Women, If You Don’t Multi-Orgasm, You’re Inadequate

Twenty orgasms during one round with my partner is what we’ve always counted to before we gave up, yet there are women out here still only having one. Is there something wrong with you? Or me?

In my honest opinion, I don’t think there is wrong with either of us. I assume that every woman is multi-orgasmic when I do think of other women’s experiences. I think about it only how I am. Does that make me closed-minded? I don’t think so, but I just never thought that many women didn’t have more than one, at least two.

It had to be over a decade ago when I read a woman can be taught, trained, or learn how to have more than one. The one thing about me though is that I have orgasms doing other things besides actual sexual stimulation. When a reader wrote in about feeling the sensation of orgasm while peeing, I truly identified.

When I take a plane ride, the ascension makes me tingly and wet. When I ride the big whirly rides at the state fair, I get great feeling down there. No shit I am wired a little differently overall. I have a few neurological oddities. Maybe that is what is the deal with me and my pussy.


I hear people talk about quality is better than quantity when it comes to multiple gushes. Hmmm, no. Not for me. My quality matches my quantity. I truly feel like I am dying during sex. I go to the edge of life just that often. But that shit feels gooooooooooood.

When a woman tells you that she only has one orgasm during lovemaking, do you feel that she is not trying hard enough? Is it that you feel she isn’t good in bed if she can’t cum more than once? Is this the female equivalent to the male penis size argument. Does 10 orgasms matter?


Am I truly a circus freak for having at least 20?

But isn’t it powerful, that feeling that what you’re doing to someone can make them react to the point that the involuntarily lose control of their body in such a nasty, but sweet way? It is. Men have said they like the multi-orgasmic women because they like that control. It’s a “bang on your chest” moment, I must say, and all I have is a detachable dick.


I don’t think I’ve always been multi-orgasmic. I will say in my early 20’s, maybe 19, I got to that point. I really do enjoy sex. Women who aren’t like me with all my O’s dont? I think that is a harsh judgement. I can’t remember what their lives are like honestly. I know I have always enjoyed my pussy. It feels good to have this one I have. That’s all I can really say about this situation.

Let the one orgasm having women be great. Most men can’t have but one either, and don’t even know they could be having more. So any men out there with a frown,  sit the fuck down complaining.


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