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Last Night, I Tossed His Salad, Sucked Her Toes, And….

I boinked them both with their legs in the air.

Once upon a time, all of that up there happened. A couple of times I’ve tossed salad, sucked some toes, and put a man’s legs in the air while I rode him bronco style, but none of this happened at the same time. If I put all of this in a book and spread it out over many pages, would you like it? Would you love it? Would you want to fuck me because I wrote it? Yes, you would.

Copyright held by the owner.

Everyday in my life I run into someone who wants to have sex with me. It happens online and off. It happens in the grocery store. It happens at the post office. It happens at the coin laundry. It’s been happening for years now. I won’t go into detail about how far back in my lifetime my sexuality began to captivate people as I don’t think you would believe it.

Some of us have it and some of us don’t. Those who do, some us enter into the sex industry. The constant lust is hard to escape. Writing books about lots of sex does make an erotic author a sex peddler. I’m a low-level sex worker, but I am one nonetheless. I peddle words and visions. I don’t get dressed up in low cut tops baring my chest to write my books. I don’t wear fancy underwear that makes my ass look like two personal watermelons separated by a slingshot of lacy fabric. I‘m usually fully dressed with my hair pulled up in a bun, but if someone were to show up to my door to peddle me something, a vacuum we will say, they would most definitely be wanting to fuck me upon seeing my face. They always say it’s the eyes. Then it’s the tits. Then it’s the ass. Then it’s the mouth. Then it’s the lips. Then it’s the wit. Then it’s the thoughtfulness I have for them. Then it’s the hot temper. Then it’s the smarts. Then it finally ends up being the complete package.

My seuxality is a topic I don’t usually care to touch. When the word sexuality is used, most think in one lane of thought and that is what gender(s) I sleep with or which I prefer. Sexuality is much more broad than that and it’s because of my understanding of that fact that I am so apt at doing what I do. I see sex as only a gratification of the soul that one endures through their entire body that soars energy out of them back out into the universe electrified through their fingers and toes.

You like the way I got all metaphorical with that, don’t you.

Sex is the same everywhere. It’s true. I didn’t say that everyone on this earth is engaging in sex, but there is little difference in how we all think about it and that’s what I want to do for you when I write, put thoughts into your head. I want those thoughts to be so intense that you have to act them out or watch someone else do the do. I couldn’t do this so eloquently for you if people didn’t want to fuck me.

How good do you imagine the sex to be in a book if the author is someone no one wants to fuck? How does she know what people desire from others if she isn’t desired and pined over? How will she write a hot book if all she has is fantasies floating around in her head with no prior experience. If she doesn’t know what they say, how they say it, how they smell, how they look at her, when they are trying their best to get her to spread her legs for them? How will she write a book that is erotic?

All that I’ve written about over these years (it’s been about a decade, I suspect), the sex parts I know firsthand something about. You can take what you will from that, but don’t come to me for a question and answer session, unless you’re willing to pay.

I suggest you buy the books. There’s two out already. 

La Drama Princess, The Author
La Drama Princess, The Author

Wake Up Call by Victoria Ashley Blog Tour

Cover for Wake Up Call by Victoria Ashley
Cover for Wake Up Call by Victoria Ashley

Wake Up Call by Victoria Ashley

My heart

stopped and suddenly it was hard to breathe. His voice always had that effect on me. It was like poison

slowly running through my veins killing me bit by bit. Like a drug that I couldn’t get enough of even

though I was almost down to my last breath. 
Jace took a step forward and grabbed my hand. He slowly

trailed his fingers over my face and backed me into the wall. My heart stopped again if that was even

possible. “You can’t leave,” he whispered. “I need you.” His warm breath kissed my lips as he bit his

bottom lip and placed both of his hands around my face. They were warm and soft to the touch. Too big

for my fragile face, although I wanted to bury myself in them. “Breathe. There is no one here but the

two of us. Breathe,” he whispered. 

Avery Hale had spent her whole childhood abused by her drunken, hopped-up

parents. Broken from a lifetime of hate and pain she grew up realizing that trust and love just didn’t

exist. Not in her world at least. 
After turning the age of eighteen, she packed up and moved far away

determined to escape her hurtful past and start a new life. Once on her own she comes to the

conclusion that the emptiness still exist. Doing what she had to to survive she found herself mixed up in

exotic dancing and meaningless sexual relationships unable to feel anything, for anyone. She was sure

that her life was worthless and there was nothing left for her. Or, she thought. 
After meeting a

beautiful stranger, jace, her life suddenly is turned upside down. Everything that she truly believed

suddenly gets questioned and then she is left to figure out if there is really more to her than she could

ever have imagined. Jace, having some secrets of his own puts the pain of his own past behind to do

what he can to help Avery. Can the love of another broken person be enough to help Avery, or is she

already too far gone? 
Avery’s life is pulled in many directions as she tries to find herself, and not everyone and

thing is what they seem to be in this story of love, trust and opening up. Finding herself and learning to

love herself might just be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

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Author bio

 Victoria Ashley is an author from Rockford, IL. She wrote her first novel in 2011 after finding

an app on her phone that allowed writers to upload their own work. After finding her passion in

writing she then moved on to publish her first novel Wake Up Call, which has been viewed over

thirteen million times on that website and plans to continue working hard to publish more in the near

future. You can find her Facebook Author page here.


Excerpts for Wake Up Call

Excerpt 1

I slowly walked toward the door, brows

arched, and pushed it open. I jumped back

in embarrassment as my gaze set firmly on

a half-naked Jace. A mess of inky, vibrant

tattoos covered his toned back causing me to

blush. His muscles flexed with every move

that he made, somehow making it hard to


Jace slowly turned around to face me,

denim jeans dropping down to his ankles in

the process. I stared – eyes wide – like a moron

at the defined muscles that led down to his

boxer briefs.

He cleared his throat, clearly amused, and

gave me a cocky grin. “Do you mind?”

I sucked in a burst of hot, heavy breath

and covered my face in humiliation. I was so

embarrassed. “I’m sorry; I couldn’t find you

so I just thought I would check this room. I’m

going to take off now. I need-”

“It’s fine. Don’t act like you haven’t seen

a guy half naked before.” He laughed. “Just

think of it this way, I saw you half naked and

now you’ve seen me.” He looked me up and

down before turning around and reaching

for a fresh pair of jeans. “Now we’re even.”

He pulled up his jeans, walked past me, and

grabbed my arm for me to follow him. He

didn’t even bother putting on a fresh shirt and

his low hanging briefs were a distraction that I

didn’t like.

Excerpt 2

He placed his hands on my hips and forced

me to sit down gently guiding me to my seat.

My heartbeat rattled against my chest as

he bent down with a wet, warm cloth. His

closeness made my stomach do flips.

“Let me get a good look at it,” he said,

his rugged voice irresistible. He pulled my

dress up slowly so that it was above my thigh,

exposing my bruised flesh. Then he took the

wet cloth from the table beside him and began

to clean off the scrape. His touch was gentle,

tender, and careful. It made my cheeks fill

with blood as I closed my eyes.

Suddenly, he grabbed my thigh and opened

my legs, running his hand along my naked

flesh. It gave me goose bumps.

I jerked away and slapped his arm. “What

the hell are you doing? I’m not going to have

sex with you.”

He smiled at me as if it was the silliest

question he had ever heard. “Cool down,

woman. I am just checking for more cuts. You

had blood on your inner thigh.” He closed my

legs and backed away as if the thought hadn’t

even occurred to him. “Besides, if I wanted

you naked then your clothes would already

be off.” He walked over and threw the dirty

cloth in the sink before turning on the tap and

washing his hands. “Clearly, that’s not my


Somehow, his comment bothered me. “So

what makes you think that it would be that

easy to get me naked?” I questioned with my

arms crossed over my chest.

He walked over to me and sat on the

table, leaning in so that his lips were almost

brushing mine. “I just have my way,” he

breathed. “That’s not the point, but eventually,

you’ll see. I’m not trying to have sex with you,

though. I’m trying to help you. Two different


Excerpt 3

“Oh come on. That’s not even going to

get you a buzz,” he said, nudging my arm


I reached out and slugged him on the

shoulder. “What makes you think that I want

you to get me drunk?” His eyes danced in

the disco lights as I stared at him. He looked

good tonight, dressed in his snug white shirt

and faded jeans, completed with a studded

belt that gripped his sleek waist perfectly. No

wonder all of the girls kept staring.

He bent down and placed his lips against

my ear as a bolt of electricity ran up my

spine. “Every girl wants me to,” he whispered,

before turning around and walking away

toward the bar to get our drinks.

Goose bumps prickled my arms as I bowed

my head and swallowed. I couldn’t explain the

way he made me feel when he was close to me

but I knew that it was dangerous.

Excerpt 4

I jumped back startled as the bathroom

door swung open to Jace standing there in his

tight boxer briefs. A sight I had grown used to.

He looked me up and down, his body

covered in sweat, as he fought to catch his

breath. I didn’t understand what he was doing

and it made my heart race.

“Jace, what are you doing in here?” I took a

step toward the door to escape but he grabbed

a hold of my wrist stopping me in my place.

My heart sped up and my breathing became

heavy. “Jace.”

He looked me dead in the eye and without

saying a word; he picked me up and sat me on

the edge of the sink. He gripped my face and

roughly pressed his lips against mine, causing

me to moan. His lips were soft and sweet, just

as I had imagined. Although, I wouldn’t admit

it. Not even to myself.

The taste was too overwhelming, causing

my whole body to shake as he gently ran his

fingers through my hair and pressed his body

in between my legs. I could feel his hands

trembling as he placed them on the inside of

my bare thighs while sucking my bottom lip.

Suddenly, he pulled away and we both sat

there panting and fighting for breath. His eyes

were unreadable as he looked me in the eye

and shook his head. My body leaned forward

involuntarily, and it almost felt as if I were

falling off the sink. I braced myself, pulling

myself upright again.

“Jace…” I breathed.

He slowly backed away from me and

placed his head in his hands. “Shit! I’m sorry,

Avery,” he said softly. “I don’t know what

came over me.” He turned around and left me

sitting on the sink, half-naked and confused.


I run through some paperwork when I hear someone clear their throat to get my attention. I look

up angrily to see the man who crashed into me this morning. It’s the idiot who enhanced my bad


“Jeni, I presume?” he asks with a quirky smile on his face, which is unexpectedly attractive.

I sit in silence as I stare at him with my mouth slightly open in surprise.

He speaks again. “I’m sorry about this morning. I see you managed to get that stain mostly out of

your top. I’d like to pay for some new clothes and the damages to your car, if you’ll let me.”

I squirm in my seat as the attractiveness of this man is suddenly apparent. How did I not notice

his gorgeousness this morning? He’s, quite frankly, one of the most attractive guys I’ve ever seen.

In spite of his outrageously good looks and cheerful persona, I start to get angry with him all over


“No, you don’t need to pay for new clothes or for my car. My manager has told me that they will fix

it for me and then charge the insurance company. So, like I said this morning, I don’t want or need

your charity, thanks.”

He looks at me in surprise. “That’s no way to talk to a customer.” Again with a mischievous grin.

“Urgh.” I want to slap him in his smart-ass, gorgeous face.

“Sorry,” I say with extreme sarcasm. “Can I have the details of your car please, Mr. O’Connell?”

“If you won’t let me buy you some new clothes or fix your car, how about lunch then?”

There’s that grin again. I quickly gather myself together and reply hastily.

“It’s after two, Mr. O’Connell. I’ve had lunch, thanks.” I’m feeling quite pleased with myself as I

stand up. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind, the details of your car?”

He looks at me puzzled.

“I didn’t mean today. I meant tomorrow or the next day or the weekend. Whenever you’re free?”

With that, his gorgeous smile crosses his face again, and I begin to melt. Is it hot in here? I can feel

my cheeks burning. I look down, pretending to sort out paperwork on my desk so he can’t see the

redness spreading across my face.

“I don’t think I can do lunch. I’m pretty busy you know.”

He looks like he’s thinking hard about what to say next and he tilts his head slightly.

“Dinner then?”

I let out a little laugh but quickly gather myself together.

“I could use the details of your car, Mr. O’Connell?”

He grins again.

“Jeez, you’re a tough one to crack, Jeni.”

I try not to smile.

“Okay, how about this? If you give me the pleasure of having dinner with you on Friday night, I’ll

give you the details of my car.” He looks very pleased with himself, grinning from ear to ear.

I sigh, considering his deal.

“Oh, um, I don’t know. I mean you’re a customer. Surely there is some sort of rules about

customers and employees dating.”

He laughs; the sound is delightful to my ears.

“I won’t tell if you don’t.”

I stand there in shock, contemplating what to say next. I mean could this amazingly handsome man

want to take me out to dinner? Really? I’m not anything like the type of girl I’d imagine he would be

into. I try to think of some witty comeback, but before I know what’s happening, I sputter, “Fine!

Friday for dinner, if it’ll get you to co-operate. Please tell me the details of your car.”

I take a deep breath and wait for him to reply.

“Great, Friday it is. I have your details from this morning. I’ll call you with the restaurant and time.”

I sit back down on my chair in a dazed shock.

“Is that okay with you?”

I shake my head with disbelief.

“Sure, why not?” is all I can mange.

His smile reappears like he has overcome a huge obstacle and triumphed.


I turn to face him; he puts his other arm around me. We are in the same position as before when

the last kiss attempt failed. My arms are tight around his neck, his arms around my waist. I look

down. He lifts up my chin so I’m lost in his gaze. His hand goes back to my waist. He swallows; I

think he’s as nervous as I am. He tilts his head and leans in … I back away quickly.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, looking hurt.

“Oh, no, it’s not you. I think … I might have garlic breath.”

He laughs and pulls me back to him. “So do I.” He pulls me in tighter, and before I know what’s

happening, his lips are on mine. I give in and surrender to him completely.

This feels like one of my fantasies, only way, way better. He holds me tight as one hand moves from

my waist to caress my cheek, kissing me softly but sensually. My hands move to the back of his

head, and I grab a lock of hair in each hand. He moves our bodies so that I’m against the railing at

the edge of the deck. He moves his hand from my waist to hold the rail as I still grasp his hair. The

kissing becomes feverishly passionate; his tongue against mine as they intertwine with each other.

Our breathing becomes faster and erratic. Our kissing becomes more intimate. We are in perfect

sync with each other. I pull him closer to me, our whole bodies touching. My heart is pounding fast

and hard. His hand moves from my face to the back of my head, pulling me tight. He moves my

hair from the side of my neck, breaks our kiss and kisses my neck slowly and seductively. I sigh and

breathe in a stuttering motion. I open my eyes to see the waitress standing there, gawking at us. I

stiffen as I see her. He pulls back and looks at me. With my eyes, I gesture toward the waitress. He

turns, looks, and lets out a little huff. He leans in towards me.

“Now that’s a first kiss,” he whispers as he grabs my hand and leads me over to the table. I can’t

help but smile.

You Ain’t The One-a novella ***Excerpt***




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***Author retains ALL COPYRIGHT to written work in this post, 2013. This is an unedited version.

A scene from Chapter 3 from my novella, You Ain’t The One. Book Released January 13, 2014

Inside, the scene was sexy and dark, except for a couple of vanilla scented candles placed around the living room. Low music reverberated from the wireless speaker placed on the end table next to the sofa. He escorted her through the hallway at the edge of the room. Sensual lyrics and sultry voices serenaded them as he walked to his final destination.

Reaching the end of the path, Terry pushed his way beyond the door. He placed hot kisses all over her arms and legs, her mouth suckling the side of his neck. Once they arrived he let her feet touch the floor again.


She wanted him from behind like nobody’s business, stripping out of her shorts first, throwing her ass up to greet him, steadying herself on his platform bed.

Terry looked down at her blooming posterior, her asshole naked and clean. He wasted no time leaning in with his tongue wagging out in front of him. He was about to dive in tip first, hardening it before piercing the pink and chocolate colored rosebud, his hot saliva drizzling it with each flick.

Licking like a thirsty animal, he bathed her asshole, streams of saliva coating her, surplus dripping onto the blue bedding beneath.

Tanea’s body caught the beat in the background, riding it, working herself all around. His tongue in her ass felt like smooth steel penetrating the cramped walls of her asshole. His tongue thrashed and fluttered, fondling the inside of her cheeks.

An arch in her back, her toes clasping at the mattress, she felt the orgasm cumming, the pressure on her sphincter too hard for to hold it in.

Ooow ahh, woooh! I want it. I hate staying away. Come on daddy, fuck me good! She can’t do it like you can daddy. That’s right. Slam it in my ass. Urrgh!”

She wobbled, her walls scattering white syrup inside her pussy.

He ravaged her anal hole, replacing his tongue with his fingers, diving in with two to start. He poked and searched her, going palm deep in her.

Terry knew fully of her relationship with Alexis. He had no idea of her other sex lives. Because of the miserable tales she’d told him of that she‘d endured, he pitied Tanea’s situation and envied her heart. She was so giving to stay with Alexis, letting her love for her conquer all, but felt sorry for Tanea for having to go without the ultimate satisfaction of getting oral from her girl.

That’s why he never hesitated to please her with his mouth.

He gnawed on her ass cheeks, his big, black dick throbbed for her, stiffening to the point that he wondered if it would actually explode from all the excitement, his mind failing to process the events he was partaking in a manner that would allow him to mellow.

“Stop playing with it baby and stick it in me baby!” Tanea was ready to go.

He pulled his fingers out.

In a flash, he was up on his feet and out of his clothes, now holding his dick in his hand, eagerly pushing in, dropping more globs of spit on her ass.

He pushed in as far as he could, the only thing stopping him from digging deeper, the gripping muscle at the other end of her canal. He slowly moved in and out, in and out, his dick opening her up to her fullest potential, his hips swiveling forward creating a groove that slide him up and down inside her ass allowing for it to press the walls of her hole together hard enough to create an intense friction to stimulate her g-spot from her other hole.

“I want it baby. Give it to me. Give it to me.”

“You want it hard?”

“YES. I want it hard. Give it to me hard.”

Tanea poised herself for impact, twisting the bedding in her hands.

Working and stroking in that ass, Terry rolled his hips so tight against her that the air between them was forced out, their bodies slapping against each other like a frenetic round of applause.

“Don’t stop.”

He couldn’t if he wanted to.

Tanea bounced her ass on him, dribbling it up and down and all around. She was wild with it. With one leg propped up on the bed, he placed his hand on her lower back as he guided her into the right spot on his 14 inch dick.

Long-stroking it, he probed for the bottom of her rear end corridor, the sticky liquid creeping out of his dick now wetting her. He glided and glided some more, until it felt like he was going to bust, his stamina and resilience for having her for as long as he desired the only things allowing him to withstand creaming in her.

He wouldn’t cum until she was good and fucked in all the positions he loved to bend her into.

Now was the time to give her what she was so deprived from with Alexis.

He descended from her clenching hole and sat down on the floor with his back to the bed. He opened his mouth under her clit, his pink, thick lips kissing the head, his tongue slithering around her hole.

“Ah huhhh huuu ahh yea, YES, YES!!! Lick it, lick it, lick it babbby, lickkkkk it.”

Tears formed in Tanea’s eyes. Internally she ached, chastising herself for having stayed away too long. In between orgasms, screaming his name at the top of her lungs, she fantasized about asking him to take her hand in marriage.

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