My Son IS Gay, And It’s Because I’m A Single Mom :( #HAHAT (Giveaway Included)

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HAHAT 2014

*Warning–if you’re new here, this post can and will be VERY explicit as all other posts on this blog.

What in the shit damn hell is this logic single moms are turning out flamboyant gay sons? Oh, I don’t know, because a black women can’t raise a straight son?! Are we that scared of gays we are just making up shit now? My son is so straight I can’t even beg him to be gay. Believe me, I’ve tried. I like causes. I wanted to sponsor his. He won’t be gay, so I don’t have any home causes to crusade. My life is shit.


Ironic I chose this picture isn’t, considering…


Now I’m gonna write this post in my own way. It is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia #IDAHOT, but I feel compelled to get down on some of you’s level.

So let’s get it!

What of all the straight men raised by single, black moms? What about all the gay black men raised by two parents? People sit around on the internet and spread all of this hate without a damn toothpick to stand on. Where is their science to support this school of thought? Oh, that’s right. One doesn’t exist except in the minds of bigots and hateful lames!

Black people stay doing and saying the dumbest things. And it’s so disappointing. Oh yes, other races do too, other religions since many religious blacks are Christians, but we always sound the stupidest, and we end up suffering the most from our prejudiced views against minority groups when we always, always end up worse off.

I point out blacks because there is one particular guy out there helping to spread this ideal that black single moms are so terrible, scarily declaring no need for a male figure in their sons’ lives, they resolutely hurt their children’s wellbeing, their sexuality, because black men ain’t shit, they don’t need no man. neckroll

No woman needs a no good man. That’s nothing radical to say. Other races of women say the same thing. A woman is a woman. A gay son is a gay son. Stop reducing sexuality down to one or two simple ass factors that have no place other than to cover up  more glaring and respectfully deeper issues.

See, it’s been going on for years, well before the single black woman was honored as the sole producer of gay sons and her coat of arms covered in words such as angry, bitter, and doomed. *side frown*

ALL sons need a male figure. Daughters do too. What about gay black gay women? Damn! I keep forgetting they are all gay because they hate men because one too many did them wrong in the past. They had to hate the dick to get on. And you know black bisexual women are just so because they were molested as kids. They are confused and will go back to the straight life depending upon how fruitful the financial opportunities offered to them by the transgender men they’ve been hypnotized into relationships with.


A mother can be angry, even with a man active in the child’s upbringing. Sexuality is too complex for you to think so simple of it. If you don’t understand something, say you don’t, then go read.

Black Trans Girl Fucks Another Chick<—this a video. NSFW, obviously on here. 

It’s so bad out here, there are trans people going along with this diminishing philosophy against everything non-heterosexual. So now, not only are we  teaching ourselves to hate others, we are shouting from the rooftops to hate ourselves. Oh wait! We’ve been doing that for years. Yea, I know. It is time for something completely new.


If the gays and their backgrounds gotcha so bent, go jump off the edge of the earth, and that shit ain’t even flat. That fool is forever connected to that stupid ass school of thought. See what you’ve done to yourself. You’ve put yourself down in history as an ignorant, hateful ass, fool of the likes of forgotten explorers and Tommy Sotamayor.

I produce work that shows life as it is. The things I write about, not talking about the sex part horn dog, they are all common in any community of people, yet I have still had to endure discrimination of my books. People seem to have a problem with anything that doesn’t fit their clean, little perceptions and classifications. As LGBTQ people have to face generally negative judgement from heterosexuals in everything we do and towards much of what we say, those who claim to be down for the cause aren’t always so inviting to the black gay male character leading a book of explicit sex and high drama, or the trans, and most definitely that bisexual I wrote about named Tanea (from “You Ain’t The One”). She seems to piss folk off the most. Believe me, I’ve had to “cyber march” for my books on many fronts, in the marketplace and in private forums. I do find it obscene, these judgements and snubs, but I don’t find them unusual. Remember, I’m a black woman, a single mom, and I sport pink, purple, and blue at the same time.  It’s all in a day’s work for an author like me.

Bring your discrimination. I’ll take it times two. I’ll raise your blood pressure by 100 points, and in more ways better than one.

Safer sex is always implied on this blog. If you’re grown, you know the risks, you know better. Do I need to preach? Didn’t think so.

So, for all of my open-mind readers out there, I’m giving you the gift of my imagination in honor of Masturbation May and International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I’m giving away my first book, the ebook version. It is truly for anyone who can get down with it. It is all inclusive. Enter below. Here’s the deets. Keep reading.


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One of my favorite trans music artist:

Check for Laverne Cox in “Orange is The New Black”, season 2, June 6th on Netflix.

Broadway Sings For Pride's 2nd Annual Gay Pride Concert

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  1. Fantastic post. You do call it like you see it and I love that. As for discrimination among readers, sadly it’s not uncommon and I’m not just talking about black characters. Flamboyant characters, for example, get smacked quite a bit. Just because they’re “stereotypical” doesn’t mean they can’t be included in books, because there are tons of flamboyant men out there. Not being allowed to write about them is saying that they should be considered taboo.

    Anyway, I loved reading your post, so I can only imagine how I’ll feel about your books.

    Swinging Submission: Deceit and Betrayal With a Multiple Partner Twist is your latest book (congrats on the new release).

    eripike at gmail dot com

    1. It’s always something. It can be very tiring when you focus on it. People love to say they want diversity, but act completely different when you give it to them. Thanks for playing!

  2. Swinging Submission:Deceit and Betrayal With a Mutliple Partner Twist (released May 12th) is your latest release.

    Thank you for taking part inthe hop and being a voice against homophobia and transphobia.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  3. You tell them, girl. I positively loved your post. We all know how our books get discriminated against, just for holding up a mirror. Can’t they stand the reflection of their bigoted face?
    Thanks for joining us and a marvelous post. 🙂

  4. Swinging Submission:Deceit and Betrayal With a Mutliple Partner Twist I enjoyed your post. Thanks for being part of the hop.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

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