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1,000 Tips For Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Stagger Your Sex Toys


One potato, two. Start with the smallest, plastic dick or least intense wiggle jock you find, then grow to the biggest and deepest vibrations. Don’t hurt yourself. Get to know your sex toys. Read the tips on the website. Know what the hell you are doing.

And by all means, if sparks start flying, throw that shit out and start with something new.

For the fellas on a Hitachi.
For the fellas on a Hitachi.

1,000 Tips For Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Sweet Tip Between Your Tits

Wet his dick with fruit flavored lube. Next, generously put cream, honey, or more of the fruity lube on the tip. Lie on your back. Let those tits fall loose. Tell him to mount your torso. He’ll instinctively see where things are going then scoot up to your chest.

Squeeze your breasts around his cock. Lick and suck the head every time it gets to your lips.

Demand he not cum until you’ve licked and sucked his dick clean between your tits, from head to base as he grinds back and forth.

Moan. Mmmhmmm. Mooooan.

Close your eyes now. Cum stings.


1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Mine That Pussy


This one should be self explanatory, but….

Man or woman, make your sex partner feel like you are diehard dedicated to them, if only for that moment in time. Make that pussy or dick your job. Go to work on it. Block out all sound, thought, or sight other than their body, how it responds to you, how it melts or becomes solid like a rock. Don’t stop, and I mean that sincerely, until they get enough. They will see your dedication, and it will make them feel like they are the most important being on the planet.

Don’t worry about staying on it too long. Done perfectly correct, the amount of time will not mean much. But they will never forget your work and that will be one more soul you will reside in for as long as they live, but only if you keep this routine.

This ain’t a tip for the slacker.

Next post: Tuesday, February, 4. We’re talking visual filth again.

1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Tease Him


Kiss him, from his lips to his chest, along his abdomen. Rub him down as you take your trip, his arms, his sides. When you get to the bottom of his stomach, touch him gently. Use two fingers or three. Lower them to the V of his pelvis, the muscle visible on either side of his pelvic bone, and ever so softly walk them over the fine hairs you’re sure to find there. Do it until he squirms, almost begging for you to touch it, to taste it. Then start all over again, this time stroke his cock in your hands. Hold it, but don’t apply too much pressure, while you work your way down from his mouth.