I Knew I Had Him Whipped When He Gave Me…

The Key to his heart. No doll. The key to his place. Nada. Try again. The gas money for my car? Chile cheese.

All of these don’t mean a thing if he has no passion for you.  A man will show true dedication and put his all into loving his woman who he is truly passionate about.

But how will you know he is passionate about you? I will tell you child.  

It isn’t in what he buys you, where he takes you, or what he says to you, or about you. It’s how he touches you. If you are out with that man he can’t keep his hands off of you, then he’s passionate about you.

You see, it isn’t so much that he is touching sexually, it’s in how he touches you with tender care when he puts his arm around your waist and lets his hand slide down just to the side of your hip. Or maybe it’s how he puts his hand around your shoulder and pulls you in closer. A man can do many things for you and to you, but if he doesn’t touch you in that special place when there’s nothing sexual going on, then he isn’t that passionate about you. His embrace should make you feel secure, wrapping you in love. His touch should signal to the world that you are his and he is smitten with that.

What’s the importance of passion if he does do all of those other things like buying you everything you could ever ask for or blowing your back out every night? Passion makes him stay and focus on you. A man that is passionate about you won’t be easy to become distracted by other women or men. A woman who wants a faithful man should ask for a man passionate about her. A man that wants to be loved for longer than he lives should invest his time in a man who has passion in his heart, who can show him in the simplest ways.

To be passionate is to be whipped. Get his passion and have his treasures and his all.

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