Bumping Pussies With A Man

I continuously align myself with some old, stank ass adult groups on these social media sites. I ain’t showing no ass. Y’all already know that. So here’s the deal. I was in a group for mature adults. It isn’t necessarily full of dick pics and pussy shots, but sometimes one may be posted. Today was one of those days. But look. Where’s the dick? Mr., your pussy is showing.


I am no stranger to a fat bitch, but when your dick print looks like a pussy print, it’s time to think things through. It’s a good thing this guy is gay or is it. Shit was posted on a gay Tumblr.  Who really wants a man with a pussy print? A moose knuckle pussy print at that. I’m not one to bash, but he’d have to eat me into a coma before I’d struggle with all that. Lifting his gut to suck his dick, I don’t want to know what the cheese smells like under there.

I’m still no skinny myself, at least I will never think of myself as so. Do I have to do the splits on top of that pinky toe of a dick, or would it be best to let him sit his belly in the middle of my back when he hits it doggy?

Fuck it. Just be gay. Who can fuck this unless they weigh 105 pounds and do their shopping in the kiddie section?

Sir, you and your pussycat can get the fuck out of here and never come back. Naw, you don’t have to eat it up to impress me either. I’ll pass.

Wait, is that all balls, and he’s tucking the dick? Huh? Honey, I just don’t get it.

But back to the post made about this pic in the stank ass group, I am in. The original question to go with the pic was “would you have sex with him for 2 years rent paid”.

There I go with the irony again.
There I go with the irony again.

Shit naw! Bumping pussies? Why would I do that with a man? I can get a girl, thanks.

I am okay with average sized dicks. Y’all know that, but I need to be able to get to it. Chile if it’s like that for you, you will feel abused once I keep blowing you off, then if I let you fuck, during the struggle I’m going to have to try to bang you with my uncoordinated self, then comes the giggles once I start laughing.

But speaking of pussy. Here’s some for you. Can you taste it?





Then let me suck it, baby.



I won’t miss a stroke as I gulp sweetness.

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