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His Hard Cock: There’s Nothing Better In The Morning

Opening my eyes to let a crack of the low morning sun burn at the back of them, as I’m lying on my side, I rub my thighs together and throw one of my legs over his. Instincts always kick in when I find myself waking up next to him. My fingerprints graze the thatch of wiry hairs pressed against his belly. The tip of my middle finger, I use it to sneak to the edge of the valley of his belly button.

His breathing becomes audible just once. I know he’s awakening too.

As I touch him faster along the invisible line made by the creek of water that washes over him every time he bathes, his legs stir under mine. I think about wetting my fingertips with my spit, but my trip down to where I so hungrily rush to touch isn’t long enough to break the trance of pleasure I know I’m seducing him into.

The head is coming up in a few millimeters.

My fingers finally touch down. Over the open seam I make my fingers as soft as gentle cotton using my mind’s morphing power I know I must truly have, because he sighs a sleepy, sexy groan.

As I tiptoe my fingers down the hill of the back of his cock, I know it’s smooth, moist traveling then on. He’s getting wet already and I have yet to apply my soft, thick, inner mouth’s lips on him.

I open for a kiss, then a trembling lick.

Oh, how I love his hard cock in the morning.

When Muthafukas Hate On Your Sex: Uncle Luke Makes Them Eat It!

As I’m typing this post, I’m sitting here reading the article on Uncle Luke’s (Rapper Luther Campbell) latest fuckfest, um er performance, at St. Louis’ Sound Bar. During this particular show, the Godfather of freaky music got the girls to go down on each other for a prize of $1,000, and no one said a thing for several minutes. Finally a manager put a halt to it, but not before the shit was taped and sent straight to the internet.


The thing got circulated around Facebook and everyone had a good time peeking and skeeting to the recorded festivities, until some preacher decided to take it upon his holy self to seek out these fine, young tenders, uh-uh, young ladies to tell them they don’t have to do these glorious, um, hot, um uh, demeaning things on cam in front of a crowded club for pocket change. With his income as a preacher, he could surely make ten thousand rain on them in the back of the church in the pastor’s study early one Sunday morning.


Then there was more of the same, more of the same lying ass shit as when Mr. Preacher Man went on about wanting to guide these women,  his mission went viral, and the news people came a calling.

All I want to know is, how many times did he jack off to that pussy munching before he cut the clip off and cleaned up his sticky fingers and his keyboard?


You know he did it. Same as that club manager who waited minutes before he went to stop it acting all appalled. In my circle we call them “ghost nuts“. It happens when you don’t even touch it. You just “unh-unh” in your pants and let the dribble run down your leg.

I’m sorry, but when I am utterly disgusted and offended, it doesn’t take me until after I’ve busted 10 nuts for me to go put a stop to things. I jump up first and don’t even think of putting my hand down my pants. Shit must be way different in St. Louis.

We all know it’s no different though with these vulture like men out here claiming to want to save wayward women. Change comes about through action, not words. What are your words going to do for women who have no problem acting on command to the tune of $1,000?

Mr. Preacher Man, sit your ass down. The club is closed down, and the owners are out here faking it just like you to the press stating their hate for Luke and his whore mongering ways. You’ve made your point about our voyeuristic society and how we’ve been ruined. Blah, blah, blah. If we were all correct and living proper, we wouldn’t need you. So shouldn’t you just shut up, jack to the licking, bob your head to the beat, and let these women do what they do?

The pews won’t be any less empty with sluts with lost souls come Sunday morning. You don’t have to try so hard next time. I hear other preachers are getting them to practically let them hit right on the first row during Sunday Service asking them to leave the panties at home in the drawer and spread those legs a little sum’-sum’ so they can decide which one’s club their going to shoot up when they come down from the pulpit once the spirit of that pussy aroma hits them and entices them down during their praise leading.

If you get your sermon right, sir, a flood of good pussy will come bowing to you too.


Some call me a prophet. I just say I’m a bullshit detector.

Either way, drop something in the offering basket of “The House of Good Pussy La Drama Princess”. Buy a copy of one of these freak books I’m serving. You can put it on your tablet so Sister Jenkins ain’t got to see the cover and know you like them filth books like you do. LaDramaPrincess.com 


Black Pussy For Sale!!! Get Your Big Black Pussy!!!

Fresh, split, and wide. We have it all for you. Anything you desire. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in all the groups and discussion with the children and older folk.




I am one woman that loves stumbling upon some freak nasty visual displays, but I’ll be damned if I want to see that shit in a friendly conversation group on Facebook. We’re discussing the state of current politics and you start a thread with your masturbation video. You’re gonna get roasted, boo. We are embarrassed for you. There’s a place for that. Do you know where it is?

When something like this happens, we wonder always why one wouldn’t use better judgement of their surroundings before airing themselves out? Let me offer one perspective: these girls just want some attention.

Saying “hello, my name is…” is dead. If you want to get known, you want to be somebody, you gotta go viral. Throw something out there that will get them passing around and talking about your content. You need a big jiggly booty, maybe just a big one, a fool video, a fight video, or pussy video. Never a dick video. No one posts those. A dick isn’t that entertaining. They only want to see your pussy. If you add that you’re a squirter in the title, you’re automatically gonna get a few hundred shares and several thousands of views.


It’s all worth it. Your name in lights. Your pissy squirting videos viewed by someone’s grandma. I mean, we all know the way to get an entire family talking about your video is to skeet your urine up in an arch across the room. These bitches gone love it!


Do it for the Vine!



Girl bye!


Keep that shit on the homegrown and respective, appropriate sites. When we want to see your pussy do tricks, we’ll come for ‘em.

And for all my horny fans, I’ve brought the pussy to you. Enjoy. Love me always!
















Interracial Porn: A Black Girl’s Perspective

White pussy doesn’t scare me. I’m not offended seeing a big black cock fucking the hell out of one. I love black dick. That’s the only type I’ve ever had. Who could be mad at the sight of a black cock doing what it does best: stretching walls until they ooze? That’s my shit right there!


Once upon a time, I avoided interracial porn. It didn’t seem to do much for me. As I’ve gotten older, and probably looked at way too much porn than natural, I’ve explored my outer realms of approved viewing content. In my younger times, I strictly watched black on black porn because it was only what I could relate to. That was when we all we had were unmarked VHS tapes to beat to. As the times have advanced and technology has progressed to make it more accessible, I’ve opened my mind to what’s out there and spread my legs to material that I would have called boring 10 years ago.

Those related videos are something else aren’t they? Likely, that’s how I ended up watching my first IR porn and liking it, curious to know what the letters BBC stood for that I read in clip titles. Connecting the letters to what was in the animated screen cap, I easily figured it out then clicked on to watch.

What I enjoy most when watching IR porn is the sensuality. I get off the most when watching IR where the white female is obviously pleased to be getting it from her black partner. I hate dead fucks and will click off if the sex is too contrived. This is a general fact for me (I also like MILF and mature stuff-those hard up hussies lose it trying to get an orgasm, and I FUCKING love it). That’s all it is. I just like porn where the woman is actually orgasming, you can see it, the white silk between her legs and you can hear her. You can tell by how she claws and squirms.

I can’t say that I enjoy white male partner on black female partner. I just haven’t seen anything I like. I don’t prefer any other alternate pairings either of interracial sex, except one. I’ll post on that some time later on.

It’s just something about that black dick. Black dick in white snatch doesn’t bother me at all when I’m playing to get off. That’s just it.


There’s nothing political about this post, so don’t go making it so. Take it at face value and don’t add anything to it or deduce from it. Watch this hilarious video below before you go, and keep your issues to yourself. Thanks!