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His Hard Cock: There’s Nothing Better In The Morning

Opening my eyes to let a crack of the low morning sun burn at the back of them, as I’m lying on my side, I rub my thighs together and throw one of my legs over his. Instincts always kick in when I find myself waking up next to him. My fingerprints graze the thatch of wiry hairs pressed against his belly. The tip of my middle finger, I use it to sneak to the edge of the valley of his belly button.

His breathing becomes audible just once. I know he’s awakening too.

As I touch him faster along the invisible line made by the creek of water that washes over him every time he bathes, his legs stir under mine. I think about wetting my fingertips with my spit, but my trip down to where I so hungrily rush to touch isn’t long enough to break the trance of pleasure I know I’m seducing him into.

The head is coming up in a few millimeters.

My fingers finally touch down. Over the open seam I make my fingers as soft as gentle cotton using my mind’s morphing power I know I must truly have, because he sighs a sleepy, sexy groan.

As I tiptoe my fingers down the hill of the back of his cock, I know it’s smooth, moist traveling then on. He’s getting wet already and I have yet to apply my soft, thick, inner mouth’s lips on him.

I open for a kiss, then a trembling lick.

Oh, how I love his hard cock in the morning.

Interviews With A Princess: Bambi F. Moore

Today marks the first day of a series of interviews on this smut blog. If you write smut, send me your info to princess at la drama princess dot com, and I’ll create an interview for you and you’ll send it back with your answers.
Now it’s time for Bambi.
Princess: Welcome to the blog, Bambi F. Moore! We’ve seen you on social media with your cute little name, but what we really want to know is who are you and just where the hell did you come from?
Bambi: Bambi F. Moore is my chosen pen name and I’m glad you like it. I am from Brooklyn, NY the Bedstuy area Yeah me.
Lived down south in S.C. for about 6 years, and now I reside in Michigan.
Princess: Tell us, how many books you have out. Are there more coming? And “To The Max” is it in print?
Bambi: Right now I have “To the Max” out available in ebook format, but July 26th I will be dropping my first full novel “V is for Vixens.”
Vixens will be in print  August 9, 2014 making it my first book in print form. I’m not a big fan of series but I will let you know there is a few standalone novels coming real soon.
Princess: How did you come up with this story? Any of the characters based on anyone we know?
Bambi: All of my characters are figments of my imagination. I can relate to each one of them in some way or form so I believe they are part of me.
Princess: Who has been your biggest influence as an erotica author, and whose work do you enjoy most?
Bambi: You know that’s a weird question to me because I write erotica from my own imagination. I don’t recall reading any erotica that made an impact on me in any way or form. I do however take advice from seasoned erotica authors.
Princess: Since you are an author, and everyone seems to think that authors are experts, what’s your simple, sex advice for my readers?
Bambi: Be yourself and don’t be afraid to try something new with your love one. The same tricks will become boring after a while. Talk to one another, share your deepest desires with the other person. You don’t want to have a stale relationship.
Princess: One last thing, how many licks does it take to get to the center of the oh, oh?
Bambi: This is going to come off weird lol but I don’t like receiving oral, I prefer to give it. Every time is different but the results is all the same.
Princess: I said one last thing, but I’m forgetful. Tell us how we can connect with you.
Bambi: You can catch me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bambifmoore
Or my website which will be up in a week at www.bambifmoore.com
Princess: Well, it looks like we’re all done here, Bambs. Many thanks to you for coming on and sharing. You know many wouldn’t do it. Consider yourself special for being chosen and for having the balls to step up.
Much success, and never forget: always make them sweat.

Reader Email: How Can I Get Him Hard Again?

The Eroticist’s Advice 

Mrs. Princess I love the blog. It’s hot! Can I ask a question for the advice part?

After a man cums how long do you suck his dick to make him hard so you fuck him again? Do you have any techniques to speed up the process?

-Signed, Sucking Him Up For Round Two

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope I’m helping you get your weekly fix. I do have an answer for your question.

Every man is different. I don’t know yours, so all I can do is give you generalities.

Some men are quicker to gain an erection after cumming than others, and there’s a few factors that go into that. First, you must look at the age of your man. The younger he is, the sooner it can happen. If he’s older, he isn’t hopeless, but the timeframe between ejaculation and sequel erection will be longer than 15-30 minutes as opposed to how it would be with a younger man. Men reach their sexual peak at about 19 years old (boy how do I miss getting my back blown out by some tenders when was I was 18–mmph! scrumptious).  At that age all men are more likely to cum then get hard again faster than you can blink, but cumming isn’t the same as having an orgasming.

Think of cumming more as the organic result of the act of sex. If you need more clarification of what I’m talking about, check out this post on multi-orgasmic men I wrote not long ago. He could be experiencing much more without releasing any ejaculate. This is something that is ageless too, and it’s possible for any man to experience.

But how does one get their man hard again if they don’t want to wait for nature to take an unassisted course?

My Advice:

Hit his zones.


The picture above  shows the erogenous zones of both the male and female anatomies. Everything in deep red is a spot to access to get your partner turned on. My personal favorites are the neck (side-right), and the V of his crotch. The inner thigh is a good one too. The V is my first go to when I need him erect again quickly.

Graze it with the side of your face, your lips. Blow on it softly. Lick it. Be the turtle to win this race.

Keep your eyes on his dick. Watch it slowly rise. Cup his balls. Suck the tip, then slip all the way down. The dick should be ready for riding in minutes.

That shit should have him begging you to give up your secrets so that he can know how to evade your powers when he just doesn’t want to be reigned over. But will he put up a fight?  He will be sliding into you before he can say “pound me”.





Any more questions? Yea, I thought so.

Now give a round of applause to two of our favorite amateur stars,  Roc & Shay. Google and get into them.

If you have a sexual thing going on you could use some advice about,  write to TheEroticistsAdvice at g mail dot com (make it look like a real email address before sending), and your question will be answered on this blog on Tuesday. Identities are kept anonymous. 

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1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Be His Oral Rag Doll

Warning: This post is only for the open-minded. Leave now if your collar stays stuffy.


In anticipation of my upcoming book, “Swinging Submission”, this post will celebrate sex in the circle.

Break code and suck all their dicks, his friends, his boys, some guys from a frat. Be sober. You don’t want to forget anything.


  1. Dick sucking skills men want
  2. Mature partners with dicks you want to suck
  3. A relaxed throat

Be nasty. Lick the balls too.

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