I’m The Best Author… Period!

Yes, I said it, and I meant it!

My book is at the top of every chart that ever EXISTED on Amazon. No one has EVER disliked one of my stories. I can’t go anywhere on the internet without someone hyping my name, getting into e-fights and all that over me. I beg anyone to step up to try to go against my brand and what I put out. That ordeal, it won’t end well. They’d better recognize. I am the.shit!

Hmmm, yea. Not so much.

See how you hate the way I brag and go on and on. Yea I hate that shit too. I hate it when I come across an author’s page or profile, or their posts in a group, and all I see from them is incessant, redundant, long and drawn out bragging.

Don’t nobody curr about your books, the 1,053 5-star reviews you got on your last 5 books, and how many fans you have. And I meant that in the nicest way possible.

Yes, I’ve heard of “faking it ‘til you make it”. I’ve been told to” toot your own horn”, but who  really wants to hear one lay on that bitch for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? You got that right. No one! No one wants to hear you constantly talk about yourself.

For me, it is a problem when those in the same genre or type of business act like no one else exists. What growth can an author, singer, or rapper gain from such narcissism? None! To be the only one, one must truly be the only one. And that’s not the case, ever. There will be others doing the same things you are doing. There will be those who are just as good as you think you are. Just as holy, just as pretty, just as paid. TRUST, there definitely are authors out there who are better than you. It’s a fact. Get used to it and quick. Be certain that if you don’t, you will see your longevity shortened and you will learn that your name has been forgotten.

Fans have a choice and only a fool would think that they only buy your books or only from your publishing company.

Take it from a super customer (someone who’s willing to try anything once, falls for marketing gimmicks that do their job in suckering her in, and who will blast your name on and off the internet like a fool to get you hot in the streets), I spread my money around. I am not loyal to just any ol‘ body who says the are the best. If you want these coins and my praise, prove it. If I like what you have to offer, I’ll buy, but keep the tacky bragging to yourself.

It’s so not becoming and off-putting. Don’t nobody want to see that up and down their timeline everyday.

I PURPOSELY don’t buy from authors who do this.

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