastic-y smell.
  3. It’s easy to clean and store.
  4. It is heavy and substantial.
  5. You could slap someone upside the head with it and get their attention if you had nothing else.
  6. It’s not flimsy and will fill up a pussy well enough to know there is something in there.
  7. It isn’t too big to be unusable.

I am not sure who makes this dong. I bought it several years ago online. Possibly, it is by California Exotics or PipeDream as those are my two favorite sex toy brands. I think I paid around $15 or $18 dollars for it back then.

Here it is stretched out:

My laptop is about 17 inches wide.

Sex toy giveaway for a sex sling. The giveaway runs through my mailing list. All you need to do to win is input your valid email address here: and wait for the drawing May 12, the same day THIS book comes out:



Never know, I may giveaway another toy as a surprise in the drawing.

*All toys I giveaway are brand new. Some I ship directly from the store.

See ya freaks. And if you want to know about why I bought “the big gray thing” in the first place, leave me a comment or a “like”.

For Men, Swinging Is Only For Gay Sex

What you thought? I was one tracked with my mind on everything normal. I shake and I may pretend. I wouldn’t say I was a fake, but I keep much locked up inside of me. I share when I feel comfortable… Or a reason has come up. I don’t see a way around letting this one out, it’s not a big one, but I don’t see how I can avoid telling it. For me to lambast others, I have to expose myself.

I love gay male porn. There! I told it.


Can we move on?

Wait, are you going to use this against me later when I tell you I am writing a book with an ongoing ménage à trois involving a swinging couple and their neighbor? That’s what happened to me twice the other day. No! I won’t stand for the accusations of sneaky gay scene, slipping into a straight story.shakingfist

Don’t go there.

I am doing developmental/content editing of my third book, “Swinging Submission: Deceit and Betrayal With a Mutltiple Partner Twist” (part of the prologue originally written in 2009, which is available in my first, Submit to The Dark Side). With Swinging, I am very careful in what I convey in this book. The lead is plus size and I want her to never be viewed as a weakling, body image hater. I never want her relationship with her husband to be seen as one of mistreatment on his part. I usually like to tease my readers as the story goes on. In this book, I maintain my style, but I am not on any sneak tip.

You didn’t know I am a super sneak? Ha! You haven’t seen a sneak until you’ve experienced my sneakiness.

A, which is what we call my love on this blog, keeps his guard up for the sneak, especially when there’s potential for me to make something out to be gay.

What!? Gay sex is too hot not to think about it often, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know when to turn the gay sex off in my head. I can! I do. I promise. Whaaa!

I didn’t write anything gay in this upcoming book, but I did ask for opinions, just for the scaredy cats. I asked A. He said it was too close to the gay to not be gay. He said to poll the audience. I did. I asked some peeps in a private group and some peeps in some private messages.

I hate them. I really do.

All they saw in what I typed was the gay factor. THERE WAS NO GAY. OMG! I wonder if it really is me, that’s the issue, my gay sex adoration, or is it some latent homophobia going on with these people.

No. It couldn’t ever be the latter. A isn’t homophobic. I’m sure about that.

Maybe swinging makes people skeptical of the lines of sexuality between men sharing pussy at the same time?

None of that? It’s just because I have a(nother) bad reputation and I just look like I will throw a gay scene in there on ya‘. Pow!

Watch out for that dick!

Verbal Abuse: It Turns Me On! Ahh Yesss!

Once I dated this guy younger than me. I’ve only dated younger one other time really, but he hardly qualified as so. I can conceive of only one other person that was younger than me that I’ve dated and that was by some months, hence it didn’t actually matter. Older men make my pussy lips quiver. This guy truly younger than me was like a parasite. He would feed off any verbal abuse I would give him. Let me curse him out thoroughly; he was hot. Don’t let me curse him out in front of people, his bitch ass would damn near start undressing.

Okay! I liked it, but I got tired of him and his “problems”. It didn’t take long. There’s only so much thrill in abusing a lover for me. I didn’t really want to be in a relationship with him anyway. I was young too, and although I was assertive, even then, I wasn’t nearly as much as I am now. There’s  a long story of how I got with him. I’ll run it down one year. I don’t care to rehash, and it’s kind of sordid.

I am not a top. I am not a dominate. Well, I can be. I just don’t really like it for long. I’m fulfilled as a submissive. I don’t consider myself complex, but again, I am assertive, outspoken, and content with self. Other women, there are a large number that are not. I have my faults that I always work to improve, but there are some women who can’t get wet unless their man talks to them like I did that younger dude.

I think that women who are into this, or maybe allow it because some are just victims of their pasts, do women like me a disservice when they do not inform their male partners that not every woman is going to be into that bullshit.

I have been fucking for many years now. In the town I grew up in, I’m sure I am still thought of as loose. I was fucking around before it was acceptable to do so. Growing up, then in a small town with a reputation for being sexually active before adulthood came with a stigma and people tended to perceive me through foggy, fucked up lenses. I guess it was perfectly standard for males my age (usually my age, mature men didn’t do this dumb shit) from their vantage point to come up to me and talk shit to me and fully expect to get my love and affection for it.

Not the one, hoe!

Living in different towns, the same thing would happen. You could say I carried myself in a certain way. I don’t know, but I think all women experience this, but it’s all in how you handle it that will be deciding factor in what you have to put up with out of people. There’s always some buttfuck asshole willing to test his luck by saying some dumb shit to see if he can get some play from it.  A person has to test their odds, but really. That’s all that some dudes have, and bewilderingly it works.

So many assholes are walking around with beautiful women on their arms’ like they aren’t the losers that they are, because they said some fuck shit to a woman and she fell dumb ass over heels. It’s one thing to be a dom, it’s another just to be abusive because you’re fucked up and you have a fucked up mate. Doms do what they do with respect. What love or sexual chemistry is there in disrespect?

But let me not hate. These men are out here eating well off of this behavior. I just wish one of you would pay for a billboard to go up somewhere to let these shitbags know, it doesn’t work on me. My pussy dries right on up! Check my furrowed eyebrows if you don’t believe me. Right after that, the filth will be flying out of my mouth. And not the good kind that you want.

Until next time: all your rude, ass bastards, LEARN HOW TO TALK TO A FUCKIN’ LADY!

I Knew I Had Him Whipped When He Gave Me…

The Key to his heart. No doll. The key to his place. Nada. Try again. The gas money for my car? Chile cheese.

All of these don’t mean a thing if he has no passion for you.  A man will show true dedication and put his all into loving his woman who he is truly passionate about.

But how will you know he is passionate about you? I will tell you child.  

It isn’t in what he buys you, where he takes you, or what he says to you, or about you. It’s how he touches you. If you are out with that man he can’t keep his hands off of you, then he’s passionate about you.

You see, it isn’t so much that he is touching sexually, it’s in how he touches you with tender care when he puts his arm around your waist and lets his hand slide down just to the side of your hip. Or maybe it’s how he puts his hand around your shoulder and pulls you in closer. A man can do many things for you and to you, but if he doesn’t touch you in that special place when there’s nothing sexual going on, then he isn’t that passionate about you. His embrace should make you feel secure, wrapping you in love. His touch should signal to the world that you are his and he is smitten with that.

What’s the importance of passion if he does do all of those other things like buying you everything you could ever ask for or blowing your back out every night? Passion makes him stay and focus on you. A man that is passionate about you won’t be easy to become distracted by other women or men. A woman who wants a faithful man should ask for a man passionate about her. A man that wants to be loved for longer than he lives should invest his time in a man who has passion in his heart, who can show him in the simplest ways.

To be passionate is to be whipped. Get his passion and have his treasures and his all.

Reader Email: You Gave Me An STD

Discliamer: any comparisons of my work to porn in this post were made only in regards to content of explicit scenes. All stories written by La Drama Princess, I, have a foundation of a complex storyline.

In the porn industry, the debate has been going for years, decades, for and against the use of condoms in scenes. The outrage and outcry for producers to take some responsibility for the actors that star in their films has swirled around our heads, the porn consumer for a long time. And I think it’s all ridiculous.

Look,  anyone willing to sleep with a line of strangers should know that they are taking risks, condoms or not. Why would a person taking a risk so great need to be told, or made to use protection? Were they absent for every junior high  school assembly STD and HIV/AIDS their school put on? No way that’s true. Okay, one could say that they possibly didn’t pay attention as they should have. There’s always a probability.  But they missed all of the TV and radio spots informing of safeguards, risks, and statistics? No. This isn’t possible, not living in any sophisticated country. Not even living in a Third World country am I completely buying it. It’s been 30+ years since HIV/AIDS hit mainstream knowledge.

No, all porn stars know the risks they are taking, multiplying, and what safeguards they can use when they walk onto a set and fall into a scene of sex with other people who sleep around just as much as they do for money. They choose not to. Save the bullshit that they are made to not use condoms working with some some studios or on some sets. Everyone has a choice in everything they do. Even a streetwalker has the choice to make a John strap up or throw caution to the wind. For every porn star complaining and shouting outrage against producers who say they are to not use protection, I say to you, go amateur and control your own. For every consumer screaming offense and disgust at the raw genitals slipping and grinding on their screen, that they likely sought out and turned on to view, I say turn it off and or close your eyes and quit the bitching.

Arguers against raw sex in that industry always say that pornographers are promoting unsafe sex because they aren’t portraying safer sex. I disagree with this. Everyone over a certain age, knows there is some possibility of catching something life threatening or life damning, even if they don’t know all they should about it, but they know there is a risk. People who take these risks want to. Just swallow it (pun intended) and realize that some just don’t care that much.

Here I will go on and say that sex writers also don’t hold a responsibility to write within the pages of their works descriptions of characters and situations where safe sex is on showcase.

I can guarantee you, a large majority of readers interested in pornographic reads know that if they were to try anything on my pages would know they should use protection and be cautious in what they do. If they enjoyed what I wrote, they should already know that it is fiction. Isn’t that what all porn is, in some way? Isn’t it some type of fake portrayal of life? Aren’t all movies and books unless they are in the non-fiction category? Yes.

I take risks too when I write and publish these kinds of books. They aren’t life-threatening, but my image aside from the one I maintain as a pornographic writer is always at risk. I probably won’t write about this for the rest of my life. I do plan to write other books that are not fictional at all. Putting my picture next to my words of fuck, suck, lick, bounce, cream presently can be a fatal move in my future life of doing something totally noble and lifesaving.

The only stance or statement I make against unsafe sex is to read my books and beat your pussy or dick to what I’m telling you about.

Self-love is almost the safest sex. One less safe than no sex.

Next post: I Knew I Had Him Whipped When He Gave Me… Tuesday, Jan. 28.