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Listen To My New Internet Radio Show

The Bonafide Literary Show is live on Sunday nights at 9:30 EST if you don’t have anything else to do. If you give a damn about books, you should definitely tune in. If you are disappointed it’s not about sex, hold your jizz. I got you soon. Listen to his episode from the other night. It was a bit hectic at times, but there was still some good information shared and varying perspectives.

The Bonafide Literary Show Season 1 Ep. 1


Want to get on the show? You need to be a  published author with a bio. Drop an email to bonafide literary show at gmail dot com so we can talk. Next week we get back to the schedule here on the blog with another letter to The Eroticist. Send yours sex or sexuality issues to The Eroticists Advice at g mail dot com. Ciao!

Listen to Me Moaaannn on Down and Dirty Radio Show

Ohhhh daddy, lick me. Put your tongue in my puddle.” I moan, my head falling back over my shoulders, my elbows propping me up on the pillows. He’s on the floor betwixt my legs. I’m on the bed. My ass is hanging over the bed. Better for him to hit it deeply when he drives his fat cock in me.

“Ow, ow, owwwww, don’t stop kissing me. Play with my clit with your tongue. Uh, uh, uhhhhhh!” I screech, my body sheeny with sweat landing on the pillows heavily, my limbs feeling as if they are disenegrating into jelly.

Tune in to hear me, baby. I want you to soak your underwear with me. Or will you drive it deep while you listen to me? Mmmmm.

Tomorrow night on EarKandyRadio.com

Dial 347-838-8809 to call-in. To set a reminder: http://bit.ly/1oENT7R