Why #YOU Shouldn’t Be Eating Ass!

If I took you back 10 years ago,  no one would be there screaming they ate ass other than one or two dudes in a small group of what we thought back then were super freaks. People ate ass 10 years ago, 20 years ago, but in the most common situations, virtually no one was telling the public they ate ass. Today, everyone eats ass and they damn love it. I don’t believe that funky shit.  Yep, and I am going to leave that reference right there too.


I won’t leave any notes to the health risks of eating ass. You’re on here, I suspect you’re smart and know that any type of fucking poses a huge risk to your health and life. If your dumbass doesn’t, chile, gone. Leave this blog now.


I don’t believe everyone who wears the t-shirt saying they eat pussy out the frame loves it either. Sex is work for a whole lot of people. Don’t lick pussy if you just do it to everyone, same lick strokes and everything. Don’t lick ass because your friends on social media all say they do it.


We don’t want you in the toss salad club (check the reference to the different clubs Mr. Drama discussed in episode 2 of Submit To The Dark Side Radio) with a clothespin on your nose to block your sense from a fart. That has got to be the stupidest worry of someone who is trying eating ass. Just don’t eat the ass. Farts only come out of the ass when you lick it? No! If they come out when you are hitting the pussy do you jump up and run? I hate you if you do.

There’s a level of maturity that comes along with sex. Good sex too. When you are worried about the risk of smells, tastes, stains, don’t fuck! That’s it, just don’t eat ass. Your ass licking recipient should be clean for sure, but they will never be whistle clean (there go the references again while discussing butt sex).

Dental Dam

And whatever you do, Mr./Ms. Scaredy-Cat, don’t think of anything brown and thick before you go down. It’s a bad element in that part of town. Clear your mind before you go to lick all around, maybe stay in the territory of the front door another round, then pound.


rimjob2 rimjob3

I’m just giving you ideas. Thank me by sharing this blog, subscribing, or following the podcast.  Until next time we meet to cum…



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  1. I am truly amazed by your straightforwardness…. Your shows are funny as well, plus it makes you really rethink about your situation in life. Great show! I will be back listening and enjoying the conversation.

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