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5 Things To Fuck That Pussy With Other Than With Your Dick

Now, you should already know, there ain’t ever going to be anything on this blog considered normal. So brace yourself and take my hand. You ready to go? Okay, let’s dive in.


Borrowed from whomever owns this pic. I don’t claim copyright.

1.  A juicy, large grape. Put it right there at the perimeter, don’t let it fall all the way in. Hold it in your mouth  with your lips and let it pulsate. Lick around it in the hole too.

2. Your nose. Fuck her with your entire face while you eat it. Rub the tip of your nose up and down over the hole, then let it slip in a few times to fuck it. This will blow her mind.

3. Your toes. Pedicure those feet, first. Are they well oiled and smooth? No hang nails? No jam? Okay, put the big toe in and go all the way in. Have her hold her legs all the way up in the air while you bang it with that part of your foot.


4. Your nipple. You need big ones for this to work. Rub those tits in the sopping wet pie, from hole to clit.

5. Your boy’s dick. Literally? That’s entirely up to you. I would just go with the different size, different shaped dildo or vibrator, but that’s just me. Take yours out, alternating every few strokes and put the other one in to give her an instant change in friction. It has to be unlike yours for proper effect.

Want more ideas? Get this book: You Ain’t The One, Jan. 13th. Clutch your pearls, girl! I’m going to put the full eBook version on Amazon for a little bit and see what happens. You’d better make this end up a good idea and download a copy, or it will go to my site only for full downloads. It’s on you! Yes, you!

1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Hold On To It



Warning:  This tip requires pacing and a strong desire to please and take care of your partner. Do not use on a casual lover. If she’s extremely sensitive, hold the clit in your mouth, about halfway down the shaft. Don’t let it slip from your lips. Suck it, just a little bit, and let your tongue slightly stroke it, toggling circles, big and small, at the same. Mix it up as you wish, then suckle again, just a little bit harder, harder, and harder until you have the entire button in your mouth down to the base. Suck it like you’re sucking on a delicious blow pop you’re trying to get all the flavor from. Firmly caress her arms so that she is able to relax, then watch her calm down to the point that she’s throwing her pussy in your mouth.