A Strange Dick In My Face. Eek! What Do I Do?

A common comment about a woman’s decisiveness as to who she will give it to is that we women know within seconds of a first encounter if we will fuck or not. It is said, depending who is doing the enlightening, that a woman decides in 5 seconds up to a 2 minutes. I learned this about myself early in my adulthood. I’d already been having sex, but at that time I was coming into my womanliness. On a college campus at the age of 18, with a curvy, smooth shape, I was hit on constantly. I always knew, regardless of what they said to me, how they looked, what they smelled like, if I would be with them or not. I knew if I wanted to fuck them. They didn’t have to do anything special to coerce me.

A woman’s intuitiveness within herself about such doesn’t make her aggressive either. It’s just that we have power between our legs and we should wield such as seen fit. But what happens when the woman knows she isn’t interested. What happens when she lets her decision not to fuck be known upfront, within the first 5 minutes, and dude keeps pressing trying to change her mind, any way that he can devise?

That woman is gonna be maaaaad. When she finds out that he has refused to accept her denial of his desire for her, she will go off. I know this. It happened to me, again, this morning. But why do I keep finding myself in this situation?

Because I’m clueless. When  a man keeps trying to have me, when I’ve explicitly told him he can’t, I move on from his issue. I will accept his friendship, blinded to the fact that he doesn’t want my friendship. He still wants my puss. What is wrong with me? I wish someone would tell me so that I can stop these men from hating me when we get to the point in our one-side friendship where they learn they will stay with blue balls holding out for me.

I need help. This could ruin my career as an author. Men going around trashing me because I didn’t give them me in the buck could really hurt my book sales. That’s what he told me. I could see through that, but not the other shit. I care more about book sales than him and his dick?

He also told me I’m such an asshole. Po’ lil tink, tink.



Boo on that lame. Anyway, let’s move on from that tragedy. The reading from Monday’s radio show appearance is up on the site. Click >>>here<<< and scroll to the black box in the middle of the page. Cum for me, baby!

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