10 Million Reasons Why Blogging Doesn’t Work For Authors

I’m a week late on this post, and I didn’t have shit to write for this week. I’ve never looked at my metrics as a whole for this site, but today I did. I started this blog as an author to build my platform. Did it work?


Here’s a year in review of Freaky With Me La Drama Princess, the blog. The best, the shit you ignored, the shit you didn’t know existed on Freaky With Me La Drama Princess, and how hard you should kiss my ass.

What got the most hits in the first year of this blog? Any guesses? It was…

I Lick My Own Pussy, Baby!

Which post got most men wanting to fuck a black girl pissed off the most?  Some of you are too damn gullible to believe, and pressed.


Black Pussy For Sale! Get Your Big, Black Pussy!

What was the most read advice I gave on the blog?

Reader Email: Her Clit Is Too LIttle. Help! 

What was the most offensive thing I posted that you all enjoyed the most?

Pissy, Pussy Squirters. Yep, I Said It!

What sex toy I love the best did I review and you clicked to read?

Lick My Clit And Have Me For Life: A Sex Toy Review

Now let’s get to what you completely, fucking ignored.

That one time I gave away a book: #HAHAT

When I went on an internet radio show talking about my books: Truf Bros. Radio

You apparently weren’t bothered to know about the feminist knitter who holds her yarn in her pussy: Bloody knitted sweaters and socks

Book posts on this blog are a total flop: Blog Tour Hop for another author

Okay, this site is quite depressing. I can’t go on anymore.

Authors are told (I’m an author) to write blogs and do 10 million other things to get their name out there. Whenever I post about my books, a book, no one can be bothered. Don’t listen to these author advice columns, friends. Blogging for promotion only works if people know you already or you have something they can mooch off you. The only thing I have on this blog is free nekkid booty pics and clips and my abuse and humor.


I have plenty of the latter to give you as the years go on. The free books, I don’t know about that. I make more offline selling physical books, and most people don’t read and never open free e-books. I just proved you don’t even care about them. So never ask me to give you a freebie. As for my nekkid booty pics on the internet… If there are any nekkid pics of me anywhere online, you will have to search far to find them. Or will you?

Check my fan pics page on the main site. 

What could help my reach as an author blogging? I don’t know. I could cross-promo with others and maybe exchange my banner, but as I’ve blogged about that before, people don’t want me like that. I am proud though to have reached my goal in this year on the number of hits. I aim to double that for the next year.

I don’t know if you have noticed I haven’t been myself lately. Since April I have had a lot going on, which has disturbed my writing, and now it’s generally hurting my whit too. Submit To The Dark Side Radio is on break until December, which isn’t long. And what I am working on as an author, is going very slow. Slower than I want it. Shit’s gonna be fair though!

I mean, if I was making more money, I’d be motivated to work through the pain. Some call me a hustler. I say I got bills, bitch. I don’t get off on bothering with people for free and never making a dime. So that’s why I have become less socialable online. And it’s harder and harder every year, probably every quarter, to make money online.

I’m making money though. And I’m ending this post.

See ya next week.

If you have any suggestions to expand my reach and maybe sell some actual books online, real one suggestions, leave a comment.



If not!


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