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This Pussy WILL NOT Be Censored… Kicking And Screaming!

He said it’s not good for me to be writing books with sex at the forefront of them and parading myself around the internet like I’m bout-bout it too. She claims my sites are full of porn –this one and my main LaDramaPrincess dot com (can’t put the full domain in this post if I want it shared on Facebook without a spam filter on it as someone got me (I don’t spam at all) for sharing my link on there (in the appropriate groups and pages) months ago –way before I put the explicit pics of fans on it).


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Listen To My New Internet Radio Show

The Bonafide Literary Show is live on Sunday nights at 9:30 EST if you don’t have anything else to do. If you give a damn about books, you should definitely tune in. If you are disappointed it’s not about sex, hold your jizz. I got you soon. Listen to his episode from the other night. It was a bit hectic at times, but there was still some good information shared and varying perspectives.

The Bonafide Literary Show Season 1 Ep. 1


Want to get on the show? You need to be a  published author with a bio. Drop an email to bonafide literary show at gmail dot com so we can talk. Next week we get back to the schedule here on the blog with another letter to The Eroticist. Send yours sex or sexuality issues to The Eroticists Advice at g mail dot com. Ciao!

When Muthafukas Hate On Your Sex: Uncle Luke Makes Them Eat It!

As I’m typing this post, I’m sitting here reading the article on Uncle Luke’s (Rapper Luther Campbell) latest fuckfest, um er performance, at St. Louis’ Sound Bar. During this particular show, the Godfather of freaky music got the girls to go down on each other for a prize of $1,000, and no one said a thing for several minutes. Finally a manager put a halt to it, but not before the shit was taped and sent straight to the internet.


The thing got circulated around Facebook and everyone had a good time peeking and skeeting to the recorded festivities, until some preacher decided to take it upon his holy self to seek out these fine, young tenders, uh-uh, young ladies to tell them they don’t have to do these glorious, um, hot, um uh, demeaning things on cam in front of a crowded club for pocket change. With his income as a preacher, he could surely make ten thousand rain on them in the back of the church in the pastor’s study early one Sunday morning.


Then there was more of the same, more of the same lying ass shit as when Mr. Preacher Man went on about wanting to guide these women,  his mission went viral, and the news people came a calling.

All I want to know is, how many times did he jack off to that pussy munching before he cut the clip off and cleaned up his sticky fingers and his keyboard?


You know he did it. Same as that club manager who waited minutes before he went to stop it acting all appalled. In my circle we call them “ghost nuts“. It happens when you don’t even touch it. You just “unh-unh” in your pants and let the dribble run down your leg.

I’m sorry, but when I am utterly disgusted and offended, it doesn’t take me until after I’ve busted 10 nuts for me to go put a stop to things. I jump up first and don’t even think of putting my hand down my pants. Shit must be way different in St. Louis.

We all know it’s no different though with these vulture like men out here claiming to want to save wayward women. Change comes about through action, not words. What are your words going to do for women who have no problem acting on command to the tune of $1,000?

Mr. Preacher Man, sit your ass down. The club is closed down, and the owners are out here faking it just like you to the press stating their hate for Luke and his whore mongering ways. You’ve made your point about our voyeuristic society and how we’ve been ruined. Blah, blah, blah. If we were all correct and living proper, we wouldn’t need you. So shouldn’t you just shut up, jack to the licking, bob your head to the beat, and let these women do what they do?

The pews won’t be any less empty with sluts with lost souls come Sunday morning. You don’t have to try so hard next time. I hear other preachers are getting them to practically let them hit right on the first row during Sunday Service asking them to leave the panties at home in the drawer and spread those legs a little sum’-sum’ so they can decide which one’s club their going to shoot up when they come down from the pulpit once the spirit of that pussy aroma hits them and entices them down during their praise leading.

If you get your sermon right, sir, a flood of good pussy will come bowing to you too.


Some call me a prophet. I just say I’m a bullshit detector.

Either way, drop something in the offering basket of “The House of Good Pussy La Drama Princess”. Buy a copy of one of these freak books I’m serving. You can put it on your tablet so Sister Jenkins ain’t got to see the cover and know you like them filth books like you do. LaDramaPrincess.com 


1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Be His Oral Rag Doll

Warning: This post is only for the open-minded. Leave now if your collar stays stuffy.


In anticipation of my upcoming book, “Swinging Submission”, this post will celebrate sex in the circle.

Break code and suck all their dicks, his friends, his boys, some guys from a frat. Be sober. You don’t want to forget anything.


  1. Dick sucking skills men want
  2. Mature partners with dicks you want to suck
  3. A relaxed throat

Be nasty. Lick the balls too.

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Verbal Abuse: It Turns Me On! Ahh Yesss!

Once I dated this guy younger than me. I’ve only dated younger one other time really, but he hardly qualified as so. I can conceive of only one other person that was younger than me that I’ve dated and that was by some months, hence it didn’t actually matter. Older men make my pussy lips quiver. This guy truly younger than me was like a parasite. He would feed off any verbal abuse I would give him. Let me curse him out thoroughly; he was hot. Don’t let me curse him out in front of people, his bitch ass would damn near start undressing.

Okay! I liked it, but I got tired of him and his “problems”. It didn’t take long. There’s only so much thrill in abusing a lover for me. I didn’t really want to be in a relationship with him anyway. I was young too, and although I was assertive, even then, I wasn’t nearly as much as I am now. There’s  a long story of how I got with him. I’ll run it down one year. I don’t care to rehash, and it’s kind of sordid.

I am not a top. I am not a dominate. Well, I can be. I just don’t really like it for long. I’m fulfilled as a submissive. I don’t consider myself complex, but again, I am assertive, outspoken, and content with self. Other women, there are a large number that are not. I have my faults that I always work to improve, but there are some women who can’t get wet unless their man talks to them like I did that younger dude.

I think that women who are into this, or maybe allow it because some are just victims of their pasts, do women like me a disservice when they do not inform their male partners that not every woman is going to be into that bullshit.

I have been fucking for many years now. In the town I grew up in, I’m sure I am still thought of as loose. I was fucking around before it was acceptable to do so. Growing up, then in a small town with a reputation for being sexually active before adulthood came with a stigma and people tended to perceive me through foggy, fucked up lenses. I guess it was perfectly standard for males my age (usually my age, mature men didn’t do this dumb shit) from their vantage point to come up to me and talk shit to me and fully expect to get my love and affection for it.

Not the one, hoe!

Living in different towns, the same thing would happen. You could say I carried myself in a certain way. I don’t know, but I think all women experience this, but it’s all in how you handle it that will be deciding factor in what you have to put up with out of people. There’s always some buttfuck asshole willing to test his luck by saying some dumb shit to see if he can get some play from it.  A person has to test their odds, but really. That’s all that some dudes have, and bewilderingly it works.

So many assholes are walking around with beautiful women on their arms’ like they aren’t the losers that they are, because they said some fuck shit to a woman and she fell dumb ass over heels. It’s one thing to be a dom, it’s another just to be abusive because you’re fucked up and you have a fucked up mate. Doms do what they do with respect. What love or sexual chemistry is there in disrespect?

But let me not hate. These men are out here eating well off of this behavior. I just wish one of you would pay for a billboard to go up somewhere to let these shitbags know, it doesn’t work on me. My pussy dries right on up! Check my furrowed eyebrows if you don’t believe me. Right after that, the filth will be flying out of my mouth. And not the good kind that you want.

Until next time: all your rude, ass bastards, LEARN HOW TO TALK TO A FUCKIN’ LADY!