You Ain’t The One-a novella ***Excerpt***




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***Author retains ALL COPYRIGHT to written work in this post, 2013. This is an unedited version.

A scene from Chapter 3 from my novella, You Ain’t The One. Book Released January 13, 2014

Inside, the scene was sexy and dark, except for a couple of vanilla scented candles placed around the living room. Low music reverberated from the wireless speaker placed on the end table next to the sofa. He escorted her through the hallway at the edge of the room. Sensual lyrics and sultry voices serenaded them as he walked to his final destination.

Reaching the end of the path, Terry pushed his way beyond the door. He placed hot kisses all over her arms and legs, her mouth suckling the side of his neck. Once they arrived he let her feet touch the floor again.


She wanted him from behind like nobody’s business, stripping out of her shorts first, throwing her ass up to greet him, steadying herself on his platform bed.

Terry looked down at her blooming posterior, her asshole naked and clean. He wasted no time leaning in with his tongue wagging out in front of him. He was about to dive in tip first, hardening it before piercing the pink and chocolate colored rosebud, his hot saliva drizzling it with each flick.

Licking like a thirsty animal, he bathed her asshole, streams of saliva coating her, surplus dripping onto the blue bedding beneath.

Tanea’s body caught the beat in the background, riding it, working herself all around. His tongue in her ass felt like smooth steel penetrating the cramped walls of her asshole. His tongue thrashed and fluttered, fondling the inside of her cheeks.

An arch in her back, her toes clasping at the mattress, she felt the orgasm cumming, the pressure on her sphincter too hard for to hold it in.

Ooow ahh, woooh! I want it. I hate staying away. Come on daddy, fuck me good! She can’t do it like you can daddy. That’s right. Slam it in my ass. Urrgh!”

She wobbled, her walls scattering white syrup inside her pussy.

He ravaged her anal hole, replacing his tongue with his fingers, diving in with two to start. He poked and searched her, going palm deep in her.

Terry knew fully of her relationship with Alexis. He had no idea of her other sex lives. Because of the miserable tales she’d told him of that she‘d endured, he pitied Tanea’s situation and envied her heart. She was so giving to stay with Alexis, letting her love for her conquer all, but felt sorry for Tanea for having to go without the ultimate satisfaction of getting oral from her girl.

That’s why he never hesitated to please her with his mouth.

He gnawed on her ass cheeks, his big, black dick throbbed for her, stiffening to the point that he wondered if it would actually explode from all the excitement, his mind failing to process the events he was partaking in a manner that would allow him to mellow.

“Stop playing with it baby and stick it in me baby!” Tanea was ready to go.

He pulled his fingers out.

In a flash, he was up on his feet and out of his clothes, now holding his dick in his hand, eagerly pushing in, dropping more globs of spit on her ass.

He pushed in as far as he could, the only thing stopping him from digging deeper, the gripping muscle at the other end of her canal. He slowly moved in and out, in and out, his dick opening her up to her fullest potential, his hips swiveling forward creating a groove that slide him up and down inside her ass allowing for it to press the walls of her hole together hard enough to create an intense friction to stimulate her g-spot from her other hole.

“I want it baby. Give it to me. Give it to me.”

“You want it hard?”

“YES. I want it hard. Give it to me hard.”

Tanea poised herself for impact, twisting the bedding in her hands.

Working and stroking in that ass, Terry rolled his hips so tight against her that the air between them was forced out, their bodies slapping against each other like a frenetic round of applause.

“Don’t stop.”

He couldn’t if he wanted to.

Tanea bounced her ass on him, dribbling it up and down and all around. She was wild with it. With one leg propped up on the bed, he placed his hand on her lower back as he guided her into the right spot on his 14 inch dick.

Long-stroking it, he probed for the bottom of her rear end corridor, the sticky liquid creeping out of his dick now wetting her. He glided and glided some more, until it felt like he was going to bust, his stamina and resilience for having her for as long as he desired the only things allowing him to withstand creaming in her.

He wouldn’t cum until she was good and fucked in all the positions he loved to bend her into.

Now was the time to give her what she was so deprived from with Alexis.

He descended from her clenching hole and sat down on the floor with his back to the bed. He opened his mouth under her clit, his pink, thick lips kissing the head, his tongue slithering around her hole.

“Ah huhhh huuu ahh yea, YES, YES!!! Lick it, lick it, lick it babbby, lickkkkk it.”

Tears formed in Tanea’s eyes. Internally she ached, chastising herself for having stayed away too long. In between orgasms, screaming his name at the top of her lungs, she fantasized about asking him to take her hand in marriage.

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  1. LaDramaprincess you did your thing! I read both “Submit to the Dark Side & You Ain’t The One” within a week. These are must read -PAGE TURNERS. Great Job.

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