It’s Been A Long Time. I Shouldn’t Have Left You, Without A Good Piece to Fuck To.

Don’t sue me, Timbaland. I’m an asshole by nature. No foul intended.

On to my business today.

I see you faithful nasty ass readers. Look at you showing up while I’ve been gone, coming by here to get some material off my page, with your freaky self.


Once I saw y’all were browsing  (so many of you), I decided to help you with something else.

Oh! For those who actually came on here because they give a shit about books, I’m also working on a new one. It’s not the one with the progress bar on my “currently working on” page. What I’m doing right now is not set in the present. It has same sex loving main characters. They are black, and…   That’s all I want to say about it right now. Subscribe to the newsletter for any giveaways or any secret info I may release about this upcoming release or any other book here. You get a free extended sample of Swinging Submission when you do and sometimes I send out coupon codes for the books. Don’t worry. I don’t spam and use my emails wisely, sending them when necessary.

Today, I wanted to help you find my other books. I never posted the links to my books on there before (or did I), because I don’t price my shit like I don’t have a good self-esteem. I ain’t taking no damn $.99 for all my hard work and imagination like no one out here loves me. You will go on AZ and may think my stuff is too high if you are used to people tossing their shit on there for less than a dollar (hell, even $5 for a real novel in electronic format). I ain’t the one!

This is my author page on there, or whatever you call this type page on Amazon:

Books by La Drama Princess on Amazon

But there’s another way (an asinine one) to find me on there. It will take you a couple of minutes the first couple of times. This isn’t my fault so don’t think I did anything extra so you can’t find me, but supposedly hiding books considered adult content on AZ helps to keep these books away from the underage. If we are talking little kids, I might buy that reasoning, and am happy my stuff is tucked away in its place there, but concerning teens and tweens… You’se a damn lie. They aren’t being stopped from finding what they want, and there are much racier books on AZ you can easily find in the search worse than me.

Anyway, let me stop wasting your time with the truth and get on with how you can find La Drama Princess and all her too adult for Amazon books, actually on Amazon:


*The filth is below the words if you don’t give a shit about books.

Go to

Click on Departments under the search box.

Click on Kindle.

Click Kindle books from the nested menu.

Click Literature & Fiction.

Click Erotica.

Go back up to the search box and type in “La Drama Princess”.

The search will return results for my first two joints: You Ain’t The One and Submit to The Dark Side. I don’t know why Swinging Submission isn’t returned, since swinging isn’t an uncommon word in erotic titles, ALSO on Amazon, but I am going to leave it alone and take a deep breath. Naw, I’m not. It just can’t be the booty cheeks on two of my covers (won’t mention the tits on Submit to The Dark Side because that seems legit, maybe). I have seen other cheeks on other authors’ covers when conducting a regular, standard search on Amazon.

What do you think the problem could be?

I’ll leave this post up top, pinned for a while.

While I’m quiet again, y’all take care!

Anyway, BYE!

Love you. Oh, I have an old Tumblr I still post to sometime.

Take this! Take This!

From Pinky’s Submission.

1,000 Tips For Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Stagger Your Sex Toys


One potato, two. Start with the smallest, plastic dick or least intense wiggle jock you find, then grow to the biggest and deepest vibrations. Don’t hurt yourself. Get to know your sex toys. Read the tips on the website. Know what the hell you are doing.

And by all means, if sparks start flying, throw that shit out and start with something new.

For the fellas on a Hitachi.
For the fellas on a Hitachi.

1,000 Tips For Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Oral In The Dressing Room


Take him in the dressing room while you try on an arm full of clothes and make him love going shopping with you. Surprise him Continue reading 1,000 Tips For Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Oral In The Dressing Room

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