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Interviews With A Princess: Nah’ Sun

Princess: Nah’Sun? Nah’Sun. Nahhhh son. No one does it better than a man who knows his women and knows how to use his body to make them buckle at the knees. As skilled as you are, we want to know why are you good enough at lovemaking to put the sounds and touches to paper?

Nah‘ Sun: This girl in college gave up her virginity to me after she read a few of my poems.  I figured if my writing was good enough for a chick to give me some pussy, I might be on to something.

Princess: You wrote a book called Thick When the Chances are Slim where a skinny girl wants to be thick, not the other way around like we usually read about. Why write an erotic book with such an intense message which flips the norm on its ear while still keeping it sensual and erotic, and satirical?



Nah‘ Sun: A lot of skinny girls wanna put on size. I just brought it to light. Satire is my trademark writing style. I like to stand out with comedy and irony that might go over a lot of readers’ heads unless they get it on the first try.

I’m a sensual guy, and it’s only natural that my eroticism reflects what I do behind closed doors. Other times my sex scenes come from pure imagination.

Princess: Exotic dancing you say? Is that before or after the book signing?

Nah‘ Sun: That’s after the signing. My mind is too much on making a sale when I’m selling out books. Anything after a signing is fair ball.


Pun intended.

Princess: Ha!

Nah‘ Sun: I’ll take a young lady I meet from a signing back to my house and relax with her for a while if I dig her vibe. I don’t like to rush. I wanna see where her head is at and know how to seduce her to make her cum fast and hard.

And once I know what type of woman I’m dealing with, I’ll take off her panties with my mouth, kiss her whole body and then fuck the shit outta her. Simple as that.

Princess: If a woman were to read one of your books, what would she most likely HAVE to do afterward?

Nah‘ Sun: She’ll have to inbox or email me to see if my dick game is as good as the scenes she just read.

That’s if I find her worthy enough to experience the earthquake and aftershocks that come from facing me.

Princess: It’s bigger than writing sex scenes. Why so for you?

Nah‘ Sun: I like to make homemade sex tapes and try new sex positions. I have a vivid imagination when it comes to bedroom sports. The same 3 positions get boring after awhile. Some of the weird positions I pen in my books come from experience.

The erotic scenes are made to enhance someone’s sex life. A lot of guys should send me a “Thank you” card. Real talk.

Princess: A hard dick is good to find, but I need to know that a man has a dynamic mind. If true for you, tell the readers what else you are skilled to write.

Nah‘ Sun: Science Fiction is my first passion. I’m gonna write a few joints once I’m done with the Thick series. I like to write different things to challenge my pen game and keep the readers guessing.

Princess: When Nah’ Sun posts dick pics on social media…

Na‘ Sun:they wonder if I do erotic film.

I want a woman to fantasize about fuckin‘ me so I can explore the spots she never knew existed.

Touching a woman all over her body to find a weakness turns me on more than anything. I’m a sex slave, baby. I wanna be a slave to making a chick squirt and orgasm over and over and over again.


Princess: Now that our panties are wet, we’re going to wrap this in a few. I know some are going to have to go clean up. Before I let you off the hook, tell me what you have planned for us next and where we can get all of your books, locally and globally.

Nah‘ Sun: Thick 3 aka In the Thick of Things is the 3rd book in the series, and it’s droppin‘ in August. August 21st to be exact. I can’t wait because I’m excited to see the responses I get about the novel. It’s my most well-rounded story so far.


No pun intended.

Thick 3 shows the growth and development of a writer once you match my past work with it.

St. Louis is my next destination for the OOSA Book Club pajama jam in October. Check out the calendar on my website @ for more details.


Keep them wet, Nah‘ Sun and I will be checking for that new release!

If you write smut, send me your info to princess at la drama princess dot com, and I’ll create an interview for you and you’ll send it back with your answers.

Interviews With A Princess: Bambi F. Moore

Today marks the first day of a series of interviews on this smut blog. If you write smut, send me your info to princess at la drama princess dot com, and I’ll create an interview for you and you’ll send it back with your answers.
Now it’s time for Bambi.
Princess: Welcome to the blog, Bambi F. Moore! We’ve seen you on social media with your cute little name, but what we really want to know is who are you and just where the hell did you come from?
Bambi: Bambi F. Moore is my chosen pen name and I’m glad you like it. I am from Brooklyn, NY the Bedstuy area Yeah me.
Lived down south in S.C. for about 6 years, and now I reside in Michigan.
Princess: Tell us, how many books you have out. Are there more coming? And “To The Max” is it in print?
Bambi: Right now I have “To the Max” out available in ebook format, but July 26th I will be dropping my first full novel “V is for Vixens.”
Vixens will be in print  August 9, 2014 making it my first book in print form. I’m not a big fan of series but I will let you know there is a few standalone novels coming real soon.
Princess: How did you come up with this story? Any of the characters based on anyone we know?
Bambi: All of my characters are figments of my imagination. I can relate to each one of them in some way or form so I believe they are part of me.
Princess: Who has been your biggest influence as an erotica author, and whose work do you enjoy most?
Bambi: You know that’s a weird question to me because I write erotica from my own imagination. I don’t recall reading any erotica that made an impact on me in any way or form. I do however take advice from seasoned erotica authors.
Princess: Since you are an author, and everyone seems to think that authors are experts, what’s your simple, sex advice for my readers?
Bambi: Be yourself and don’t be afraid to try something new with your love one. The same tricks will become boring after a while. Talk to one another, share your deepest desires with the other person. You don’t want to have a stale relationship.
Princess: One last thing, how many licks does it take to get to the center of the oh, oh?
Bambi: This is going to come off weird lol but I don’t like receiving oral, I prefer to give it. Every time is different but the results is all the same.
Princess: I said one last thing, but I’m forgetful. Tell us how we can connect with you.
Bambi: You can catch me on Facebook at
Or my website which will be up in a week at
Princess: Well, it looks like we’re all done here, Bambs. Many thanks to you for coming on and sharing. You know many wouldn’t do it. Consider yourself special for being chosen and for having the balls to step up.
Much success, and never forget: always make them sweat.