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My Boyfriend, The Super Freak, Makes Me Fuck Other Dicks. A Sex Toy Review.

My favorite thing about multiple partner sex is the ultimate, sweet agony of having one dick retreat from my pussy and another run up in it really fast. No two dicks are the same. I should know. I’ve had several. No two men are the same. You should expect their dicks to be extremely dissimilar, although they are dicks the same.

If you’ve fucked 4 different men in a week’s time, your mind will remember the feeling of them all, but as each minute passes, the exact friction you received from them will slowly fade from your memory. You need that newness, that immediacy of a new dick to truly get as much out of having multiple fucks in a short span of time as you’d hope for.

When you have a man, receiving many dicks can’t be good, unless you’re crafty.

I know my man and I aren’t the only ones who use toys in the bedroom. No way. Everyone does that now, don’t they? Do you guys line them up beforehand and decide what you want to use? We do. I keep all of my toys in a box under the bed. One day/morning, he got under the bed and found something he hadn’t used before, and I guess hadn’t seen. He pulled out the….


It wasn’t the first time that he’d penetrated me twice at the same time, the dp. The morning he pulled this out from under the bed, it was the second time. The first experience he had with me in a dp was my first time overall. He used his fingers in my asshole and his dick in my pussy then. I didn’t know what to think when he got this toy out.

Yes, it was my toy. So you want to know why I had it if I’d never been double penetrated with it, right? Yes, I bought it to use on someone else. That’s a blog post for another day. I’ll tell you if I get enough comments and “likes” for it.


As I was saying, my man is a super freak. To me a super freak is a person who doesn’t hold back in the bedroom. You can expect them to do the most within their limits. Would I say he’s freakier than me? Yes! He wasn’t going to use this and not put it in both my pussy and ass, at the same damn time.

I was already soaking wet, as he is so skilled at getting me. Lube wasn’t an issue, but he licked my pussy again just to be sure.

In my pussy he inserted it first, the end with the nubs. Wheeewwww!!!! My shit opened up. Mind you, I was super wet, so the stretching didn’t hurt, but I was very full. He got me cummng using that end and starting working on the back.

I wanted to hold my breath, but he hates that. He gave me the look. He coached me into taking it. He pushed it in. I felt myself opening up slowly back there. He was patient, still fucking the front with the nubby end of the dong. He slid deeper into my ass, pushing firmly, but somehow tenderly simultaneously.

Finally, all of the ribs on that end of the dong were inside of my ass. Then that magical, generous, anal fullness came. I relaxed my body, and subsequently too, I came. My pussy pulsated, flexed, and expanded. Naturally, I pushed cum out of my pussy, and he pushed both ends of the dick deeper in me, front and back.

I’m a multiple orgasm-er. So, you know what happened. I came and came. I whimpered, I screamed, I grunted and yelled from deep in the pit of my soul. The neighbors should have came knocking. His assertion: “they were too busy jacking off from your porno sounds”.

This is his favorite toy to use on me. He calls it “the big gray thing”. Toy rotation hasn’t come back around to it in all these years, but it will. There’s too many things to use before we get back to it, including our own mouths, hands, and dick to keep it creamy.

  1. I would strongly advise this toy if you are hypersensitive to toy materials.
  2. It does not have a harsh, plastic-y smell.
  3. It’s easy to clean and store.
  4. It is heavy and substantial.
  5. You could slap someone upside the head with it and get their attention if you had nothing else.
  6. It’s not flimsy and will fill up a pussy well enough to know there is something in there.
  7. It isn’t too big to be unusable.

I am not sure who makes this dong. I bought it several years ago online. Possibly, it is by California Exotics or PipeDream as those are my two favorite sex toy brands. I think I paid around $15 or $18 dollars for it back then.

Here it is stretched out:

My laptop is about 17 inches wide.

Sex toy giveaway for a sex sling. The giveaway runs through my mailing list. All you need to do to win is input your valid email address here: and wait for the drawing May 12, the same day THIS book comes out:



Never know, I may giveaway another toy as a surprise in the drawing.

*All toys I giveaway are brand new. Some I ship directly from the store.

See ya freaks. And if you want to know about why I bought “the big gray thing” in the first place, leave me a comment or a “like”.

Join Me Tonight For My Christian Porn Show

I’m camming tonight at 11pm EST. Join me! I’ll be reading from the book of Mark, 3rd chapter, following that up with a hymn from the song book, and ending with a sit and spin on old “Big John” my favorite dildo up my ass.

If you come in early, I’ll give you a shoutout, lick “Big John”, then read another scripture, from your book of your choice, of course.

Jesus and my dildo, that’s all I need to keep me on the good foot. Yes, indeed!

You thought I was serious, didn’t you?

I wasn’t, but there’s someone out there that definitely is serious about it.  Ex-pornstar  Monica Foster says that her porn is sweet baby Jesus lying in a manger approved. Don’t believe it, just click

Disclaimer:  My giant dildo isn’t called, “Big John”. It’s referred to  as “The Big Gray Thang”. Just thought you should know. 😉

Lick My Clit and Have Me For Life: A Sex Toy Review (NSFW)

It’s a well-known fact. Well, it isn’t and you likely won’t have me for the rest of the hour, forget about the rest of the week, forget having me at all. I’ll have you know I’m committed to the best pussy licker in the world. My baby licks it good. That’s right, he licks it like no one else can. And before you ask, no, you can’t challenge him to a lick off.

But as I was saying, I love oral sex. I love having my clit licked and sucked, and from time to time I like penetration with my licking. So imagine my delight upon learning that I could have both at the same time, and I could have him do it to me hands free.

By California Exotic
By California Exotic

The first time I saw this dildo was in a porno, of course. I watch porn all the time, much more often than he does. I don’t remember much about the clip, except that the girl was having the time of her life having her clit swabbed down with a fat tongue and her pussy stroked with a pretty decent sized, fake dick. That was years ago, and I only recently got around to ordering one for us. Over the years, we’ve used several types of sex toys and all of them, save for a few, were great, but they ended up dying or some shit. I usually only go for the battery operated toys, the manual joints do little for me, even if I’m not using them on myself, so I fully expected this one to be another fail. I was wrong though, pleasantly surprised and undeniably wrong!

Everything about The Accommodator is perfect. The shape of it, the texture, the pliability, the length, and the straps even fit. When “A” (that’s what we’ll call the mister from now on) initially took it out of the packaging I prepared my anxious, little heart for a sure let down. “His head won’t ever fit it those straps.” I thought. Again, I was all wrong about this toy. The straps did fit his big ass head, and it didn’t cut off circulation to his brain. As I looked on from my spot on the bed, I said to myself, “It just might work, my baby won’t have to spend his last moments sucking my pussy until I had at least 10 orgasms.” Yea, I’m a multi-orgasmic woman. I can cum during a session, by only thinking about the dick. But I digress.

So, he slides it on, right. I’m all lying there waiting, geeked and shit. He gets on his knees and works his magic, sucking and licking the clit, then he pushes the dildo in. Omg! Did I say that this thing was the best dildo I’ve ever had? I did? Well I‘m going to say it again. This is the most comfortable, non-irritating (I tend to be very sensitive to foreign objects in the snatch), flawlessly curved fake dick I’ve ever rode.

By the time he was ready to fuck me with his real thang, I was shaking in exquisite agony, my knees curled up to my chest, cream streaming from my twat.

Get one, for your woman, or for your man (shove it up the ass after you throw the dick down your throat to give him that extra, good love), as a holiday gift. Valentine’s day is coming up too, so there’s another gifting opportunity for you to seize. Put your pride aside. Give her what she needs. Accommodate her.

Just don’t look in the mirror while you’re wearing it. You’ll look stupid.

Check the tech specs. From Amazon

  • Latex
  • 5.5?x 1.5?/14 cm x 4 cm
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Comes in black or beige.

Happy stroking!

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If He Cheats Again, I’m Putting a Lock on That Junk!

No lie, but I didn’t know these things really existed, chastity devices for men. This post goes out to all of the ladies and men who have a man that they love, who won’t keep it in his pants and save it just for the one they have at home.

male chastity

Sales director Michael Yates stated in the article found on HuffPost, that his father-in-law came up with the product along with his wife as a way to add spice to their sex lives. The wife retains a large part of control over the husband’s junk when he’s wearing the chastity device, in that if he feels that urge coming on, he has to wait for her to pull out the key and unlock his junk, and we assume get him off, or help.

Sounds all well and good, until someone takes it too far, and you know they will. So, to all you cheating men out there. You’d better beware. You could wake up with this on your dick.