Get Cuffed, Get Stuck

As a definite non-proponent of cuffing season feeling you should claim me full time and not just during the cold weather, or not be claimed yourself, ion like it.


Though this time is great for a late-night creeper to move up the ranks, if you’re cuffed this season you may end up wishing you’d opted for swinging instead. There’s less risk of hurt feelings in swinging. Swingers are there for the bodies and what they can do (polyamory lifestyle is a more complex concept). The complications of cuffing are deeper, although people say it’s not. We all know that’s a damn lie. Any time you are expending countless of yours with someone, someone is going to get attached. Let’s cut the dumb shit and the lies.

Don’t get cuffed at the brain if you can’t maintain.

Here’s what you shouldn’t try this cuffing season to make it out safely:






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