Reader Email: We Did A Threesome Now He’s Falling For Her

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Dear Eroticist,

I took a friend with me to go and see a girl that is what we describe as a “pass around”.  This girl sleeps with multiple guys at one time. It’s nothing special for about 4 men to show up at her house and she’ll let them all in and let them all fuck her. I took a friend with me. He’s kind of square. I told him he should come with me and see what it’s like. He decided to come. We all fuck her. Everyone’s regrouping and everything before we leave later that night. Why did I hear this fool telling the girl, “you don’t have to do this. You need a man who will settle you down.”

I couldn’t believe it. I walked in. She’s looking at him like, “man, please”. I had to get him out of there he was, making himself look like a simp. Everybody who goes over there knows what she’s like. She knows what she is. Why do some men have to fall for the hoe?

-Signed, They Fall In Love With These Hoes


Hoes be winning. Since the mid 00’s it’s been hoe season. They get the trips, the house, the ring.  You see them on the cover of magazines.

Don’t hate your friend, “Fall In Love”. There’s a legion of men who throw on their capes to save women who don’t want to be saved.


Unlike the women in the media who had a hoe come up, your group jump off either is grounded in reality or doesn’t know what all she can gain from becoming the wife of a savior type man. I appreciate her, I’ll tell you what. Y’all will say a woman that fucks multiple men at the same time has no self-worth. I don’t know about that in all cases.  I don’t really feel like trying to break down this girl’s mind, but as I look at it at this moment, our reader’s local hoe is strong minded.

I have to respect women who have their own mind. For whatever you want or require, you have to a resilient mind to get it. This ain’t the lotto. We have to go for what we want to have pleasure.

Advice Breakdown

“Fall In Love”, your friend isn’t used to this type of woman. You probably aren’t either, but you’ve managed to ignore any sagging bridges that lead into the depths of her mind.  I commend you too. Get in and get that bang. If that’s the arrangements, that’s how it has to be.


I strongly suggest you don’t invite any more men to your sex parties with Girl Hoe. If you do, there’s prospect she won’t have you back.

And yea, I’m going to say it. Dump your friend. No one needs simps like him in their lives.

I will never understand people who can’t understand fuck arrangements.

If you’re going to cry and shit with the R&B playing after the nut and all she asked you to do was break her back and keep it moving, you might as well keep your ass at home and masturbate to the internet. You’re one of those people we can’t take anywhere.

Just damn!


This concludes this round of advice from The Eroticist and Mr. Drama. Any email we haven’t answered here on the blog will be responded to privately and not posted. Look for more of The Eroticist’s Advice published her later 2014 or early 2015.

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