Women, If You Don’t Multi-Orgasm, You’re Inadequate

Twenty orgasms during one round with my partner is what we’ve always counted to before we gave up, yet there are women out here still only having one. Is there something wrong with you? Or me?

In my honest opinion, I don’t think there is wrong with either of us. I assume that every woman is multi-orgasmic when I do think of other women’s experiences. I think about it only how I am. Does that make me closed-minded? I don’t think so, but I just never thought that many women didn’t have more than one, at least two.

It had to be over a decade ago when I read a woman can be taught, trained, or learn how to have more than one. The one thing about me though is that I have orgasms doing other things besides actual sexual stimulation. When a reader wrote in about feeling the sensation of orgasm while peeing, I truly identified.

When I take a plane ride, the ascension makes me tingly and wet. When I ride the big whirly rides at the state fair, I get great feeling down there. No shit I am wired a little differently overall. I have a few neurological oddities. Maybe that is what is the deal with me and my pussy.


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3 Things To Tie That Ass Up With Tonight

I get horny when I think of being tied down so much that I squirm around. Then when I’m tied up, the panic and anxiety is a rush. What’s next and how good can you make it feel is what I’m thinking while restrained? But I don’t keep a bunch of shit around bought for bondage play. I don’t suspect most do, either. What do you use in a pinch?


Here’s three household items to use as restraints during bondage play:

1. A pillow case. Take a pillow case and slip it under the elbows of your partner. While they are on their knees and  you’re banging behind, their face will succumb to gravity and the ass will too, to give better diving in and out positioning while they are on their knees or lying on their stomach.


2. Medium-size, nylon, dog collars. Fasten these to the submissive’s wrists and ankles. Use leashes on each one, then tie the leashes to the bed posts for bed restraints, or use a strap to connect two or all four of the collars to tie the wrists and/or ankles together. When not in play, easily stuff them under the bed when you’re done.

3. Sheets. Wrap them around the wrists or ankles, elbows or knees. You can secure to them bedposts or tie multiple sheets together the same as with the leashes to the collars to restrain ankles and elbows together.


Tip: Never use thin materials to tie up your partner. Imagine how it would feel to have an extension cord digging into your skin as you sweat and wiggle around getting banged. Not a nice thought is it? Ribbons are pretty, but they pose a risk too, as well as pantyhose (which we’d considered before, then I thought longer).

Whether you buy pre-made bondage gear, or DIY at home in a pinch, always use things that are easy to get out of. Anything can happen (house catching on fire, someone has a heart attack, the kids come busting in the room, etc.). You need to get out of that shit fast.

Be safe.  Use care. Don’t be an asshole.



When I Look At Dirty Pics: 28 Seconds Until You Cum


Warmth… Saccharine on my tongue. Don’t move. I can feel it’s getting good, you’re about to cum.

Hold it. A thousand licks wrapped up in one. Butterfly wings I’ll make my tongue flick up and down. 24, 25, 26… I am going to make you cum.

Squirm. Shimmy. Wiggle. Twist, but I won’t move. Concentration so deep. 27, 28…


I can feel you cum.

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Inspired By The Pictures #1 Oh! Wax Me, Baby!

My hands grip my slick knees.

With your heavy palm you push my back into a hump down lower to the floor.

I press my toes into the rug.

The hot wax runs down the crease from the top of my lower spine deep into the crack…

All the way into the tight, curvy crease of my wet, sweet, thick, puddling, creamy, snatch…

And when it touches the tip, my clit is pricked enough by the hot wax, my clit so glazed too, my hips automatically sway from left to right.

Do it again.

Make me cum.

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Snot And Sex. Stop, Or Keep Going? Eew?

It’s hayfever season. You’re sneezing every 2 seconds. Sometimes there’s dripping. Sometimes there are green chunks. All in all, your nose is a nasty tunnel of mucus, but your pussy is hot and the only thing to make you feel better is to cum. You go to your man. He says, “I’ll give you some”.  You lie on your back on the bed. He climbs on top. The stroke is making your orgasm climb, then all of a sudden…






You sneeze and a giant green booger shoots out of your mouth (yes, mouth!) into his open mouth, with accompanying yellow and white germ missiles. Should he stop, or he hasn’t finished his job yet? You have yet to cum?

It’s moments like these when you realize what kind of freaky deak you are sleeping with. Mr. Drama screamed, “Hell Yes! Keep going. Remember that time you blew brown chunks out the other end and you couldn’t go on after you cleaned up? I wanted to.”



Just no. Boogeys in my mouth, and shit anywhere on my body, I’m stopping. Shit just got out hand.

As for the nasty bastard I have sex with, if the dick wasn’t so good and the stroke so deadly…

Funny, I have no problem doing this though.






Hold on. I gotta go cum.