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Reader Email: I like To Hold My Pee So I Can Feel Like I’m Cumming

The Eroticist’s Advice

This week’s email comes from a 50 year old woman with an unusual fetish. Have you ever heard of it?

Dear Eroticist,

I have a question about something that I have  been doing for years. I’m 50, soon will be 51. I don’t know how to come out and ask this but, is there something wrong with me if I can only orgasm when I pee? When I was 12 or 13, I noticed that when I have to pee really bad, it starts to feel good to me. When I’m letting it out, it feels really, really, really good to me. I have never had an orgasm from sex, but when I hold my pee like this, it feels like what other women say their sex orgasms feel like. My pussy gets tight and I am so hot.

Over time I’ve become addicted to this and will hold my pee just to get off this way. I’ve never been married, and when I’m seeing a man and we have sex, I admit, I fake orgasms. There is no faking when I pee though.

I’ve never told anyone about this. I want to know if anyone else has ever experienced this?

-Signed, Holding My Water So I Can Cum


No one wants to answer?

I know there’s are some out there who knows about this. I’ve seen it discussed on the internet before.  And, yes, I’ve even experienced this.

Pee-gasm, that’s the lay name for what our reader, me, and I’m positive thousands of women have had. What is a pee-gasm? Think of it as the reverse of a golden shower. You hold the pee to get the orgasm and don’t get off to the pee to orgasm as you’re not having sex while doing it. Understand?


The sensation of orgasm happens when one relieves themselves after holding a bladder full of urine, usually releasing a full blast of urine into the bowl. The vagina contracts and the body shudders. Some say they feel tingling all over their body.


“Holding My Water”, the entire time you were holding it, your bladder was pressing on your uterus and vaginal walls. The urethra, a traveling canal for pee, is just below the clitoris. In some women, their sexual anatomy and lower excretory anatomy are exceptionally close. In other words, from almost peeing your pants your clitoris gets touched internally by your bladder pressing on your urethra. Some of us were built to have this effect, and others will never know what I am talking about, as nature has placed their urethra further away from their bladder. Some say men can’t do it as their bodies aren’t even set up for this. In a man, his urethra slams shut when his feel good juice line is in use. But are some men routed differently down there and can actually experience this? Dick control? Piss control?

Men? Have you had a pee-gasm?

Drop me a line.

“Holding My Water” the sensation is delightful, but I can’t write this without telling you to stop it. Right now!

Holding pee is never going to be good for your bladder or your urinary tract. You could get an infection, and there is a threat you bladder could rupture, or could get little tears if you are holding too much pee or have been stretching it like this for a time, though I must input my bladder isn’t always overly full when I feel this on the toilet. Upon a ruptured bladder, one is at risk for sepsis, which in the simplest terms is when the blood is infected. Yes, you could die due to sepsis brought about by a ruptured bladder.

Advice Breakdown

To our reader: there are much better ways to have an orgasm, and they won’t damage you later.

This has been told to women countless times over the past few decades: learn your body and get into what makes you cum. Is this is the first article written advising them against holding their pee to get off? You’d better know it isn’t.

As I said before, you don’t necessarily have to be on full for your body to orgasm from peeing. Again, in some women it can happen regardless. Fetishes aren’t odd, but a fixation is often unhealthy, because it takes your time and devotion away from something better for you. I think that is what you have done reader.

You’ve never had an orgasm during sex. Fix that! I want a good orgasm while fucking or fingering to happen for you. You deserve more than have only had a pee-gasm. You’re a mature lady now. Give up what you did as a kid when you had little else.


It’s time.

To the women who have never had the pee-gasmdon’t you dare try it.

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When Muthafukas Hate On Your Sex: Uncle Luke Makes Them Eat It!

As I’m typing this post, I’m sitting here reading the article on Uncle Luke’s (Rapper Luther Campbell) latest fuckfest, um er performance, at St. Louis’ Sound Bar. During this particular show, the Godfather of freaky music got the girls to go down on each other for a prize of $1,000, and no one said a thing for several minutes. Finally a manager put a halt to it, but not before the shit was taped and sent straight to the internet.


The thing got circulated around Facebook and everyone had a good time peeking and skeeting to the recorded festivities, until some preacher decided to take it upon his holy self to seek out these fine, young tenders, uh-uh, young ladies to tell them they don’t have to do these glorious, um, hot, um uh, demeaning things on cam in front of a crowded club for pocket change. With his income as a preacher, he could surely make ten thousand rain on them in the back of the church in the pastor’s study early one Sunday morning.


Then there was more of the same, more of the same lying ass shit as when Mr. Preacher Man went on about wanting to guide these women,  his mission went viral, and the news people came a calling.

All I want to know is, how many times did he jack off to that pussy munching before he cut the clip off and cleaned up his sticky fingers and his keyboard?


You know he did it. Same as that club manager who waited minutes before he went to stop it acting all appalled. In my circle we call them “ghost nuts“. It happens when you don’t even touch it. You just “unh-unh” in your pants and let the dribble run down your leg.

I’m sorry, but when I am utterly disgusted and offended, it doesn’t take me until after I’ve busted 10 nuts for me to go put a stop to things. I jump up first and don’t even think of putting my hand down my pants. Shit must be way different in St. Louis.

We all know it’s no different though with these vulture like men out here claiming to want to save wayward women. Change comes about through action, not words. What are your words going to do for women who have no problem acting on command to the tune of $1,000?

Mr. Preacher Man, sit your ass down. The club is closed down, and the owners are out here faking it just like you to the press stating their hate for Luke and his whore mongering ways. You’ve made your point about our voyeuristic society and how we’ve been ruined. Blah, blah, blah. If we were all correct and living proper, we wouldn’t need you. So shouldn’t you just shut up, jack to the licking, bob your head to the beat, and let these women do what they do?

The pews won’t be any less empty with sluts with lost souls come Sunday morning. You don’t have to try so hard next time. I hear other preachers are getting them to practically let them hit right on the first row during Sunday Service asking them to leave the panties at home in the drawer and spread those legs a little sum’-sum’ so they can decide which one’s club their going to shoot up when they come down from the pulpit once the spirit of that pussy aroma hits them and entices them down during their praise leading.

If you get your sermon right, sir, a flood of good pussy will come bowing to you too.


Some call me a prophet. I just say I’m a bullshit detector.

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