Black Celebrities Still Shivering In The Closet In 2014

Queen Latifah isn’t a lesbian. I think she’s bi. The world thinks she’s walking around the bedroom wearing a strap-on. I’m wrong? Does she need to announce her sexuality? Clearly, we all aren’t in agreement on what hers truly is, but most of us think she’s not straight. If she comes out, will something change? Why does the public perceive a right to a celebrity’s sexuality? What do these famous people owe us, especially black celebrities?


Being black is never good enough. You always have to work harder beyond the best to get recognition (barring the modern low ass standards of mediocrity which losers use to recognize each other with). You’d better be good, because we want our black celebrities to own everything we feel could hurt their careers so we can tear them down with their truths later. Queen is a constant topic of the black, famous sexuality discussion. No one can seem to take her privacy as her own. They want a door in.


I think she’s bi? That’s because I have seen her in everyday life types of pics lying on a man and loving the hell out of his touch and all such can bring to make a woman feel so superior than just a happy woman, a exuberantly, sexy and creamy and hot deep in her loins woman. We’ve only seen her kissing women in the paparazzi pics, and only heard rumors of her and women. Bisexuals have preferences, or they gravitate to one sex more, though some don’t. Yet, when you’re black, you can’t ever be bi.

Blacks hate bisexuals more than any other race. That’s how it seems. That’s how it feels. There’s only two choices with blacks, straight or gay, and I think it’s pitiful. I also think the same about our obsession with an entertainer’s sexuality when personal sexuality has nothing most times to do with that person’s talent.  If it doesn’t make them money, why should they come out of the closet? Are they even in it, or you just don’t know them like that?


I’ve been in discussions with people saying if Queen came out, her announcement could improve the self-esteem of a fan, or anyone out there. I think if you need self-esteem support from a random who doesn’t know you at all, you need to be seeing a counselor weekly. Not because you’re looking to a celebrity for help with your being, well yeah, that too,  but because you need it generally.

Sexuality doesn’t have much to do with self-esteem until we allow someone to, or they attack us for how we are at our deepest levels. Most of those attacks are based on fear of what your sexuality stands for for someone else, or what it doesn’t, or what they can’t be proud of about themselves.

I don’t mind the business of entertainers’ sex lives. If they never come out, I don’t feel they are ashamed. I feel they know you won’t ever accept them. Maybe their self-esteem is more important than your intrigue. Why do we always assume they are weak?


As for the fake bisexual celebrities, you know how I feel about fakes. They are the ones you should go after. The lies and conning must stop. Sexuality, when it’s fake, should never be a come up.  And never coming out of the closet isn’t faking. It’s called not sharing.

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