My Grandma Is Getting Dicked More Than Me

My partner is about 6 years older than me. He’s in his 40’s and that muthafucka can’t be depended upon to give me the stroke more than 3x a week.

He’s busy, and so am I. He works in the private sector. I work at home. I’m in my late 30’s and my hormones are doing me a disservice. I’m in the mood when we lay down, but I no longer think about it every wakening moment. Books, covers, promotion, networking, branding–I have so many things on my plate. The time I could spend making my twat drip, resulting from my own freaky thoughts is used up on becoming a name brand that at least half your household knows.

Mr. Drama, he’s building the other end of our empire. Fucking and sucking for hours, what is that really?


The porn and I are always going to be thick and thin to the end. You know I watch that often, but as far as banging every night, nope, but we will have the later years. For all of us, sex gets better with time, and as we age.

If we were at these current positions in our careers, at younger ages, our relationship wouldn’t exist. In our twenties, monogrammed his and hers towels are as disposable as pantiliners–just open the box and get a fresh one. That’s the thing about older couples, we are more set in our ways, and that’s not as gloomy as it used to sound when we didn’t have gray hairs. It feels good and I want it to last.

In another ten years, the settling gets deeper for couples well into middle-age, and as life further settles, the sex ticks up in a climate perfect for spontaneity.

We have 4 children under the age of 18 between us. But let us crack those 50’s. Nuh uh! Non-factor! We fucking everywhere, at least until the bone loss sets in.

That doesn’t affect the jaw does it. Because the kids don’t need to know I broke mine while reminding Mr. Drama what that mouf do.

I look at our love as a growing, living thing that has to be well fed and nourished. Trust, we are solid. It will breath for decades, no life support here. We’ll be refining it, maturing this sex at our own rate.

Twilight, I look forward to late night stroking submerged in you, with me on top, him taking this dick washing exactly the same as I’ve heard Grandma tell she does with Grandpa.


Meet us back here Tuesday, July 1 when we give advice to a female swinger caught up in the mix with two lovers, one who is obsessed with her pussy, and she hasn’t even fucked her. 


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