The Eroticist Is Now Your Sex Adviser

Need more than one of my 1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex? Got something personal you want La Drama Princess to advise you on. It’s simple. Send me a question or issue you need advice on, such as how to handle a scorned lover who just won’t move on, how to love anal sex, when to ask for a threesome, or what’s stopping her from opening up to you. Your question will appear in “The Eroticist’s Advice”  a new column I’ve started on this blog.


Write to me, the sexual, mental dominatrix and erotic author, or my beau,  my cunningly freaky co-star Mr. Drama using the email address: TheEroticistsAdvice at gmail dot com (put that all together as a real address before you try to send). Together we have decades of experience, and we won’t even charge you. We’re very open-minded, so don’t worry, we’ve heard just about everything, and probably done just about half of it.

Questions and answers will be posted on Tuesday every week. Identities will not be revealed. Stay tuned next week for our first reader email and our answers.


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