No Love For The Fat Girl: Late Night Creeper

Don’t believe it when women say they don’t know why he only comes by, or she, is only allowed to come by in the hour of Cinderella’s curfew. Gurl, we all know why. He doesn’t value you being seen near his place during waking hours.


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Why #YOU Shouldn’t Be Eating Ass!

If I took you back 10 years ago,  no one would be there screaming they ate ass other than one or two dudes in a small group of what we thought back then were super freaks. People ate ass 10 years ago, 20 years ago, but in the most common situations, virtually no one was telling the public they ate ass. Today, everyone eats ass and they damn love it. I don’t believe that funky shit.  Yep, and I am going to leave that reference right there too.


I won’t leave any notes to the health risks of eating ass. You’re on here, I suspect you’re smart and know that any type of fucking poses a huge risk to your health and life. If your dumbass doesn’t, chile, gone. Leave this blog now.


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This Pussy WILL NOT Be Censored… Kicking And Screaming!

He said it’s not good for me to be writing books with sex at the forefront of them and parading myself around the internet like I’m bout-bout it too. She claims my sites are full of porn –this one and my main LaDramaPrincess dot com (can’t put the full domain in this post if I want it shared on Facebook without a spam filter on it as someone got me (I don’t spam at all) for sharing my link on there (in the appropriate groups and pages) months ago –way before I put the explicit pics of fans on it).


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Three Porn Stars I Love and I Fuck In My Head…

And they don’t  even know it.

1. Nyomi Banxx


Nyomi is super sexy and beautiful. Those tits are something astronomically mesmerizing. I know you’ve seen her in plenty of ebony and IR flicks. She’s very Continue reading Three Porn Stars I Love and I Fuck In My Head…

Sex Podcast

Welcome to your new sex podcast! ***check the blog sidebar if this shit isn’t showing properly. That will the main spot for it anyway.

Its The Eroticist La Drama Princess and her sidekick Mr. Drama! Your new hosts are here with the first episode of Submit to The Dark Side Radio, and they want to know, “can BBW’s only fuck on their back”, and “if she only cums once, is there something wrong with her”. Listen in for the report deep from within the trenches of homegrown porn, and some unconventional marriage advice.

Sex talk, music, and plenty of laughs.

Also, the blog has been migrated to a full domain. So no more at the end of the URL now. It’s My featured images didn’t export/import with everything else. I’ll get them back up as time goes on. Bare with. Love you. See you tomorrow for our regularly scheduled post.

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