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It’s Been A Long Time. I Shouldn’t Have Left You, Without A Good Piece to Fuck To.

Don’t sue me, Timbaland. I’m an asshole by nature. No foul intended.

On to my business today.

I see you faithful nasty ass readers. Look at you showing up while I’ve been gone, coming by here to get some material off my page, with your freaky self.


Once I saw y’all were browsing  (so many of you), I decided to help you with something else.

Oh! For those who actually came on here because they give a shit about books, I’m also working on a new one. It’s not the one with the progress bar on my “currently working on” page. What I’m doing right now is not set in the present. It has same sex loving main characters. They are black, and…   That’s all I want to say about it right now. Subscribe to the newsletter for any giveaways or any secret info I may release about this upcoming release or any other book here. You get a free extended sample of Swinging Submission when you do and sometimes I send out coupon codes for the books. Don’t worry. I don’t spam and use my emails wisely, sending them when necessary.

Today, I wanted to help you find my other books. I never posted the links to my books on there before (or did I), because I don’t price my shit like I don’t have a good self-esteem. I ain’t taking no damn $.99 for all my hard work and imagination like no one out here loves me. You will go on AZ and may think my stuff is too high if you are used to people tossing their shit on there for less than a dollar (hell, even $5 for a real novel in electronic format). I ain’t the one!

This is my author page on there, or whatever you call this type page on Amazon:

Books by La Drama Princess on Amazon

But there’s another way (an asinine one) to find me on there. It will take you a couple of minutes the first couple of times. This isn’t my fault so don’t think I did anything extra so you can’t find me, but supposedly hiding books considered adult content on AZ helps to keep these books away from the underage. If we are talking little kids, I might buy that reasoning, and am happy my stuff is tucked away in its place there, but concerning teens and tweens… You’se a damn lie. They aren’t being stopped from finding what they want, and there are much racier books on AZ you can easily find in the search worse than me.

Anyway, let me stop wasting your time with the truth and get on with how you can find La Drama Princess and all her too adult for Amazon books, actually on Amazon:


*The filth is below the words if you don’t give a shit about books.

Go to

Click on Departments under the search box.

Click on Kindle.

Click Kindle books from the nested menu.

Click Literature & Fiction.

Click Erotica.

Go back up to the search box and type in “La Drama Princess”.

The search will return results for my first two joints: You Ain’t The One and Submit to The Dark Side. I don’t know why Swinging Submission isn’t returned, since swinging isn’t an uncommon word in erotic titles, ALSO on Amazon, but I am going to leave it alone and take a deep breath. Naw, I’m not. It just can’t be the booty cheeks on two of my covers (won’t mention the tits on Submit to The Dark Side because that seems legit, maybe). I have seen other cheeks on other authors’ covers when conducting a regular, standard search on Amazon.

What do you think the problem could be?

I’ll leave this post up top, pinned for a while.

While I’m quiet again, y’all take care!

Anyway, BYE!

Love you. Oh, I have an old Tumblr I still post to sometime.

Take this! Take This!

From Pinky’s Submission.

Fuck Going To Bed Mad, Never Deny Him Sex

Come close. I have to tell you something. Your man is fucking your son’s teacher, his barber too. What? Don’t look at me like that! It’s true.

If you have been withholding, your man will sleep with someone else. He will do it physically and he will do it mentally. This is not some bullshit I made up because I think I know everything. I’ve heard a thing or two from married men.


Sometimes cheating is simply about a lack of a good fuck. That is the reason why some step out and do the most with outside partners. They have a selfish bitch at home.

You don’t need an excuse to give your man sex and you don’t need a reason to give it up to him. If he wants it, and you are capable, give it to him. If you aren’t available, make yourself available.

Being angry with him isn’t a good enough reason to not fuck him. Old people have been saying since they were young people, to never go to bed mad at your mate. I have, but I always woke up loving them,  willing to work through the issue, after starting the process before turning in for the night. One thing I am dead set on not doing is turning him down because I’m not that horny, or my leg hurts, or I have to get the kids squared away to bed, whatever, whatever, on and on…

Hell, what’s really stopping me from tooting my cooch out and letting him hit until he gets his? Nothing!


I know I’m gonna get mine. I have a hot twat like that, even when I’m not that horny. I just love me some him and I want to keep him satisfied with me. No, sex won’t completely satisfy him, but it makes him feel wanted and helps to make him feel that I am available to him.

Although, my mate doesn’t expect sex from me, he is comfortable in the fact that he can get it from me anytime, menstrual bleeding withstanding.

He doesn’t want his red wings.

Bottom line: Fuck your mate. Morning, noon, or night. Everyone loves a ready lay.

A disclaimer: Nothing in this post is applicable in situations where violence is a factor in a relationship, in any shape or form. This post does not apply to extreme medical situations where the fuckee cannot be expected to perform. I am talking to you perfectly, healthy bitches with a chip on your shoulder trying to punish your husband.

I Knew I Had Him Whipped When He Gave Me…

The Key to his heart. No doll. The key to his place. Nada. Try again. The gas money for my car? Chile cheese.

All of these don’t mean a thing if he has no passion for you.  A man will show true dedication and put his all into loving his woman who he is truly passionate about.

But how will you know he is passionate about you? I will tell you child.  

It isn’t in what he buys you, where he takes you, or what he says to you, or about you. It’s how he touches you. If you are out with that man he can’t keep his hands off of you, then he’s passionate about you.

You see, it isn’t so much that he is touching sexually, it’s in how he touches you with tender care when he puts his arm around your waist and lets his hand slide down just to the side of your hip. Or maybe it’s how he puts his hand around your shoulder and pulls you in closer. A man can do many things for you and to you, but if he doesn’t touch you in that special place when there’s nothing sexual going on, then he isn’t that passionate about you. His embrace should make you feel secure, wrapping you in love. His touch should signal to the world that you are his and he is smitten with that.

What’s the importance of passion if he does do all of those other things like buying you everything you could ever ask for or blowing your back out every night? Passion makes him stay and focus on you. A man that is passionate about you won’t be easy to become distracted by other women or men. A woman who wants a faithful man should ask for a man passionate about her. A man that wants to be loved for longer than he lives should invest his time in a man who has passion in his heart, who can show him in the simplest ways.

To be passionate is to be whipped. Get his passion and have his treasures and his all.

Reader Email: You Gave Me An STD

Discliamer: any comparisons of my work to porn in this post were made only in regards to content of explicit scenes. All stories written by La Drama Princess, I, have a foundation of a complex storyline.

In the porn industry, the debate has been going for years, decades, for and against the use of condoms in scenes. The outrage and outcry for producers to take some responsibility for the actors that star in their films has swirled around our heads, the porn consumer for a long time. And I think it’s all ridiculous.

Look,  anyone willing to sleep with a line of strangers should know that they are taking risks, condoms or not. Why would a person taking a risk so great need to be told, or made to use protection? Were they absent for every junior high  school assembly STD and HIV/AIDS their school put on? No way that’s true. Okay, one could say that they possibly didn’t pay attention as they should have. There’s always a probability.  But they missed all of the TV and radio spots informing of safeguards, risks, and statistics? No. This isn’t possible, not living in any sophisticated country. Not even living in a Third World country am I completely buying it. It’s been 30+ years since HIV/AIDS hit mainstream knowledge.

No, all porn stars know the risks they are taking, multiplying, and what safeguards they can use when they walk onto a set and fall into a scene of sex with other people who sleep around just as much as they do for money. They choose not to. Save the bullshit that they are made to not use condoms working with some some studios or on some sets. Everyone has a choice in everything they do. Even a streetwalker has the choice to make a John strap up or throw caution to the wind. For every porn star complaining and shouting outrage against producers who say they are to not use protection, I say to you, go amateur and control your own. For every consumer screaming offense and disgust at the raw genitals slipping and grinding on their screen, that they likely sought out and turned on to view, I say turn it off and or close your eyes and quit the bitching.

Arguers against raw sex in that industry always say that pornographers are promoting unsafe sex because they aren’t portraying safer sex. I disagree with this. Everyone over a certain age, knows there is some possibility of catching something life threatening or life damning, even if they don’t know all they should about it, but they know there is a risk. People who take these risks want to. Just swallow it (pun intended) and realize that some just don’t care that much.

Here I will go on and say that sex writers also don’t hold a responsibility to write within the pages of their works descriptions of characters and situations where safe sex is on showcase.

I can guarantee you, a large majority of readers interested in pornographic reads know that if they were to try anything on my pages would know they should use protection and be cautious in what they do. If they enjoyed what I wrote, they should already know that it is fiction. Isn’t that what all porn is, in some way? Isn’t it some type of fake portrayal of life? Aren’t all movies and books unless they are in the non-fiction category? Yes.

I take risks too when I write and publish these kinds of books. They aren’t life-threatening, but my image aside from the one I maintain as a pornographic writer is always at risk. I probably won’t write about this for the rest of my life. I do plan to write other books that are not fictional at all. Putting my picture next to my words of fuck, suck, lick, bounce, cream presently can be a fatal move in my future life of doing something totally noble and lifesaving.

The only stance or statement I make against unsafe sex is to read my books and beat your pussy or dick to what I’m telling you about.

Self-love is almost the safest sex. One less safe than no sex.

Next post: I Knew I Had Him Whipped When He Gave Me… Tuesday, Jan. 28.