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I Lick My Own Pussy, Baby!

If only dreams could come true, so easily. I have been floating on a cloud in my sleep about this very thing, auto-cunnilingus, since I was a wee teen.  Upon waking from a self-pussy licking dream, I always have an intense throbbing in my clit that just gnaws at my soul. In my dreams, I can bend forward perfectly and lick me. The shit is impossible when I’m awake. Big tits are in the way, and my stomach is no washboard.  But I am a woman that believes if I dream it enough times, it’s meant for me to do it. I WILL lick my own pussy. Someday I will.  How? Come with me. I will share.

I won’t be getting a rib removed, and I won’t be shifting my internal organs by way of corset waist training as this was how it was likely made possible over a hundred years ago.

Is it shopped? Let’s say no so my hope can live.

Stretching the neck, back, and hamstrings are safer methods to getting your body to become more flexible for the forward bend C. Spending regular time dropping the neck forward and gently pulling it down to your chest with your hands laced behind it, and bending the torso down so that the face is between the legs will lengthen and loosen the muscles in the back and hamstrings. Exercising the hip flexors wouldn’t hurt either. Historically mine has been tight. Stretching and loosening my hip flexors has also improved my posture.

How long before I can lick my twat? 2 years? 3? Is my attention span that long? Maybe I should put up a photo in my bathroom behind the towel rack, to hide it from the minors, as an inspirational shot. When I’m brushing my teeth I will pull back the cloth, admire, then bend.


When my dreams are realized and I can finally touch the tip of my tongue to my clit, will I be gay? Bi golly, no.


Will tasting my own pussy from the fountain directly instead of on my fingertips make me the shit? Obviously!

Will Mr. Drama be threatened by my self-eating abilities? He said he will let me have at it for awhile. His tongue can rest some months. I said no it won’t. I’m greedy. We can both do me at the same time. He said our heads will collide. I said we can maneuver, stop being logical. I’m still dreaming here.

Autocunnilingus, like autofellatio, is the ultimate in self-pleasuring. It couldn’t be a sign of something wrong, deviant, or disturbing. I don’t think the act goes against one’s sexuality. It’s just good, clean, own junk slurping, tasting, and drinking fun.

It’s all the rage! Let’s lick!

Will you?





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Yes, He Is Multi-Orgasmic: The Complexities Of Male Sexuality

Women have been chastising men for just sticking their dicks in any and every orifice they could find for years, saying things like, “that’s all they need to get a nut”. I am here to tell you that isn’t necessarily true. Men can be a bit more complex than that sexually. Men can be multi-orgasmic, but it’s what’s in their minds that makes it easier for them to do it.


I have experienced mutliograsmic men–two of them in a row, maybe more I have had more. I just know of two from watching their experiences with me, and listening to them describe how the sexual experiences was for them with me and what made it happen for them. It’s kind of expected now. So expected, I wrote the male characters who sleep with the lead female in my upcoming book as multi-orgasmic. Some will find it unbelievable, but it is not.

The younger character has the most orgasms, and ejaculations, than any other male in the book. I didn’t consciously write the storyline that way simply because he is the youngest. It’s just what made sense to me knowing how into this woman this character was. Wanting her for years, he finally got the chance. After their first sexual experience he always had multiple orgasms, when he was with her and when he was not.


For a man to have more than one orgasm with their partner per session, there must be an intense emotional connection between the two for it to happen.  As I wrote it, this young man in the book is not only excited and finally gratified to experience copulation with her, but he does have deep feelings for her as a woman. He admires her. He treasures her.

Yes, training, one facet of it such as edging, CAN help a man to learn to train his body to orgasm more than once during an encounter, or make the orgasm more intense. Kegels can also be used as part of training to control his orgasm for multiplicity. The guys I have personal experience with, they didn’t masturbate or do any special techniques. It was all in their heads.

“I’ve already had sex with you many times in my mind before I even laid down with you.”–the words of Mr. A to me.

Truthfully, I am offended when I hear women say that men are just fine with sticking their dicks in a hole and going to town for a few minutes, that he can cum from a few gyrations on top of a person and feel just as satisfied as I do, that there is nothing to worry about when pleasing a man sexually. When people say that, they negate all possible intimacy man can have, especially when both partners are expected to have a deepness for each other.


After an orgasm, one’s brain releases “happy endorphins“. These chemicals in the brain tell us what we just did was great, the best ever, “you should do it again”. So when a man has more than orgasm per session, more and more of these endorphins are released. Not only can the acts of his multiple orgasms be the result of his intensity for you as a whole, each response can also deepen his feelings for you each and every time he does have two or three more orgasms while he’s in you.

In my humble opinion, it is worth it to learn about the sexual complexities of a man. You are missing out on so much, much more than just having someone jumping up and down in you, much more important than an attitude of men and their sexuality as throw away afterthoughts upon your pleasure. When you take the time to consider his sexuality as a myriad of emotions, you could end up having sexual experiences with your male partner that leave you more pleased because he has at his best ultimately spiritually.


It’s all in our heads, what we deem great sex to be. It’s never just about the friction, and I never write that simply. Catch up. We are on some next level shit.

1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Be His Oral Rag Doll

Warning: This post is only for the open-minded. Leave now if your collar stays stuffy.


In anticipation of my upcoming book, “Swinging Submission”, this post will celebrate sex in the circle.

Break code and suck all their dicks, his friends, his boys, some guys from a frat. Be sober. You don’t want to forget anything.


  1. Dick sucking skills men want
  2. Mature partners with dicks you want to suck
  3. A relaxed throat

Be nasty. Lick the balls too.

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Fuck Going To Bed Mad, Never Deny Him Sex

Come close. I have to tell you something. Your man is fucking your son’s teacher, his barber too. What? Don’t look at me like that! It’s true.

If you have been withholding, your man will sleep with someone else. He will do it physically and he will do it mentally. This is not some bullshit I made up because I think I know everything. I’ve heard a thing or two from married men.


Sometimes cheating is simply about a lack of a good fuck. That is the reason why some step out and do the most with outside partners. They have a selfish bitch at home.

You don’t need an excuse to give your man sex and you don’t need a reason to give it up to him. If he wants it, and you are capable, give it to him. If you aren’t available, make yourself available.

Being angry with him isn’t a good enough reason to not fuck him. Old people have been saying since they were young people, to never go to bed mad at your mate. I have, but I always woke up loving them,  willing to work through the issue, after starting the process before turning in for the night. One thing I am dead set on not doing is turning him down because I’m not that horny, or my leg hurts, or I have to get the kids squared away to bed, whatever, whatever, on and on…

Hell, what’s really stopping me from tooting my cooch out and letting him hit until he gets his? Nothing!


I know I’m gonna get mine. I have a hot twat like that, even when I’m not that horny. I just love me some him and I want to keep him satisfied with me. No, sex won’t completely satisfy him, but it makes him feel wanted and helps to make him feel that I am available to him.

Although, my mate doesn’t expect sex from me, he is comfortable in the fact that he can get it from me anytime, menstrual bleeding withstanding.

He doesn’t want his red wings.

Bottom line: Fuck your mate. Morning, noon, or night. Everyone loves a ready lay.

A disclaimer: Nothing in this post is applicable in situations where violence is a factor in a relationship, in any shape or form. This post does not apply to extreme medical situations where the fuckee cannot be expected to perform. I am talking to you perfectly, healthy bitches with a chip on your shoulder trying to punish your husband.

1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Mine That Pussy


This one should be self explanatory, but….

Man or woman, make your sex partner feel like you are diehard dedicated to them, if only for that moment in time. Make that pussy or dick your job. Go to work on it. Block out all sound, thought, or sight other than their body, how it responds to you, how it melts or becomes solid like a rock. Don’t stop, and I mean that sincerely, until they get enough. They will see your dedication, and it will make them feel like they are the most important being on the planet.

Don’t worry about staying on it too long. Done perfectly correct, the amount of time will not mean much. But they will never forget your work and that will be one more soul you will reside in for as long as they live, but only if you keep this routine.

This ain’t a tip for the slacker.

Next post: Tuesday, February, 4. We’re talking visual filth again.