If He Cheats Again, I’m Putting a Lock on That Junk!

No lie, but I didn’t know these things really existed, chastity devices for men. This post goes out to all of the ladies and men who have a man that they love, who won’t keep it in his pants and save it just for the one they have at home.

male chastity

Sales director Michael Yates stated in the article found on HuffPost, that his father-in-law came up with the product along with his wife as a way to add spice to their sex lives. The wife retains a large part of control over the husband’s junk when he’s wearing the chastity device, in that if he feels that urge coming on, he has to wait for her to pull out the key and unlock his junk, and we assume get him off, or help.

Sounds all well and good, until someone takes it too far, and you know they will. So, to all you cheating men out there. You’d better beware. You could wake up with this on your dick.

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