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Bumping Pussies With A Man

I continuously align myself with some old, stank ass adult groups on these social media sites. I ain’t showing no ass. Y’all already know that. So here’s the deal. I was in a group for mature adults. It isn’t necessarily full of dick pics and pussy shots, but sometimes one may be posted. Today was one of those days. But look. Where’s the dick? Mr., your pussy is showing.


I am no stranger to a fat bitch, but when your dick print looks like a pussy print, it’s time to think things through. It’s a good thing this guy is gay or is it. Shit was posted on a gay Tumblr.  Who really wants a man with a pussy print? A moose knuckle pussy print at that. I’m not one to bash, but he’d have to eat me into a coma before I’d struggle with all that. Lifting his gut to suck his dick, I don’t want to know what the cheese smells like under there.

I’m still no skinny myself, at least I will never think of myself as so. Do I have to do the splits on top of that pinky toe of a dick, or would it be best to let him sit his belly in the middle of my back when he hits it doggy?

Fuck it. Just be gay. Who can fuck this unless they weigh 105 pounds and do their shopping in the kiddie section?

Sir, you and your pussycat can get the fuck out of here and never come back. Naw, you don’t have to eat it up to impress me either. I’ll pass.

Wait, is that all balls, and he’s tucking the dick? Huh? Honey, I just don’t get it.

But back to the post made about this pic in the stank ass group, I am in. The original question to go with the pic was “would you have sex with him for 2 years rent paid”.

There I go with the irony again.
There I go with the irony again.

Shit naw! Bumping pussies? Why would I do that with a man? I can get a girl, thanks.

I am okay with average sized dicks. Y’all know that, but I need to be able to get to it. Chile if it’s like that for you, you will feel abused once I keep blowing you off, then if I let you fuck, during the struggle I’m going to have to try to bang you with my uncoordinated self, then comes the giggles once I start laughing.

But speaking of pussy. Here’s some for you. Can you taste it?





Then let me suck it, baby.



I won’t miss a stroke as I gulp sweetness.

Lesbians: Using Dildos, But Unattracted To Men. Reality To Porn

It’s the strangest thing about lesbians that any person can question. “Why do lesbians use dildos and vibrators if they aren’t attracted to men?” It’s a vagina. It was made for penetration. G-spots were made to be rubbed until orgasm. Dildos can help with that. Big whoop! Personally, my question always is, “why is it in lesbian porn movies and scenes (girl-on-girl sex because the actors aren’t always lesbian), especially in scenes with black chicks, the women hardly ever just eat the pussy?” In real-life, we don’t usually question if lesbians eat pussy, but if we only had porn as an indication of what happens in real-life relationships, dildos and vibrators would be all we would know lesbians for using.

Makes sense? No?

Here it is: when a family member comes out as a lesbian, grandma didn’t faint because she was worried about Tonya getting stuck by a train of dildo toting chicks. She fell out and landed on the china cabinet because she just couldn’t understand her baby going down on some sticky pussy, with her mouth.


For a long time there,  there was an outcry for black lesbian porn movies and scenes to chill on the dildo play. Dildos were crutches that women used in adult movies to not really have sex with a woman. That’s how women who’ve spoken out about this issue viewed what was happening.

The real-life lesbians I know, who have sex with women only, they don’t use sex toys. It’s their own fingers, pussies, and anything else, but no dildos or vibrators. No strap-ons either. They have shared with me that they do not see a need to use aids or props in their sex lives. My friends are a small group, and there are women who have sex with women and they do use toys. Am I saying they aren’t lesbian, that those women have defaulted their sexuality as bisexual?



Using sex toys is a personal preference.  Indeed, they were created as aids in sexual activity. Couples use them to enhance sex play. To only have sex with them, every time, yes, in my opinion that makes the use of them a crutch.

When watching straight porn, count the dildos and vibrators you see. Compare that number to the amount you see in black lesbian porn. The black lesbian porn will always have an outrageous amount of fabricated dicks in it compared to any other porn out there. White lesbian porn, gay porn, orgy porn, they all have way less sex toys in them than the ones with black girls on black girls. Don’t get me started on black BBW lesbian porn.


People will read this and say, “who cares, it’s porn”. I care! And I suspect you really do too. People watch porn for ideas. Some say that we make our ideals about sex based on the negativity porn creates about sex. I think that is true for some people, although I don’t think that’s widespread, but if it is true, we don’t want women to believe they need to buy a box of dildos and straps to use with their girl.

That’s just wrong. The human body is well equipped to excite without the support of prosthetic extensions.


I know. Me. I actually said that.

A toy is good. I like them. I use them. I don’t want to see them all the time when a pussy could get off much better with just the tongue and the hand. ESPECIALLY when the scene is super boring with fake sounds and sandpaper coochies. In my research, tongues and hands make the pussy creamier, and her eyes roll up in her head, much more like they do in real-life when you use what nature gave you.