Reader Email: Salty, Sticky Snowballs In His Mouth

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Dear Eroticist,

Is it okay for my girlfriend to give me a surprise snowball? We’ve been together over a year.

–Always surprised.

Dear “Always Surprised”,

Before I jump into answering your question, let me take time to  give a breakdown of your question for the novices.

I am not sure of the level of sexual education of my readers when it comes to fetishes and other diversions of what the Average Joe would call the norm, so I will briefly take time to school the ignorant of what exactly a snowball is.

Ahem! Shall we?

A snowball in the terms of sex play is the same in color as the snowballs we make outside during winter. It is white, but this type of snowball is also sticky, sometimes slippery. Some would say slimy. Eh, maybe.

Where it comes from is deep within a man’s balls. The ejaculate is the meat and potatoes of the sex snowball. It is that which makes it sticky, but it doesn’t quite come together to be more than what the receiver can swallow until the receiver decides to share it with the partner who spit it, or another present who wants a taste.

That’s right, the snowball isn’t exactly a snowball until the ejaculate has been swapped and spilled into the mouth of one partner from another.



Everyone on the same page? Good!

Now, let’s get down to business.

Our reader wrote in to ask a question on a subject which seems to concern two issues: social taboos and possibly respect. I am not sure of the numbers or average of couples who engage in snowball sex play, but I am confident in asserting most men of those couples would not admit they like it and take part in it if confronted with the topic in a public forum.

Ask the average, hard-working man would he eat his cum, and you will likely get an emphatic “hell no!”.

There’s something special about tasting yourself, and a large number of men would akin such an act as feminine. Do I agree with them? Not really. I say, “how bold is one to be for them to ask someone else to taste them and not taste themselves”. I think that’s more offensive.

Still, one has to be comfortable in their own sex life. To cross such social boundaries, whether real or perceived, one should take the courtesy of discussing play that may make one feel uncomfortable.

For reader “Always Surprised”, here’s My Advice:

Before you have sex with her again, have a sit down about this and hash out your issue with her on the matter. Don’t walk away from the topic until you have set clear boundaries of what you would like out of sex with her, what is completely off-limits, and what you are willing to work your way into doing. Be firm and resilient to any sex play which you feel violates you.

Make a trade-off. What else can she do to you, or you for her gratification, in place of snowballing? Attack this problem as adamantly as it requires. Although society has likely had its influence on you as far  what society says is feminine and wrong for a man to take part in sexually, it’s more to do with what you think of your own practices behind closed doors.

If it’s the taste that’s mostly taking you by surprise, clean up your diet. You know what they always say, more natural fruits and juices, and less of the bitter foods and meats, and your cum will taste better in no time.

How’s that for sucking it all down in one gulp?

If nothing else, turn your back to her and run in the opposite direction when she comes up for the passing.

You don’t have to take it.

I mean, can you really still call it a surprise?


Wait, no.

Was this email really just an opportunity for “Always Surprised” to swap his semen stories with me? Sir, no thanks.

Snowballs aren’t for me. I like my cum hot and down my own hatch. Thank you very much!

–See ya next week when we will read and advise a reader on taking it to the streets and lying down and grinding that meat. Hot pavement be damned? We’ll see!


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