No Love For The Fat Girl: Late Night Creeper

Don’t believe it when women say they don’t know why he only comes by, or she, is only allowed to come by in the hour of Cinderella’s curfew. Gurl, we all know why. He doesn’t value you being seen near his place during waking hours.


Everyone isn’t for everybody. I know I’m not. Some men will value your pretty face and all you can give them in the forms of love and happiness, but some just don’t and won’t. Displays and proof of your value and what they find valuable have to sync up. It won’t happen with every dude. It won’t happen with every woman. Damn! It’s life. Get over it.

You don’t have to be a late night creeper. You can wait for someone to come along who will take you to IHOP every evening after work AND take you home to mom. I can tell you it will surely make your heart feel better to be held on someone’s arm with pride. You have to be ready for that.


I’m just saying, that if you aren’t that kind of girl to him, and he won’t respond to your texts before you tell him you have liquor, weed, and freshly washed pussy, don’t go around acting like that’s your man. It is not! That’s some man who fucks you and takes all the goodies you can bring. Big damn difference, Honey Buns!


Late night creeping doesn’t bother me at all. I am bothered by the liar who gets brolic when you tell her she’s a jump off.

Let’s not be idiots here. I am not playing with you. I don’t want the pussy. He does. He’s the only one up for those games with you. He gives a little time, some dick, then sends you on. Just enough to fuck with your head and make you feel he cares, only so you can come again with more weed, better fries out of the two restaurants pulling them out of the hot grease at 1 am, a wet pussy, and conversation to put him to sleep because he doesn’t give a damn about what you are saying.

You should have learned by now from me control is what a woman needs. Control of self and your situations, have it, always. Fat has little to nothing to do with why he hides you.


Bet he’s not keeping that head game secret though.

Yesterday was Friday. You know what dropped? Yea, you know what it was! Gone and get you some.

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