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My Grandma Is Getting Dicked More Than Me

My partner is about 6 years older than me. He’s in his 40’s and that muthafucka can’t be depended upon to give me the stroke more than 3x a week.

He’s busy, and so am I. He works in the private sector. I work at home. I’m in my late 30’s and my hormones are doing me a disservice. I’m in the mood when we lay down, but I no longer think about it every wakening moment. Books, covers, promotion, networking, branding–I have so many things on my plate. The time I could spend making my twat drip, resulting from my own freaky thoughts is used up on becoming a name brand that at least half your household knows.

Mr. Drama, he’s building the other end of our empire. Fucking and sucking for hours, what is that really?


The porn and I are always going to be thick and thin to the end. You know I watch that often, but as far as banging every night, nope, but we will have the later years. For all of us, sex gets better with time, and as we age.

If we were at these current positions in our careers, at younger ages, our relationship wouldn’t exist. In our twenties, monogrammed his and hers towels are as disposable as pantiliners–just open the box and get a fresh one. That’s the thing about older couples, we are more set in our ways, and that’s not as gloomy as it used to sound when we didn’t have gray hairs. It feels good and I want it to last.

In another ten years, the settling gets deeper for couples well into middle-age, and as life further settles, the sex ticks up in a climate perfect for spontaneity.

We have 4 children under the age of 18 between us. But let us crack those 50’s. Nuh uh! Non-factor! We fucking everywhere, at least until the bone loss sets in.

That doesn’t affect the jaw does it. Because the kids don’t need to know I broke mine while reminding Mr. Drama what that mouf do.

I look at our love as a growing, living thing that has to be well fed and nourished. Trust, we are solid. It will breath for decades, no life support here. We’ll be refining it, maturing this sex at our own rate.

Twilight, I look forward to late night stroking submerged in you, with me on top, him taking this dick washing exactly the same as I’ve heard Grandma tell she does with Grandpa.


Meet us back here Tuesday, July 1 when we give advice to a female swinger caught up in the mix with two lovers, one who is obsessed with her pussy, and she hasn’t even fucked her. 


I Lick My Own Pussy, Baby!

If only dreams could come true, so easily. I have been floating on a cloud in my sleep about this very thing, auto-cunnilingus, since I was a wee teen.  Upon waking from a self-pussy licking dream, I always have an intense throbbing in my clit that just gnaws at my soul. In my dreams, I can bend forward perfectly and lick me. The shit is impossible when I’m awake. Big tits are in the way, and my stomach is no washboard.  But I am a woman that believes if I dream it enough times, it’s meant for me to do it. I WILL lick my own pussy. Someday I will.  How? Come with me. I will share.

I won’t be getting a rib removed, and I won’t be shifting my internal organs by way of corset waist training as this was how it was likely made possible over a hundred years ago.

Is it shopped? Let’s say no so my hope can live.

Stretching the neck, back, and hamstrings are safer methods to getting your body to become more flexible for the forward bend C. Spending regular time dropping the neck forward and gently pulling it down to your chest with your hands laced behind it, and bending the torso down so that the face is between the legs will lengthen and loosen the muscles in the back and hamstrings. Exercising the hip flexors wouldn’t hurt either. Historically mine has been tight. Stretching and loosening my hip flexors has also improved my posture.

How long before I can lick my twat? 2 years? 3? Is my attention span that long? Maybe I should put up a photo in my bathroom behind the towel rack, to hide it from the minors, as an inspirational shot. When I’m brushing my teeth I will pull back the cloth, admire, then bend.


When my dreams are realized and I can finally touch the tip of my tongue to my clit, will I be gay? Bi golly, no.


Will tasting my own pussy from the fountain directly instead of on my fingertips make me the shit? Obviously!

Will Mr. Drama be threatened by my self-eating abilities? He said he will let me have at it for awhile. His tongue can rest some months. I said no it won’t. I’m greedy. We can both do me at the same time. He said our heads will collide. I said we can maneuver, stop being logical. I’m still dreaming here.

Autocunnilingus, like autofellatio, is the ultimate in self-pleasuring. It couldn’t be a sign of something wrong, deviant, or disturbing. I don’t think the act goes against one’s sexuality. It’s just good, clean, own junk slurping, tasting, and drinking fun.

It’s all the rage! Let’s lick!

Will you?





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Lying Ass Virgins. We Hate You And Everything You Stand For!

Fuckin‘ lies! We hate your lies. You and your fuckin‘ lies. Too much? I sorry, but wooo, please girl. Stop lying. You’re not really a virgin. Oh who am I to judge your vagina? I’ll tell you who I am, Missy.

Disclaimer: This post is part humor followed by advice.

I’m the woman who’s tired of having to listen to the sad tales of men who have believed your fables of virtue and purity to keep them out of your vag. Are you really a virgin or are you just someone trying to portray an image?


Saying you are a virgin will hold him off for a time. It can get you a ring I’ve heard. There are levels to this shit, huh? But your virginity could be doing you a disservice in your quest for marriage, and finally the opportunity to even have one. After you’ve gone down the aisle and said the vows, it’s time to put out.

What to do? What is he going to say when your inexperience is showing and his ravaging desires are out of control all over you? Girlllll, you’d better be prepared.

I have some advice for the partner who does marry a virgin:

Train ‘em.

That’s the bad word in this post, train. What woman other than a doormat will allow a man to train her? Not even a male virgin would willingly go for that is what you might be saying. Perspectively, that’s the line you need to draw and set out to make it plain for your sweet, little virgin.

“Train them in the way they should go and they will never stray from it”. Isn’t that what grandma used to say? These old lines from wise women aren’t just for child raising, they are also good for freak making. How will they know how to suck it if you don’t train them?

Ohhhhh, yesssssss







Don’t fear it, embrace it. Take control of your virginity and your virgin’s uncertainties. Your marriage is supposed to be forever. It will be like two if you have to suffer one day with a virgin who has not your guidance to do exactly what you like. Be gentle and kind. Be understanding and firm.

Give it your all and keep it wet.

Sit down on it and make it stay hard.

Go forth and train your virgin. If you won’t, hit the advice box at to get answers from either me, La Drama Princess, or Mr. Drama. But appreciate me before you leave when you scroll to the next image and take these additional tips.


Eat her down low. Roll into his face. Lose control. Stay down on her and show her that she can take more.

Take it all off and be his sexy dancer.





Show him what you want him to do with your body. It’s just you and him. Make him happy and you will be too. Make it last forever when you become free, one orgasm at a time.

With each stroke it will only get easier. Go to him and do everything to him.

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My Son IS Gay, And It’s Because I’m A Single Mom :( #HAHAT (Giveaway Included)

The internet is for everyone, and fuckery is too.


HAHAT 2014

*Warning–if you’re new here, this post can and will be VERY explicit as all other posts on this blog.

What in the shit damn hell is this logic single moms are turning out flamboyant gay sons? Oh, I don’t know, because a black women can’t raise a straight son?! Are we that scared of gays we are just making up shit now? My son is so straight I can’t even beg him to be gay. Believe me, I’ve tried. I like causes. I wanted to sponsor his. He won’t be gay, so I don’t have any home causes to crusade. My life is shit.


Ironic I chose this picture isn’t, considering…


Now I’m gonna write this post in my own way. It is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia #IDAHOT, but I feel compelled to get down on some of you’s level.

So let’s get it!

What of all the straight men raised by single, black moms? What about all the gay black men raised by two parents? People sit around on the internet and spread all of this hate without a damn toothpick to stand on. Where is their science to support this school of thought? Oh, that’s right. One doesn’t exist except in the minds of bigots and hateful lames!

Black people stay doing and saying the dumbest things. And it’s so disappointing. Oh yes, other races do too, other religions since many religious blacks are Christians, but we always sound the stupidest, and we end up suffering the most from our prejudiced views against minority groups when we always, always end up worse off.

I point out blacks because there is one particular guy out there helping to spread this ideal that black single moms are so terrible, scarily declaring no need for a male figure in their sons’ lives, they resolutely hurt their children’s wellbeing, their sexuality, because black men ain’t shit, they don’t need no man. neckroll

No woman needs a no good man. That’s nothing radical to say. Other races of women say the same thing. A woman is a woman. A gay son is a gay son. Stop reducing sexuality down to one or two simple ass factors that have no place other than to cover up  more glaring and respectfully deeper issues.

See, it’s been going on for years, well before the single black woman was honored as the sole producer of gay sons and her coat of arms covered in words such as angry, bitter, and doomed. *side frown*

ALL sons need a male figure. Daughters do too. What about gay black gay women? Damn! I keep forgetting they are all gay because they hate men because one too many did them wrong in the past. They had to hate the dick to get on. And you know black bisexual women are just so because they were molested as kids. They are confused and will go back to the straight life depending upon how fruitful the financial opportunities offered to them by the transgender men they’ve been hypnotized into relationships with.


A mother can be angry, even with a man active in the child’s upbringing. Sexuality is too complex for you to think so simple of it. If you don’t understand something, say you don’t, then go read.

Black Trans Girl Fucks Another Chick<—this a video. NSFW, obviously on here. 

It’s so bad out here, there are trans people going along with this diminishing philosophy against everything non-heterosexual. So now, not only are we  teaching ourselves to hate others, we are shouting from the rooftops to hate ourselves. Oh wait! We’ve been doing that for years. Yea, I know. It is time for something completely new.


If the gays and their backgrounds gotcha so bent, go jump off the edge of the earth, and that shit ain’t even flat. That fool is forever connected to that stupid ass school of thought. See what you’ve done to yourself. You’ve put yourself down in history as an ignorant, hateful ass, fool of the likes of forgotten explorers and Tommy Sotamayor.

I produce work that shows life as it is. The things I write about, not talking about the sex part horn dog, they are all common in any community of people, yet I have still had to endure discrimination of my books. People seem to have a problem with anything that doesn’t fit their clean, little perceptions and classifications. As LGBTQ people have to face generally negative judgement from heterosexuals in everything we do and towards much of what we say, those who claim to be down for the cause aren’t always so inviting to the black gay male character leading a book of explicit sex and high drama, or the trans, and most definitely that bisexual I wrote about named Tanea (from “You Ain’t The One”). She seems to piss folk off the most. Believe me, I’ve had to “cyber march” for my books on many fronts, in the marketplace and in private forums. I do find it obscene, these judgements and snubs, but I don’t find them unusual. Remember, I’m a black woman, a single mom, and I sport pink, purple, and blue at the same time.  It’s all in a day’s work for an author like me.

Bring your discrimination. I’ll take it times two. I’ll raise your blood pressure by 100 points, and in more ways better than one.

Safer sex is always implied on this blog. If you’re grown, you know the risks, you know better. Do I need to preach? Didn’t think so.

So, for all of my open-mind readers out there, I’m giving you the gift of my imagination in honor of Masturbation May and International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I’m giving away my first book, the ebook version. It is truly for anyone who can get down with it. It is all inclusive. Enter below. Here’s the deets. Keep reading.


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One of my favorite trans music artist:

Check for Laverne Cox in “Orange is The New Black”, season 2, June 6th on Netflix.

Broadway Sings For Pride's 2nd Annual Gay Pride Concert

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Bisexual Men: Having Their Dick, And Sucking It Too. Yayyy!

I’m black. I’m a woman. Why am I not afraid of “down-low” men? Why don’t the implications of men having sex with men (MSM) make me fear for my sexual health? Why would I ever accept a bisexual man? Why? Because if it’s good enough for a woman, it’s good enough for a man to have sex with the same sex and not be for certain homosexual.

Bisexuality does exist, in women and in men. When two men have sex, does that mean that either of them are less of a man, less masculine because he enjoys male-to-male sex? No. He may also enjoy sex with a woman. He may also prefer sex with a woman over a man. This can be. It is happening now… and there’s nothing wrong with it.


See, MSM is only a problem, a threat to society, when safer sex is not applied. But you know what? The same is true whenever a man or woman has sex, whether same sex relations or opposite. What is the big deal? You fear the thought of your man bending over to take a dick? You don’t have to watch it.

What if the man you are with confesses that he has enjoyed or thinks about sex with other men very often? Would you leave? Would your lives be over? No. They wouldn’t be. Would the kids look at him differently? It all depends on how you raise them, but who has judged you for who you like to have sex with? No one has turned the kids against you.

Copyright held by the owner.

There are thousands of men with curiosities about sex with a man. They fear themselves. They fear judgement. They fear what they desire is wrong. They feel the only way a man can be a true man, a real man, they mustn’t submit to any desires to be sexual with another who has the same parts as they do, not in a real relationship, not one where you claim the other, not one where you go out in public together as a couple, not one where all your family knows what type of sex you have, not one where your friends assume you are the one getting penetration. This is the true problem we should be looking at with bisexual men, down-low men, men having sex with men: the secrets they feel they must keep which are destroying them and the ones they love because they have been programmed to feel that there are only two ways to live, straight or gay.

HIV/AIDS is real. It is a real problem for everyone. EVERYONE. People lie. People sneak around. Why are we stigmatizing men who aren’t straight and who don’t have sex with only women? The stigma should be for everyone. If down-low men had people in their lives who were rational, if they felt that they could be open about their sexuality like women are, there would  probably be less men lying about their same sex relations and taking deadly risks.

No. I never said lying is right, but sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes people make you feel like all you can do is lie. When all you can do is lie, you need to find out where your truth begins. Sex with the same sex is still sex. It’s still copulation. It’s still an act of satisfaction. Men and women having sex with each other, in relationships at all levels, should be truthful with each other.


The type of sex a man engages in doesn’t define him concretely no more than how he feels he can define himself. If he has no confidence that he can claim his sexuality, he won’t.

What women fear most about bisexual men, men having sex with men, other than the risk of deadly disease, is being cheated on. A bisexual person can be faithful. Heterosexual men fail the faithfulness test everyday. What does sexuality have to do with anything? Loyalty and true-ness are grounded in one’s character, not their sexuality.

September 23-Bisexual Pride Day

Bisexuality is fluid. Our flag blends shades of pink, purple, and blue. Bisexual orientation is different for each person, women… and men. A commitment is a promise. Bisexuals make and keep promises too.

We commit to who we feel is worthy. Same as any other sexuality. Make yourself worthy. Not just because you are a woman, not because you have his kids, not because you provide a better image standing beside him in public, but because you add value to his life.

How do you find out his value of you? Become intimate with him mentally. Keep your insecurities to the side, and let’s fuck!

Good wood is for whomever can handle it.


Bisexual Pride Event 

June 26, Thursday night, I will be a part of a live show as a special guest representing bisexuals at Maxim’s in Seattle via Skype. Keep up with future updates about this performance by following me on Twitter and Facebook, @ladramaprincess and La Drama Princess Author Erotica (friend page). I do respond if you send me a message.  

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