9 Excerpts From Every Story Or super Short In “Submit to The Dark Side: Stories to Explain the Stains”

9 excerpts from my first book “Submit to The Dark Side” Enjoy!

Two months ago she had celebrated her 25th birthday out with her husband, friends, and family, nothing fancy but they all had a good time. The day was as typical as any other birthday except for the overwhelming guilt that had eaten away at her soul. Here she was a young, pretty, successful woman married to an ambitious, highly medaled, police officer of five years with clear-cut goals that he was achieving one by one, and she had this type of drama going on in her life. He was a really great guy that she was so happy to have met and married. They were perfect for each other. She had started her own gift basket business 2 years ago and had gone back to school for an MBA in the past 6 months and Barry was being looked at by the FBI. Life was on track for them, they were living well. But then it happened.

The night of her party after Barry had to go in for his regular graveyard shift; Talvin had shown up at their door. She was curious as to why he had come by after spending 2 hours with her at Crave, a nice little get together spot in Steubenville. They had chatted it up and laughed together as usual yet he was standing there like he had something more pressing on his mind. She let him in and followed him into the great room before sitting across from him on the sofa with him sitting in the armchair.

“I know we just saw each other at Crave, but I had to come by and talk with you about something. Something’s been on my mind and I just had to get it off. I couldn’t bring it up at the party because it wasn’t the right place to be discussing this type of thing, plus I wanted to do it in private.”

“Well what is it?” she questioned with her brows raised in wonder.

He dropped his head and looked off into the distance towards the dining room pausing several seconds before speaking.

“You’ve been married to my brother for 5 years. Now we ain’t full blooded but that’s still my brother and I been holding my tongue on you but man, it’s getting kinda hard. Dude, I can’t keep lying to my brother and frankly, I don’t know how you do it.” he chuckled in disbelief.

“I do it because I should. You brother doesn’t need to know about the past. It’s over, get over it!!”

“Hold up now!! Don’t go talking to me crazy and damn sho’ don’t be raising your voice at me” he stood in front of her looming as she looked up at him. She tried to hide the fear within her but she knew that was a fail because her emotions were always written all over my face.

“I didn’t raise my voice, I said what I said. I don’t see why this is an issue now. Hell it’s been 7 years, get over it and let it go!”

“Let it go? Damn you a cold bitch!! Not only did you put our child up for adoption but it’s like you don’t even care!” His body trembled with anger and sorrow.

“I do care but that part of my life is over. The baby is with a good family, well I hope he is. ,” partly telling the truth, but most lying and not really caring. “Look I don’t want to keep talking about it. Please explain to me why you think Barry should know about this. What value does it add to our lives?”

He seethed with anger clenching his fists as he stood over her. She became afraid of what he might do to her. Her body stiffened.

“What value? “ He breathed in and out deeply as he snatched the collar on her top. “What value? Girl, I’m telling you, if you don’t open the can of worms, I will and when I do, I won’t be holding anything back. I’m telling every sordid detail. You had a baby with me 7 years ago, we were together for 3 years before then and now you act like the shit never happened! A baby Tera and you act like it’s…shit I don’t even know, “he rubbed his furrowed brows.  “But what I do know is that you don’t act like a mother. How could you even be with my brother after all we have done together?”

As his emotions flowed he loosened his grip on her clothing. She turned her body away from him to break eye contact.

“Look you know that I didn’t know he was your brother. He was never around when we were in high school. You only met him yourself in the 11th grade and even now you two aren’t that close to be acting the way you are. I would have told him if I wanted to and I haven’t so drop it okay!!”

In an instant he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head around so that they could be eye to eyes as he spoke to her. She held her breath in anticipation. They continued to stare at each other each waiting for the other to break their gaze. He finally spoke.

“You heard me. Keep talking slick and see what happens. I am not to be fucked with and you know that. Yea, he ain’t my full-blooded brother but he is still my brother. And as far as I’m concerned, you and I were supposed to be together. So you have one week to tell or anticipate the repercussions!” he flung her head back onto the sofa hard. She bounced off of the pillows beneath her then sat to straighten herself. He walked to the door to let himself out and she followed close behind as the door slammed in her face.



“What’s this?”

Lorraine sat in silence with a huge grin on her face. She had thought about playing out her fantasy so much that she didn’t have any fear or embarrassment about showing a lesbian porn movie to her longtime friend.

The disclaimer went off and the screen went black. After a few seconds the menu came up on the screen with a background of fully naked women caressing behind it. Cheyenne covered her mouth in shock and slowly looked over at Lorraine.

“Girl be quiet. We are grown, it’s just a movie. Hush.”

Cheyenne nervously laughed behind her hand but continued to stare at the screen. Lorraine picked her favorite scene from the menu, pressed enter, and sat back in her chair waiting for her friend’s reaction.

Initially Cheyenne was very fidgety and nervous, her face was flushed red, but after a few minutes she began to relax as the scene played out. Lorraine eyed her to gauge her reaction to what was happening with the same two women who had turned her on so much that night with Michael when she first saw them. She relaxed herself when she saw that Cheyenne’s face turned form embarrassed to curious.

Lorraine eased herself back into her swivel chair, resting her hands in her lap. Her pussy was leaking again and flooding the small space between the heart shaped place of her thighs. She smoothly flexed her inner thigh muscles to create enough friction to secretly rub her clit. She built up her momentum as Cheyenne’s curiosity eased into arousal. Cheyenne started to fan herself under the heat she was feeling from watching the larger woman get the smaller one off.
Lorraine surmised that she had never seen anything like this.

Cheyenne relaxed her body in her chair and uncrossed her legs and fanned herself while Lorraine got herself off in secret.

“So do you like it?” Lorraine’s voice was heavy and hot.

“It’s cool. I’m shocked though.”

Lorraine chuckled a bit at what Cheyenne’s surprise.

“Yea I thought you would be but I figured you could handle watching something like this. You are a pretty cool chick and we are really tight so I thought that you wouldn’t mind watching a movie with me.”

“A movie? Ha! Girl you need to quit.”

Lorraine laughed at Cheyenne’s feigned disdain.
A few more moments passed and the two women in the scene had come several times. This part of the DVD was almost over and the heat in the room was near suffocating when Lorraine couldn’t take it any longer and slowly spread her legs under her desk. She cleared her throat before running her hand down the front of her body, brushing one of her taut nipples, and cascaded over her soft tummy before landing in the slippy snatch. She quickly began circling her the top of her clit with two fingers.

Initially Cheyenne didn’t catch on to what was happening, but since there was a clear view from her seat to under Lorraine’s desk, she caught a glimpse of Lorraine rubbing her pussy out the corner of her eye.

Lorraine rotated her hips as the fire within her flickered and flashed causing her pussy to pulsate. She was super turned on by watching her favorite porn scene with her friend. She continued to rub herself when Cheyenne turned and looked directly at what Lorraine was doing. Lorraine didn’t stop, in fact she sped up.

“We’re grown right?” Lorraine confirmed her earlier statement to squelch any feelings of uneasiness.

She looked at Cheyenne like the horny devil she was and pursed her lips, bold with her sexuality. She wanted to fuck the hell out of Cheyenne with her tongue, her clit, her fake dick, and her fingers right then and there. Taken over by her thoughts, she stared over at Cheyenne and slowly reached over into the desk and pulled out the fat cock so that Cheyenne could get a good look at what she was doing and indeed Cheyenne did.

Cheyenne sat stark straight in her chair excited by how bold Lorraine was and the fact that she had no clue Lorraine was so intuned with her sexuality. The wetness in Cheyenne’s panties flooded into the fabric of her sweat pants requiring her to open her legs far and wide to allow the heat it exhaled from her box to flow freely. Instinctively her lips hung open at the sight of the huge dick.

Lorraine didn’t know it but Cheyenne had a serious oral fixation.

“So what are you going to do with that?” Cheyenne asked.

Lorraine took the end of the dick and slipped it inside her puss, shoving the piece in out and out slowly before taking it back out for a lick.

“Oww, nasty huh.”

After seeing Lorraine get downright scandalous with that toy, she couldn’t hold back any longer.

French Toast and Feuding Neighbors

Opening the unlocked security gate to his yard, I walked up to his back door and knocked. He walks up to the door and looks out the screen rolling his eyes at the sight of me and says,

“What do you want?” he had a snarling look upon his face sucking his teeth at the same time.

“What do you think, French toast!” I sucked my teeth back at him and rolled my eyes and neck for emphasis screwing my grill.

“Well I know you don’t think you are going to get it over here. You better walk your ass on back home. Trying to come over here and get some of this. You know I don’t like you, girl bye!”

Oh hell no this fool still has a grudge.

Like I said, I was desperate, hungry, determined, and powered by the remnants of some liquid courage. I stood up taller, stomped my foot on the concrete step, and flashed him.

Hot damn that did it!

He nearly tore the screen off the back door. We were at it again. Kissing and rolling around on his kitchen floor with my sweet French toast burning above us. If his wife found out about this again we would be through. My husband would leave and his wife would put his ass through the ringer. Well at least if she caught us this time he wouldn’t have to be mad due to my inability to keep secrets from my husband. He should have known I would tell. I can’t hold water. And I damn sure can’t hold a nut and I refuse to as well. So while he pushes his big dick up in me over and over again, I’m gonna cream all over his floor and hope that no one finds out, that’s if they don’t figure out what’s going on from my screams and moans. Maybe his fingers wet with my pussy juice, up in my mouth will muffle my passion.

Wait is that her footsteps I hear.


He watched her from the door at the apartment across two buildings down from his. He was on his way to his car but stopped short seeing her in the distance. She fidgeted as she continued on hold for girlfriend Vory. She always fidgeted when she felt uncomfortable. He knew that standing there made her uneasy. She felt like she was being watched, feeling exposed not knowing who was looking. He didn’t want her to see him so he took care not to fully step onto the sidewalk leading to the parking lot by standing on the wall of the breezeway of his building. This way he could watch her and not be watched in returned.

“Look, I’ll just meet you down there, alright?”

With her anxiety on high, she turned and walked and got into her car across the parking lot from Vory’s building. He made his way to his ride a few stalls down from hers. He knew exactly where she was going.

She pulled into the parking lot of El Chico’s off I-65 running through the western section of Mobile and went inside. He pulled in a few seconds after her and went in to be seated.  She was sitting at a table for two with her the back to the door. He stopped the greeter short of seating him telling her that his party was already seated. He walked over to her table and stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulder.

The sensation was akin to a chilly, December wind sending shivers up her spine on this hot June day. At his touch she looked up from her menu and sat up straight in her chair catching a glimpse of his reflection in the painting on the wall across from her. Sultriness spread all over her face and dripped down into every vein in her body.

She placed her hand on top of his before he walked around in front of her.

“How are you today, Dawna? You definitely look beautiful.”

“I’m wonderful now that I’m looking at you.”

“Meeting someone?”

“Just Vory, I was just over at your apartment complex. She was taking forever so I told her that I would meet her here.”

She nervously played with one the diamond dangle earrings in her ear avoiding eye contact by looking over at the table on the wall next to her. In an instant, her cheeks turned from milk chocolate brown to rosy red. She half smiled and looked out of the window.

“Well she’s not here yet and I am so let’s move over to a booth.” He extended both hands to her to strengthen his offer.

Since she didn’t want to have anyone miss out on their tips, she looked around to see if there was a waitress nearby to ask if they could switch seats. Her waitress wasn’t anywhere in sight and the place was pretty slow for Saturday lunch hour so she saw no harm in changing seats. She took his hands and followed him over to the booth in front of her table. Vory could just sit with them when she made it.

He snuggled in beside her as soon as she had finished sliding in. It was a semi-circle booth so it was pretty big and faced the entry way. Anyone from the bar, the door, or the east side of the restaurant had a full view of what was going on in that booth.

He sat close enough that their arms touched.
Dawna felt magic between her legs from the feel of his shirt on her bare arms. She wore a lemon yellow, halter dress with 4 inch, stiletto sandals with a yellow, satin ribbon around her ankle for fastening and rhinestones on the strap over her toes. The tone of the skin of her arms and legs were perfectly sun kissed and glistened with the perfect shade of bronzer she swept across them an hour before. She felt sexy in every way but never let on to anyone. She wasn’t uptight but wasn’t upfront when it came to her sexuality. She liked to hold back all pertinent sensual information for those who were allowed within her innermost circle.

She crossed her legs under the table and tapped her foot to the beat of the urban soul music playing through the speakers overhead. She was a little amped to hear one of her favorite bands, Maze and Frankie Beverly coming through the speakers. She sang along to the lyrics under her breath as she looked over the card stand in the center of the table advertising specials. He looked at her waiting for her to look up at him but she never took her eyes off of the specials menu.

He ran his thick fingers over her arm. The prickly hair stood up with each stroke. He wasn’t interested in the menu at all. Just then the waitress came back and took their drink orders, two margaritas. She told them to look over the lunch specials and that she would be back when they had decided, then went over to the couple sitting next to the door to take down what they wanted before turning to give the drink orders she had collected to the bartender and disappearing into the kitchen.

Dawna was still viewing the specials after she had gone. He cleared his throat to break the silence.

“What?” She smiled her words; her eyes still glued to the paper.

“Are you going to put that down? You should be able to recite the menu by now, damn.”

He stretched out his long legs under the table and eased down in his seat sticking his hand into his pocket and letting it rest there for a few moments.

“Why didn’t you come back the other night? I waited over there for an hour for you to show back up.”

“I was just ready to go home. You know how I am. Plus those idiots were getting on my nerves. They act like they hadn’t ever seen a vibrator before.”

He played in her hair that she had pulled in a high curly ponytail. The tendrils added to her sexiness as well as playfulness to her mystique. He rubbed the inside of his pocket.

“Well you could have called.”

“You could have called too.” She retorted with a smirk.

She turned to face him for the first time. Her eyes were captivated by his, which were a mahogany brown. They were always clear and beautiful, no matter if he had just been drinking or smoking, they were always perfect. Her eyes licked the shape of them, the dark smooth hair of his eyebrows and those long lashes that outlined them. She made her way down his wide, large nose and into his mouth with her eyes. The hair around his mouth was light but enough to make a goatee. She opened her mouth instinctively forming an O with her lips before catching herself.

She quickly turned back to the table and picked up the specials menu again, while he continued to play in her hair and rub the inside of his pocket. He ignored her last statement but played up her inhibitions. He let his hand drop from her hair and onto her shoulder and down her chest grazing the fullness of her bosom. She wiggled in anticipation. Another couple had entered the restaurant since they arrived and sat in the booth next to entrance of the restaurant. He looked over at them realizing they had a good view of him and Dawna.

“I could have called but I didn’t,” He traced the freckles on her DD breasts with his index finger.

She looked down at it and exhaled lightly. She licked her lips and rubbed them together tasting and pressing in the purple, tinted lip gloss that she had put on to highlight the pout of her lips.

He brought his hand from his pocket and pressed and rubbed her thigh. She shifted her weight from side to side in her seat in an effort to regain her composure because he was sending shockwaves through her system with all that he was doing to her. He moved his hand up and down her flesh pulling up the hem of her dress. A fire between her legs ignited. Snuggling in closer to her, he pecked the side of her neck. He placed his hand back into his pocket this time bringing forth the black, wireless remote.


Straddling her panties with one hand on them in the front of her and the other in back of her like she was riding a tire swing, she rode them as she thought of his tongue doing lovely things to her. She ground her hips into the lace and dipped lower as she rode. Getting on her knees, she spread her legs far apart, put the panties in her mouth, deeply inhaled and clapped her ass in front of the sheer curtains on her bedroom window.

It was the backside of her unit where she had seen her building’s superintendent walking a couple of days prior. She saw him catch a glimpse of her as she dressed after a hot shower that steamy day. With only her bra on she moved closer to the drapes to feel the slight breeze coming through. She made sure not to make eye contact with him as she peered through the material before he hurriedly looked away. He was quite attractive. Tall, caramel candy complexion and perfect lips. The day she moved in she got a good chance to see that he was not a small man when he came over to check and see if everything was going well with her move-in. She wasn’t interested in sex because performing in front of an audience was better to her.

Beads of sweat formed on the apple of her large, chocolate brown bottom as it rhythmically clapped to the beat playing in her head. Adam stepped further behind the bush next to him and unzipped his pants pulling out a stiff 9 inches and the width of about 1 liter coke bottle. He used both hands to massage it slowly as she moved faster.

Cherica took long strokes to insert a finger into her rosebud, running it in and out as her ass applauded her own exhibition. With her free hand she placed two fingers underneath her and gave herself pleasure. She bucked and moaned low, bouncing and clapping. She sat up on her hand below her and rode it as she could feel his eyes on her. He stroked long and hard waiting for her to explode. She slowed down for only a minute before she came back faster and faster until she erupted. She cried out in passion. He heard her cry and released his energy all over the bush in front of him, like icing dripping off a cake.

Catching his composure, he pulled up his pants and proceeded to walk around to the front of her building. She knew that he would have to compliment her on the performance so she walked into her living room to await his impending knock.

He leaned against the doorframe calling her name, “Miss James, It’s your Super, Adam.”

She opened the door, wiped the last bead of sweat from her brow, and said, “Hey, Adam, did you enjoy the show.”

Her nipples on her heavy breasts like chocolate drops beamed at him but he dared not touch. The best he would ever get out of her was a monthly freak show from outside her window. Dirty old men were to strictly adhere to the apparent “do not enter” sign over her pussy placed just for their nasty asses.

She looked him up and down observing the usual building superintendent blue overall joint only to find something quite out of the norm hanging from it.



The concert was like no other I had been to in a while. The performances were all solid and the energy was hype. Talking to some chicks in the crowd, we found out about an after party at the Crowne Plaza and rolled through to see what we could get into before stopping off for some late night breakfast at a local diner around 12. While we were there we met a set of fine chicks and invited them with us. I was hoping to bag the one I was with and would definitely try to entice the other into some swap type shit or even a full blown foursome if my game was right. She was fine and her friend was even finer. Both were just as fine as what I had home, but without the attitude. Travis had let me know he was down for whatever, and by whatever, he stressed that he meant just that. I was curious about the emphasis he put on the freakiness but I stayed cooled and didnt go too deep into it. I knew my boy was down and that’s all I cared about at that point.

So at the party we filled them with liquor to warm them up to our freaky ideas. They both seemed game and by 2 I was ready to get into something, all the grinding and sex talking had me feeling like my dick was going to burst. Eyeing my boy across the room, I caught his attention and mouthed to him,

“Got the condoms?”

“Shit yea I do!”

On that note we took both of our women by the waist and guided them out to our ride. We made our way over to Travis’ place just after 3. I had never been there before and was taken off guard by some of the things I saw. For the most part, the place was like any other bachelor pad but there were little things that stood out in the place like the art on the walls and shelves. They weren’t exactly what I would expect in the apartment of a guy who went as hard as Travis. Paintings of couples and statues of half nude men plus there were an awful lot of flower arrangements around the place. Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t pink everywhere and a bunch of frilly stuff but I just didn’t expect it. He must have been really comfortable with himself or some woman had decorated the place.

I got past the décor and followed him and the two women to the back of his apartment. In the guest room, we all undressed, us watching the ladies get out of their clothes as we stood near the bed next to each other doing the same. As I was taking off my pants I caught a glimpse of Travis out the corner of my eye trying to appear as if I wasn’t looking.

Damn! I didn’t know this dude had it like that.

He was at least 10 men strong when it came to dick. I was mildly embarrassed and was feeling my insecurities mounting as I continued undressing hoping that I hadn’t let on to my shock and amazement at his piece.

We both eased condoms onto our dicks and before long we were both straddling the women. Nina was giving me the head most men only dream of. She gave it to me so good that I had to reciprocate the feeling!

I took my time laying kisses on her. She had a nice, hairy pussy. I slow walked my tongue down her body making my way to that pussy laying my kisses on thick and heavy as I went. I licked her pussy lapping all of her up. As I licked her she engulfed me down to my balls, letting her tongue flick at them each chance she could as I was grinding her face pretty fast and furiously by then.

Travis was fucking his lady friend hard and deep. The juices were spilling out of her pussy like a splashing fountain as his fat, long, cocoa colored dick jacked in and out of her body. She was screaming his name at the top of her lungs. I was getting turned on like I had never before.

As I continued to lick Nina, I continued on watching Travis and Ariel. He was really giving it to her, making her feel real nice. My dick was getting harder by the minute and my pumping had accelerated as I went in and out of Nina’s lips.

Not able to keep up, she tapped me on my hips to get my attention so that I would let up giving her space to breathe. We switched positions as I ordered her onto her knees on the bed next to Travis and Ariel. He fucked her from the front as I fucked Nina from the back. We were fucking in unison as I kept my eyes on them. My mouth watered as the intensity of the passion between the four of us rose. Nina was fucking me back wildly but I was more into what was happening next to me. I could feel my orgasm rising as I fought to keep it down.

My eyes caught the gaze of Travis’ as we carried on fucking the two women under us to the same beat, never taking our eyes off each other.



Mae had bathed herself in some smell good body wash and rubbed her limbs down with the same warm vanilla smell, her scent permeating the air to mix with the soulful fragrance of dinner. She sucked in her scent and let her body rest, but not for long. There were footsteps on her front porch. She flicked open her eyes and swiveled her feet around and placed them on the floor to take the first step.
She walked up to the door and flung it open without looking out of the sheer white curtain covering the 8 paned windows in the door.

The diagonal, sheer, paneled body dress hugged her round bottom that always shook with her slightest movement, jiggling as she opened and closed the door to let him in. He moved passed her slowly rubbing his body against hers in a sexual way, the lower portion of his brawny chest grazing her nipples of her small breasts.

Casey stood and looked at her.

“What are you doing here?” she sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes.

“Seeing you, what do you think? Stupid ass question.”

“No stupider than you.”

She walked up to him and pecked his lips several times then fully kissed him. He reached out to grab hold of her but she stepped back, still holding on to his lips.

“You know how this goes.” She side eyed him.

She released from him and moved over to the love seat in front of the large living room window and sat down crossing her legs. The only light in the room shone from the flashes on the TV screen and the hood over the range in the kitchen.

He stood in the middle of the low-ceilinged, small room, the wood grain of the walls making it even darker. The shadows from the objects decorating the room, covered her face and body except for the sultriest parts, like her eyes, and the rounds of her breasts. Looking down at her, he stuffed his hands into his pockets like a scared little child.

She sat and looked at him like a scolding parent or a disapproving teacher of her troublesome student. To make him feel even worse, she put on shaking her head in disgust.

“All of that talk.”

He scratched his head and looked away in shame.

Maelee bounced her crossed leg on the other bopping her foot to an unheard beat.

“You are one of the main ones talking shit. But that’s how it always goes, right?”

He stood silent but breathing heavy, sighing at the chasting tone she was using on him. He didn’t’ come here for this so he was gearing himself up to head for the door.

“Don’t get mad. It’s ALL good! Believe me, I am not FUCKED up!” She was surly.

She wrapped her hands around her knee and moved closer to him.

“Take your pants off!”

He slowly took his orders.

His baggy jeans dropped to the floor. His shirt was next. When he was done all that was left was his tank top, link silver chain and white sweat socks.

She was even more disgusted by his silly appearance standing there in his underwear and jewelry but became turned on at the thoughts of what she could to him.

She swiftly removed herself from the sofa and bounced up to him in rejuvenated glee, standing close enough for him to feel her breath on his moist skin. Then suddenly, she turned to walk away down the short, hallway to her bedroom.

A few moments later and she was back with a velvet pouch. She threw it down onto the couch and walked up to him again.

“So what did you come over here for again?” Maelee tapped her chin and raised her eyebrow as if she didn’t know what brought him to her house after dark.

She waited for a reply, wasting her time because he never opened his mouth to play into her game.

“Well assume the position. Wait, you do know what position don’t you? Yea you do, since you are always one of the ones talking,” she rocked on one of her heels, completely full of herself. He was at her mercy, at her footstool.

He paused for a few seconds and then fell into the position she was talking about.

The hem of his t-shirt brushed the head of his dick. He was already wet with pre-cum which he would have to fight to hold back his orgasm. He prayed he wouldn’t be like all those dudes he had laughed and talked about whenever her name came up, which was most times when he brought it up.

He was face to face with her lower belly.


“Sorry I didn’t think you were going to stick around much longer. I came in to rest my feet a bit before trekking out to my car and on home. Plus, this place is super cute and charming. “

She played with the rim of her lips, running her cherry red, manicured fingers over them slowly and enticing him with longing eyes.

“I heard you tell one of the elves that you were going to leave in time to get home to your family. So, how many children does Santa have?” her voice was low and thick, not high but still feminine.

“Three. And you are right, I did say that. See ya later.”

He turned to leave once again when Chantal sprang from the chair and quick stepped over to stop him by gently touching his shoulder. She thought maybe he would push her away or tell her off but he didn’t put up much of a resistance. As he turned, they made eye contact.

Santa was intrigued and drawn into Chantal. Every time he looked at her he was able to notice something new about her that showed how pretty she was, how unique she seemed. There was something cherishable about her. Truthfully she was just as any other woman he typically encountered but there was a mysterious edge to her he was detecting.

Chantal fixated her gaze on him to entice and heighten his interest in her. The jaws of her mouth constricted as she shifted in her high heels, moving the fullness around between her legs. She was willing and ready for some play time.

The lashes she had placed on her lids, while prepping hours ago, made her appear as a life-sized doll to him. She batted them as she invited him to stay. He reached out to take her hand.

Chantal motioned at the sitting area just by the tiny little window looking out onto the rest of Santa’s Village.

“You can have the chair and I’ll sit on the footstool and we can talk. I don’t have much family to go home to. Just going to see my parents on Sunday and that’s about it. I wish I had someone to go home to. Christmas can be very lonely and frustrating for me.”

“Why is it frustrating? You don’t have to do much shopping. So why are you complaining?”

“You’re right, I don’t, but I meant sexually.” She was showing her full vixen side.

She wasn’t sure if Santa was married but held out hope that if he was, things were lacking in the bedroom.

“Oh yea.” He laughed at her comment while slowly undressing her with his eyes.

Customers laughed and chatted with each other, walking by the one room building but within it’s wall, the heat between the two, was hot enough to scorch the chocolate brown painted, particle board into a sweltering blaze.

Santa continued to analyze the bold woman sitting before him.

Her brown skin matched her bright red made up lips and long sparkly nails. Her shoulders were broad and sexy, legs perfectly smooth and thick, enclosed within her black, stiletto boots.

“For the past few years, I have spent Christmas, as you put it so well, frustrated myself and It’s been a while if you know what I mean,” he scratched the back of his head with raised eyebrows looking under at her, dragging his sights from her top to bottom stopping at each shapely area causing his soul to burn with excitement.

“Since the divorce I’ve focused on my kids and little else, hence this suit. I love showering them with gifts.”

Chantel was utterly delighted to find out that Mr. Santa wasn’t married.

“So what do your friends call you Santa?” Large white teeth shown wide made her cheeks rouge.

It was a bristly, cold Saturday evening in the Pines Theatre Mall, yet the temperature in that tiny Gingerbread house, continued to rise to an unbearable heat, causing muscles to engorge and the hairs on both of her arms to stand on end.

He paused, rubbing his palms together between his legs, crossed at his ankles, then finally replied.

His dick twitched. He caught her eye and stared through into them. In his mind, he hoped that somehow she noticed how he was feeling for her. He could tell she was a woman ready to fuck. Her bluntness and sexy demeanor made his mind flip at the thought of doing her.

“Cory.” He replied with a sultry rasp.

After hearing his name finally tumble from his big, juicy lips, Chantal knew naturally of everything that was to follow.

Chantel effortlessly rose from her footstool lifting her shirt as she approached him. As she moved in close enough to feel his warm breath on her stomach, she stopped and ran her finger down the bridge of his nose.

“Cory. Can I share something with you?”

He stared up at her admiring the view of her breasts from below.

“You are very sexy man. I love a man like you. And I would love to kiss you right now.”

She leaned over and went ahead with doing so without waiting for an answer.

The tip of his cock thickened and grew larger than life, lengthening down his leg just at mid thigh.

Cory moved in to meet her lips, pulling her in close. They kissed deeply as he moaned caressing her and squeezing her breasts through the cropped Christmassy top. She relaxed her body and let herself land in his lap slowly gyrating a nasty groove over his crotch.

Her skin was so soft and warm he thought as he felt her all over.

Cory eased his way under her top to feel the buttery softness of her breasts. They were perky and firm. Rolling her nipple around between his fingers, he removed her top completely to take one into his mouth, sucking and licking long and hard.

She purred his name and pushed harder onto his dick.

Her pussy is extra fat, he thought becoming increasingly aroused, the friction making him moist with pre-cum.

She slipped from his lap and got on her knees, quickly unzipping his pants. She buried her head and started to work him with her mouth.

He lay back and took the long strokes she made back and forth up and down the shaft, the head grazing the back of her throat.

With every slurp, she sucked and licked his dick. It had been a while, but her skills made it seem like it had been forever. He had never had it like this before!

He grabbed her hair pressing her head down deeper into his lap as he pounded back. Cory fucked her mouth letting himself go to the brink of explosion. Not wanting to cum before he really got started, he lifted her head and kissed her, their tongues flicking in intense circles, decreasing in circumference until they full on Frenched, breathing heavily in short pants.

He rose from his chair, taking her hands in his, he lifted Chantal from her knees. It was her turn to be pleased orally.

She got to her feet and pulled her skirt up as high on her waist, as high as it would go. Her pussy looked so fat and full in the red, lace boy shorts she had on.

Santa couldn’t wait to slide inside of her and fuck her. He lifted her up and laid her back on the footstool. Hastily snatching the fabric from the mound in the center of her V…



“Stand up. I want it from behind.”

I got up and turned around with my ass facing him but he still wasn’t satisfied.

“Naw, this way.”

He moved me around to the back of the chair and threw my body forward to fall over the front of it. My mind raced over thoughts of how this would play out. I just knew that I would fall face first.

He kept pushing until my face was pressed against the cushioned seat and my legs were in the air behind me. Being that this was one of those bistro style chairs; there was a place between the edges of each side of the back of it and the arms to place my legs for leverage. I gripped the seat of the chair and held on tight with my legs.

Wayne’s dick sunk deeply into my ocean. I was fully open and in bondage simply by the position he had me in. With each buck, the chair bounced a little around the room, moving back and forth, sometimes causing his ass to hit the wall behind him.

The music blared on. Walinda cackled at something on the TV in the next room.

I kept my cries of pure joy inside making my lips hurt from pressing them together. Sweat burst from my pores like fish popping in grease.

I wanted to holler so bad but dared not to, but that didn’t stop him from grunting my name. He spoke it lowly but still, what was he trying to do, get us caught forreal? I wanted to pull myself up from where I was and turn around and choke him but I took what was given to me instead.

The slapping of his balls into my engorged clit made me cringe and wish at the same time that there was a tongue between them and my body. He must have read my thoughts because he pushed one of my legs further forward towards the floor and somehow slid a hand between us to roughly masturbate me. Tears welled up in my eyes.

I looked over to the encased jersey on the wall next to the door. The reflection of us showed that he was looking at it too not knowing that the camera I had hidden on the frame the day before would pick up every sordid detail.

Joshua would be satisfied.

I trembled, but this time not from fear and damnation, but from loose inhibitions. I roughly moaned still hiding my pleasure behind the beat of the music.

In the short time that we had been fucking, I quickly learned that one position wasn’t enough with him. He smacked my ass as a signal that it was time to switch locations then pulled me back down over the chair. I let my legs solidify again from their jelly like state.

He lied down on the floor between the dresser and the bed pulling me along with him. I straddled his body, his dick pointing straight up to the ceiling. I lowered myself with ease then allowed my body to lean forward but he wasn’t having that, he wanted the deepest penetration possible. Pushing on my knees for me to rock back, I squatted on his lap. The pain was indescribable, but it felt so good at the same time. I screwed my face then started to pump quickly and ferociously.

The orgasm came fast, but I played like I hadn’t had one. I rubbed his nipples and he rubbed mine back. My toes curled and my body did too. I took long, drawn our thrusts to make the fuck feel even much better. I could feel his stomach moistening from my juices. I forgot all about Walinda in the other room for a quick second.

For a moment the music stopped but we kept fucking. I was sure our moans and pants could be heard. I could hear the TV in the next room playing. She was watching her favorite, Family Feud on Game Show Network and it was just about to go off. 30 minutes fucking from the chair to the floor we had already and we still weren’t done.

Soon the next track came on and he was ready to change locations again. We moved back to the bed. I lay on my back again from him guiding me down.

I dared not raise my legs from where they were and lay silently zoning in on the sounds around us, overly aware of the slightest movement outside of our room. I didn’t hear anything so I let my body relax.

He sat back on his heels and just looked at me making me uncomfortable, but flattering me at the same time. I had been feeling old and unwanted for a while now, the same feelings many women my age dealt with. Having the admiring eyes of a 25 year old man’s gaze upon my body made me feel exquisitely beautiful.

The head of my clit stood up and stared back at him. I couldn’t stand not being able to work it while I waited for him to do his thing but my misery was relieved a few seconds later.

Wayne took his dick in both hands and guided his body to my pussy with it. I closed my eyes for the impending pummeling I was about to endure.

Just then, I heard my phone ring. Bile backed up in my throat. I momentarily turned into a living corpse. I didn’t move but he kept on with his plan. I waited for him to stop and realize the tone from my phone and explain to me why my phone was here in the first place but he didn’t.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not yours. It’s mine.”

I couldn’t digest what was happening but I didn’t really have time, because before I could think again there was a knock at the door and Walinda’s voice yelling from the other side.

She jiggled the handle but thankfully it was locked. I pushed him on his chest hard and bolted from the bed. He looked at me baffled and angered stumbling out of the way.

I didn’t give a damn. I looked around the room for a place to hide once again. This boy was about to give me a heart attack, from either the sex or the hiding, one or the other, but tonight it for damn sure wasn’t going to be from getting caught.

“Over there,” he whispered and pointed to the side of the bed next to the window.


Wet Fantasy Fulfilled: “James and Ellen, Together at Last” (A Review)

Sometimes, you just want to get away, to escape your life and get caught up in a world where the only things that matter are the good feelings of the heart, body, and sex organ. Sometimes, you just want to read about something different and special. Something that will make you say “if only it was me” while you are reading it.

“James and Ellen, Together at Last” , by Stephen Olander  is one of those reads.Cover for 'James & Ellen: Together at Last'

Blurb-James and Ellen had been waiting for a year until her divorce was final. Now they can be together and discover more about each other besides their love. (M/F, M/M/F) 

Most people would consider James and Ellen as wild. Ellen is a woman in control, completely certain about what she wants in the bedroom, finding her perfect match in James. Their intimacy is intense, unbridled. They aren’t afraid to go there at all!

Let me tell you, the things found in this book would make the average freak blush, yet they’d secretly tell you that they would do just about anything to get a chance to play either James or Ellen for a day.  When I say these two “take it there”, I mean it! Everything that you could imagine a lover succumbing to on a mission to please their lover, and themselves, is contained within this book. 

Open it up for back-to-back sessions of raging sex that only a wickedly, erotic mind could come up with.


“James, Ellen & David”

The heat continues to rise when Ellen goes where she, nor James, has ever gone before, and they both end up loving it in book 2.Cover for 'James, Ellen & David'

Blurb-A special rendezvous between James, Ellen and David (M/M/F) 

This series makes for perfect reading if you want to get hot right now. It is written in a way that the reader never feels bogged down with complicated questions and scenarios. Stephen Olander gives you two quick and stimulating reads, when all you really want to do is get to the orgasm.

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You Ain’t The One-a novella ***Excerpt***




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***Author retains ALL COPYRIGHT to written work in this post, 2013. This is an unedited version.

A scene from Chapter 3 from my novella, You Ain’t The One. Book Released January 13, 2014

Inside, the scene was sexy and dark, except for a couple of vanilla scented candles placed around the living room. Low music reverberated from the wireless speaker placed on the end table next to the sofa. He escorted her through the hallway at the edge of the room. Sensual lyrics and sultry voices serenaded them as he walked to his final destination.

Reaching the end of the path, Terry pushed his way beyond the door. He placed hot kisses all over her arms and legs, her mouth suckling the side of his neck. Once they arrived he let her feet touch the floor again.


She wanted him from behind like nobody’s business, stripping out of her shorts first, throwing her ass up to greet him, steadying herself on his platform bed.

Terry looked down at her blooming posterior, her asshole naked and clean. He wasted no time leaning in with his tongue wagging out in front of him. He was about to dive in tip first, hardening it before piercing the pink and chocolate colored rosebud, his hot saliva drizzling it with each flick.

Licking like a thirsty animal, he bathed her asshole, streams of saliva coating her, surplus dripping onto the blue bedding beneath.

Tanea’s body caught the beat in the background, riding it, working herself all around. His tongue in her ass felt like smooth steel penetrating the cramped walls of her asshole. His tongue thrashed and fluttered, fondling the inside of her cheeks.

An arch in her back, her toes clasping at the mattress, she felt the orgasm cumming, the pressure on her sphincter too hard for to hold it in.

Ooow ahh, woooh! I want it. I hate staying away. Come on daddy, fuck me good! She can’t do it like you can daddy. That’s right. Slam it in my ass. Urrgh!”

She wobbled, her walls scattering white syrup inside her pussy.

He ravaged her anal hole, replacing his tongue with his fingers, diving in with two to start. He poked and searched her, going palm deep in her.

Terry knew fully of her relationship with Alexis. He had no idea of her other sex lives. Because of the miserable tales she’d told him of that she‘d endured, he pitied Tanea’s situation and envied her heart. She was so giving to stay with Alexis, letting her love for her conquer all, but felt sorry for Tanea for having to go without the ultimate satisfaction of getting oral from her girl.

That’s why he never hesitated to please her with his mouth.

He gnawed on her ass cheeks, his big, black dick throbbed for her, stiffening to the point that he wondered if it would actually explode from all the excitement, his mind failing to process the events he was partaking in a manner that would allow him to mellow.

“Stop playing with it baby and stick it in me baby!” Tanea was ready to go.

He pulled his fingers out.

In a flash, he was up on his feet and out of his clothes, now holding his dick in his hand, eagerly pushing in, dropping more globs of spit on her ass.

He pushed in as far as he could, the only thing stopping him from digging deeper, the gripping muscle at the other end of her canal. He slowly moved in and out, in and out, his dick opening her up to her fullest potential, his hips swiveling forward creating a groove that slide him up and down inside her ass allowing for it to press the walls of her hole together hard enough to create an intense friction to stimulate her g-spot from her other hole.

“I want it baby. Give it to me. Give it to me.”

“You want it hard?”

“YES. I want it hard. Give it to me hard.”

Tanea poised herself for impact, twisting the bedding in her hands.

Working and stroking in that ass, Terry rolled his hips so tight against her that the air between them was forced out, their bodies slapping against each other like a frenetic round of applause.

“Don’t stop.”

He couldn’t if he wanted to.

Tanea bounced her ass on him, dribbling it up and down and all around. She was wild with it. With one leg propped up on the bed, he placed his hand on her lower back as he guided her into the right spot on his 14 inch dick.

Long-stroking it, he probed for the bottom of her rear end corridor, the sticky liquid creeping out of his dick now wetting her. He glided and glided some more, until it felt like he was going to bust, his stamina and resilience for having her for as long as he desired the only things allowing him to withstand creaming in her.

He wouldn’t cum until she was good and fucked in all the positions he loved to bend her into.

Now was the time to give her what she was so deprived from with Alexis.

He descended from her clenching hole and sat down on the floor with his back to the bed. He opened his mouth under her clit, his pink, thick lips kissing the head, his tongue slithering around her hole.

“Ah huhhh huuu ahh yea, YES, YES!!! Lick it, lick it, lick it babbby, lickkkkk it.”

Tears formed in Tanea’s eyes. Internally she ached, chastising herself for having stayed away too long. In between orgasms, screaming his name at the top of her lungs, she fantasized about asking him to take her hand in marriage.

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